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What time and day does the voice come on? I always forget..

1:14AM Tue, May 17 2011

344813064_normal @thatgirladama Rep. by Trio Talent Agency :)

nevaaaaaaa! Lol.

1:36AM Tue, May 17 2011

5589d5ff640209d5f05b233d006e6472_normal @Robenh00d

hahaha shut it up :p

2:02AM Tue, May 17 2011

guest35535 guest35535


6:59PM Tue, June 07 2011

guest12718 guest12718


8:11PM Tue, June 07 2011

guest54702 guest54702

But I watched it lastnight and tonight??

5:13AM Tue, February 07 2012

guest46049 guest46049

i saw it on tuesday but i also saw it on sunday right after the super bowl. On tuesday isaw it at 8 pm and it ended 10 pm. (pacific time) i need an answer on your question as well, but ill guess ill keep looking

5:46PM Wed, February 08 2012

guest70548 guest70548

It's called a TV Guide

1:39PM Wed, February 15 2012

guest97879 guest97879


8:30PM Wed, February 15 2012

guest55630 guest55630


12:57PM Thu, February 16 2012

guest55630 guest55630

Its mondays at 8 or 9 i think these losers dont know crap ive watch this show since the 1st season so i know

1:03PM Thu, February 16 2012

guest30748 guest30748

mondays at 8 and ends at 10 i think

11:19PM Mon, February 27 2012

guest90024 guest90024

guest55630 can shut up calling us losers because she is the biggest one

8:12PM Sun, March 18 2012

guest22194 guest22194

It comes on at 8 on Tuesdays

12:00PM Mon, April 23 2012

guest44483 guest44483

Don't listen to them I'm watching it live right now so obv Tuesday's

8:34PM Wed, May 02 2012

guest40358 guest40358

it's Monday's and Tuesday. Monday: 8:00.. And Tuesday 8:00 as well. I was watching it Monday and Tuesday.

9:57PM Thu, September 27 2012

guest86616 guest86616

^^^Guest40358 is right

8:57PM Wed, March 27 2013

guest72906 guest72906

Mondays & Tuesdays at 8 p.m

2:47PM Sat, April 13 2013

guest92283 guest92283

It's also on on Friday nights around 8:00 and Sunday nights

4:55AM Sun, April 21 2013

guest98572 guest98572

I'm correction to all u guys but they give it on Wednesday too...just saying plus everyone tv and channels and times are different so boooya in ur face

6:51PM Wed, May 15 2013

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