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How do I unlock my tweets so ppl can retweet me ?

1:30AM Tue, May 17 2011

likes this

Webcam_20110605_0401_normal @TheSeanHam Summerville, South Carolina

dont make people have to request to read your tweets...take off the privacy thing

1:33AM Tue, May 17 2011

guest61652 guest61652

i unlocked my tweets, & people still can't retweet me??

6:52PM Sun, July 31 2011

guest54064 guest54064

a truly dnt knw, it"s giving me the sme problem somebody help please

1:09PM Wed, September 21 2011

guest54064 guest54064

guys i found it Sign in to your Twitter account. Then go to Settings and at the bottom of the page, uncheck the option 'Protect my tweets'. It is pretty easy- if the option is already unchecked, then your tweets are already unlocked and your tweets will appear on the public timeline on twitter. Best of luck. :)

1:11PM Wed, September 21 2011

guest78910 guest78910

I cant find my settings

8:47PM Thu, December 08 2011

guest40399 guest40399

my accounts not private and people cant retweet me !!!!! helpp!!!!!!!

7:24PM Tue, May 01 2012

guest74358 guest74358

then youre SHIT OUT OF LUCK.

9:51PM Sun, June 03 2012

guest98971 guest98971

Am tired of this twitter stress how am I going to unlock my tweets? So people will be able to retweet back cus a sign of lock padlock do appear beside my profile name pls help me out

2:21AM Thu, August 02 2012

guest68335 guest68335

I am having the same exact problem /: need help too!

10:50PM Tue, August 14 2012

guest69860 guest69860

After you uncheck "Protect My Tweets", any tweets you post will now be unlocked. HOWEVER, any tweets that you tweeted while this was locked will still be locked and people won't be able to retweet them.

12:34PM Sun, September 16 2012

guest18937 guest18937

maybe people dont wanna retweet you...

3:41PM Thu, October 04 2012

guest93948 guest93948

I'm having tha same problem here !! Yesterday It was protect But today i unlocked it but the people cannot retweet ! How's come ?!!!

2:36PM Tue, October 23 2012

guest87670 guest87670

be faithful yall

6:46PM Mon, December 24 2012

guest91336 guest91336

I cant unlock my twetts so nobody cant retwet

1:03PM Sat, January 05 2013

guest59453 guest59453


8:14PM Tue, January 08 2013

guest36670 guest36670

Ok so regarding the guy that said once its unlocked whatever you tweet from then on will by unlocked.. I just tweeted something and it still won't let people retweet

1:19PM Sat, January 12 2013

guest97609 guest97609

No mines been unlocked and I've jade my friend sit right beside me and tell me she can't between me. It's been unlocked for a good week now and I know it's weird, but it's happening.

10:47PM Fri, January 18 2013

guest97609 guest97609

Wow, had not jade and retweet not between. I guess i should take off auto.

10:51PM Fri, January 18 2013

guest42057 guest42057

Why isnt my twitter app letting people retweet me

3:58AM Mon, January 21 2013

guest27247 guest27247

Under my settings .. I don't have the option to protect my tweets .. Or unprotect it

6:41PM Sat, January 26 2013

guest82190 guest82190

I've been having the same issue for a month. My tweets have been unlocked for at least a month, if not more. And my friends tell me that they can't retweet me and are forced to manually copy and paste.

6:18PM Tue, February 05 2013

guest28708 guest28708

I also unchecked my 'Protect My Tweets' and my new tweets can't be retweeted either. UGH. Anyone find a solution to this yet?

7:08PM Tue, February 05 2013

guest66441 guest66441

maybe you didn't verify your account when you first created your account. Do that and then unlock your tweets. Save your settings and you're good to go. This also happened to me

3:34PM Thu, March 07 2013

guest57175 guest57175

ok I know atleast 1 of you are thinking no one can retweet you because you cant see that option but your not going to see that option because you CAN'T retweet yourself lol But if your friend told you they can't retweet you then just check your privacy settings and make sure your tweets weren't made private :)

10:45PM Sun, April 07 2013

guest64610 guest64610

people cant retweet my tweets eventhough its unprotected omggg why ?

2:46AM Sun, April 14 2013

guest88972 guest88972

What is retweet?

8:15AM Tue, April 16 2013

guest33599 guest33599

omg all of these comments are useless. fuck you all for wasting my time

1:12AM Mon, May 06 2013

guest90294 guest90294


12:43PM Wed, June 05 2013

guest56676 guest56676

sometimes your twitter doesn't let people retweet you If you in twitter jail its unlike normal twiiter jail its a privacy thing and you can contact 2602235585 with more questions

12:09PM Fri, July 12 2013

guest76893 guest76893

Uhm guys you need to use a Computer. Not Handphones

5:33AM Sat, July 20 2013

guest78463 guest78463

Do u no dat to luck ur acct dats d 'padluck' is vry vry simply bt to unluck wow guys dats lyk mad ̐̈́ ͂ ̷̐ ̈́ ̈́ ͂ jst did mine now hope it wrks

7:24PM Fri, October 11 2013

guest78463 guest78463

̐̈́ ͂ ̷̐ ̈́ ̈́ ͂ realy hate dat padluck ̐̈́ ͂ ̷̐ ̈́ ̈́ ͂ can't wait 2 see it gonepls hlp

7:26PM Fri, October 11 2013

guest78463 guest78463

Mehn u ar d bst wow d padluck is gone nd gone 4ever. Tanks bro

7:35PM Fri, October 11 2013

guest53438 guest53438

26707A74 pls add m on bbm the person who cn help me on how I can unlock my twitter acc tnx

9:56PM Mon, October 14 2013

guest87814 guest87814

why can't people retweet my tweet but is not in privacy or protected it just happen but it self same thing happen to my friend

about 9 hours ago

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