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Can someone please give me another word for "operationalize" so I don't have to use it?

1:10PM Sat, July 10 2010

64f8053ff61ef81fca87ef4fbe749088_normal @pivotcon New York, NY

How about "put into operation?"

1:12PM Sat, July 10 2010

Crop_red_gregg_normal @GRLitman


1:12PM Sat, July 10 2010

Edf97f0cceb7d82d3b14dfff3ba1016a_normal @JudsonCollier

just sort of cough as your saying it and everyone will nod their head and figure it out.

1:12PM Sat, July 10 2010

Twitterprofile9_normal @jasoncarpio SF Bay Area

more difficult than I thought: "operationalize - no thesaurus results." Good Luck!

1:13PM Sat, July 10 2010

Designbyadmiral-twitter-icon_normal @designbyadmiral The Interlink

I'm not even sure what that word is supposed to mean, . It sounds like vapid marketing jargon.

1:14PM Sat, July 10 2010

510fee7604d3b3f2d91a1d6dc5d50867_normal @carywood Grey, rainy Pacific NW

use or put to use or put into use, depending on sentence. No one will read it, so also consider random word like rutabaga.

1:16PM Sat, July 10 2010

Happy_by_dholl_normal @sofasurfer maia

implement? put into action?

1:16PM Sat, July 10 2010

Jordan_normal @infocorrosion third rock from the sun

I had the same problem with that word yesterday. Went with "standardize and put into practice" - may not work given context

1:18PM Sat, July 10 2010

David-folkens-bw-web__3__normal @dfolkens Minnesota

"Do xxxxxxxx." #ReplaceOperartionalize

1:19PM Sat, July 10 2010

Bob_gdl_headshot_compressed_normal @BobScheier Boston, Mass.

"Put into effect?" "Implement?"

1:19PM Sat, July 10 2010

Aljprofile_normal @AdamLeeJacobi Boston, MA

"concretize"... but that's not much better

1:19PM Sat, July 10 2010

6tqwg69oozdwar7lufwp_normal @leenjones Atlanta GA

Apply? Also like 's suggestion of rutabaga.

1:20PM Sat, July 10 2010

Rs_new_normal @ryansackett

make work

1:22PM Sat, July 10 2010

David-folkens-bw-web__3__normal @dfolkens Minnesota

Also like how I wind up w/ a typo in operationalize... Clearly it's not a good word to use. =)

1:22PM Sat, July 10 2010

Xailq7cl8vzr30pr53u7_normal @kevinmarks

what are you using it to mean? operate?

1:24PM Sat, July 10 2010

735050271ce305c0414b3b32e2aa1cb9_normal @kimproper Cambridge, MA


1:25PM Sat, July 10 2010

2hglwjhi_normal @Mike_FTW SF

Turn it on.

1:28PM Sat, July 10 2010

Cc97abff8ad5e56184ca7621d4a31ef6_normal @aeklund


1:29PM Sat, July 10 2010

Petter_weiderholm_normal @pweiderholm Stockholm, Sweden

make things work continuously = Operationalize. Not sure that helps :)

1:35PM Sat, July 10 2010

92e7b624400dd97574ed0dd294dbce47_normal @scarequotes Seattle

"Witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station!"

1:36PM Sat, July 10 2010

Fdc6060d8c510b10a078a3224f83495b_normal @NathanielS Minneapolis, Minnesota

— "do"

1:56PM Sat, July 10 2010

Daf00322475de6a2cbf44cf586a7979f_normal @billder Portland, OR


2:05PM Sat, July 10 2010

5tmp7cghno6tx1jyizmb_normal @evoljennifer

why do you hate "operationalize" #curious #boringwordbutunderstood

2:39PM Sat, July 10 2010

Skype_blk_normal @ChadRenando Brisbane, Australia

often struggle with that one. Implementation. Proceduralise. Systematize. Start doing it. Make it happen. Ummm, need coffee.

4:18PM Sat, July 10 2010

Ki0rh4o8_normal @halvorson

It just sounds so marketing buzzword-y. Feeling like I may need to make up a word. "Workflow" as verb: Workflow THIS, baby.

5:11PM Sat, July 10 2010

Ki0rh4o8_normal @halvorson

Settled on razzamatazzize.

5:12PM Sat, July 10 2010

Ki0rh4o8_normal @halvorson

OMG. You made a hashtag out of it. You're my hero.

5:14PM Sat, July 10 2010

Daf00322475de6a2cbf44cf586a7979f_normal @billder Portland, OR

Good call. You can then measure success with razzamatiztics.

5:19PM Sat, July 10 2010

Ki0rh4o8_normal @halvorson

Yes. I'm feeling quite confident in my razzamatazism skills these days.

5:30PM Sat, July 10 2010

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