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Img_0679_normal @Scorgo iPhone: 50.993942,-114.064629

Needing a 10- letter word for high cliffs. Also a 6 letter word for grape variety (not muscat). Any ideas?

12:57PM Sun, May 29 2011

Image_normal @MisterTelfer Humboldt, Sask


12:59PM Sun, May 29 2011

Img_0679_normal @Scorgo iPhone: 50.9939...

tried that. Letters won't work lol. Thanks ;)

1:04PM Sun, May 29 2011

Img_0679_normal @Scorgo iPhone: 50.9939...

apparently it's precipices. Would have never just guessed that one!

1:53PM Sun, May 29 2011

Image_normal @MisterTelfer Humboldt, Sask

I also wouldn't have figured that out. What was the grape one?

4:26PM Sun, May 29 2011

Img_0679_normal @Scorgo iPhone: 50.9939...


7:36PM Sun, May 29 2011

guest30909 guest30909


9:19PM Tue, July 19 2011

guest80095 guest80095

gotta love 7 little words!!! thanks for the answers :-)

2:57PM Wed, July 20 2011

guest76463 guest76463

Yay that one was holding me back for a while. Thanks for the answer! BTW we are all pathetic little cheaters :P

9:28AM Sun, August 21 2011

guest84040 guest84040

Are we litte cheaters or are we leaning, help is good. Just maybe we will remmber if we come across the questionagain.

1:18PM Mon, August 29 2011

Twitter-icon_normal @replyz

Are we litte cheaters or are we leaning, help is good. Just maybe we will remmber if we come across the ...

1:18PM Mon, August 29 2011

guest22077 guest22077

thaks for the help....

9:39PM Mon, September 05 2011

guest32075 guest32075

Thank you soo much peoplez!!!

4:00PM Sat, November 05 2011

guest79686 guest79686

Too funny... playing the same game. Gotta love google and people here. Now we now what you have been up too.

12:35AM Thu, November 24 2011

guest49278 guest49278

Man thanks guys I finally just broke down to get help almost tossed my IPad

1:18PM Wed, February 15 2012

guest73628 guest73628

I suppose one would say it is cheating then again, we are learning something we won't forget. so im calling it research. ;-)

10:25PM Sun, February 26 2012

guest41100 guest41100

Thanks!! Got stuck with high cliffs!

9:14PM Fri, March 09 2012

guest92684 guest92684

Yes I am cheating. I was stuck!

10:24AM Wed, March 28 2012

guest93839 guest93839

What would u call a roller skating waitress plz

11:32AM Tue, April 03 2012

guest29752 guest29752


12:27PM Tue, April 03 2012

guest79164 guest79164

Precipices &shiraz

4:56PM Sat, April 21 2012

guest70744 guest70744

Thank you for the "help"!!! Much appreciated.

12:56AM Sat, May 05 2012

guest16480 guest16480

Shiraz for grape

8:44AM Mon, May 07 2012

guest68798 guest68798

I would call a roller skating waitress "Alice" (Why not?)

6:48PM Fri, May 18 2012

guest18816 guest18816

Lol we all got stuck on this one

4:45AM Wed, August 08 2012

Twitter-icon_normal @replyz

Lol we all got stuck on this one

4:45AM Wed, August 08 2012

guest43101 guest43101

10-letter word for "high cliffs" = precipices 6-letter word for "grape variety" = shiraz

8:25PM Sat, September 01 2012

guest24023 guest24023

grape variety: sharaz

1:12PM Fri, January 11 2013

guest14756 guest14756

Census for counting

10:00PM Mon, February 04 2013

guest47253 guest47253

messier object 45? need help cheaters!!!

9:02PM Mon, February 25 2013

guest66766 guest66766

Guest 47253 ... your answer is pleiades.

10:15PM Tue, March 05 2013

Judy astbury Judy astbury Key largo

The answer to high cliffs is precipices . The grape variety is Shiraz and count is cencus.

5:46AM Mon, April 29 2013

guest90419 guest90419

Are we playing 7 little words ?

5:14PM Thu, July 18 2013

guest90419 guest90419

I'm Hooked

5:18PM Thu, July 18 2013

guest31846 guest31846

Gotta say this was a tough one. Thank you fellow "word" addicts!

11:52PM Thu, May 15

anonymous Anonymous

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