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Gold_motel_normal @gretamorgan Chicago / Los Angeles

What are the odds of being pooped on by a bird? Have you ever been? If so, please share your experience.

1:19PM Tue, June 14 2011

980b9cc70ba84edc6a59323d9c291ce7_normal @Mexicutioner123 San Ramon CA

I was pooped on by a bird in high school. It made me late to class; my teacher didn't believe I got pooped on so I was "tardy".

1:20PM Tue, June 14 2011

Chrisbusch_normal @mstcambot baltimore

I never have, but I've seen it happen. Don't stand near cars = PRO TIP.

1:20PM Tue, June 14 2011

Tg2ialqq_normal @meowsaystheemo Corringham,Esse...

blazers over our heads to avoid getting pooped on. Apologies for the over long pointless tweet.

1:20PM Tue, June 14 2011

Img_0541_normal @dchabert Chicago, IL

every time i pass under a viaduct, i think to myself, "today is going to be the day i get pooped on by a bird."

1:21PM Tue, June 14 2011

V9mm0hu2yl2i4yh3ny8d_normal @mooninvader

walking at school, getting pooped by a pigeon, so uncool.

1:21PM Tue, June 14 2011

Ccd08db64eb170f822e20c08022cf959_normal @infinityonlopps

I was sitting on a bench at school when I saw a cute bird I was just saying to my friend about it when it pooped on my shoulder

1:22PM Tue, June 14 2011

Image_normal @peterskg Boulder

my dad was popped on while wearing a bright red shirt napping in Disneyland. Hit him square in the chest.

1:23PM Tue, June 14 2011

449f867c9857bfa64539152110695f1d_normal @MarianaSaragi

i never(or not yet?) directly pooped but i got my car pooped. My dad say we gonna get some-grace, but i don't think so.

1:23PM Tue, June 14 2011

576720_603865392229_1954986220_n_normal @WhiskeyOnSunday

I haven't been, but I was with a friend when a bird pooped on her. luckily she was wearing a hat.

1:24PM Tue, June 14 2011

B85614e175470b8c4eeb3a0f0fbf2e0b_normal @MissLaura317

I was around ten, reading a book at the park behind my house, & a bird pooped on my glasses. My Mom said it was good luck. Haha

1:24PM Tue, June 14 2011

Picture_015_1__normal @christiel44 Long Beach, CA

I was pooped on by a bird in a park once, but the other day one pooped on my windshield as I was driving down the road.

1:25PM Tue, June 14 2011

Reading_normal @jrho_jrho

I was sitting next to my aunt when she was pooped on by a bird. Her immediate response: 'Oh, crap!'

1:25PM Tue, June 14 2011

Pyramid_normal @8rennan

on the skytrain, cute girl taps me on the shoulder. Take out headphones. Me: Yes? Her: You have poop on your shoulder #poostory

1:26PM Tue, June 14 2011

9613d176d1bb2f28aa23c324b70c1ed0_normal @Skud

i've been pooped on by a pigeon, while walking under a bridge. not much to share. found bathroom, cleaned up, moved on!

1:26PM Tue, June 14 2011

Icon_normal @cesy1212 UK

I have been, once. It's really difficult to clean out of your hair in a bathroom without a mirror.

1:29PM Tue, June 14 2011

Mih_normal @vanessaveraa Tampico, Tamps, Mexico

The odds increases when you're under a tree.

1:30PM Tue, June 14 2011

337ab2b8fa9f40ae7ad68b086d89a5f7_normal @jazzykites Gaffney, South Carolina

I have been pooped on by a bird! I was under a huge oak tree fetching a ball and a bird pooped right on my neck /: sad day.

1:31PM Tue, June 14 2011

7ded9e85c390b4f5d3dd3ee952065b72_normal @hey_its_drei Queens, NY

happened to me for the first time last year, so if it took me 27 years, guess they're big odds. Apparently it's good luck.

1:36PM Tue, June 14 2011

7ded9e85c390b4f5d3dd3ee952065b72_normal @hey_its_drei Queens, NY

IMO it was gross

1:37PM Tue, June 14 2011

Photo_on_2012-05-20_at_22 @Allimonster21 Fayetteville, AR

I got pooped on by a bird when I was studying outside for a test. That was a bad omen, fo sho.

1:40PM Tue, June 14 2011

Steel_train_tegan_and_sara_poster_tumbnail_normal @jenkaplanart New York City, NY

I got my first A of college and was walking to my next class. All of a sudden a bird pooped on my face.

1:40PM Tue, June 14 2011

Me_normal @SeanMcC89 Ferndale

when I was 7 I's supposed to be good luck though!

1:45PM Tue, June 14 2011

Mini_bed_normal @trudenwilk Nuevo, CA

one time this raven hopped right underneath me when I was perched in an oak tree and I just unloaded on him.

1:48PM Tue, June 14 2011

Da2a36bb6c02403272b5da944a636483_normal @missashleyjean Los(t) Angeles

Middle school, during lunch in the quad. Shit happens ...and I went to class with it in my hair.

1:51PM Tue, June 14 2011

097714f495e1fe07e467bbae2adb4531_normal @denverdan4life

Parks and standing under telephone wires accelerate the probability of being a victim. See you thursday!

1:52PM Tue, June 14 2011

Localtrafficblue_normal @LTband San Jose, CA

my wife got nailed at the capitol hill fair in denver last week! Had to clean her off with the wet nap from my lunch.

2:14PM Tue, June 14 2011

8x31ir796ma2tp9mqf20_normal @bobbydelarosa Behind the Sea

on the monkey bars, six years old. Still shaken.

2:14PM Tue, June 14 2011

Me_fb_normal @LaurenNancyD_xo Deeping St. James

A bird pooped on my hand once at London Zoo. It wasn't even one like on display, just an average pigeon... Not nice.

2:22PM Tue, June 14 2011

Img000320_normal @mandapandatime Jacksonville

a bird pooped on my face once when i looked up at it flying overhead. i am now terrified to look up when a bird is overhead.

2:23PM Tue, June 14 2011

E9p9mdd9_normal @mandafern Pittsburgh

they say it's good luck. I'm not sure who "they" are and if they have actually ever been pooped on.

2:24PM Tue, June 14 2011

194d3c9153d7eff3252f516de5f8ea88_normal @G0ATO1 NY, not NYC

I've had a bird poop on my candy bar before. Now, that's accuracy.

2:37PM Tue, June 14 2011

1cd6f1241e8a86f0ce34cf22936e71d0_normal @mmcap24 Oak Lawn Illinois

I was at Brookfield Zoo at the bird exhibit in fall and I was wearing a Hoodie and the bird thought the hood was a target...

2:47PM Tue, June 14 2011

Erb_normal @Robacheto CaliforniA

Ya I got pooped on while running to the store. Now what are the odds of getting pooped on WHILE running? XP

3:14PM Tue, June 14 2011

Ee945c4b9df9896538406ae382fa907f_normal @skaorsk8 iPhone: 33.1815...

I was pooped on at the Bronx Zoo when I was two. My parents tell me I wouldn't go near a zoo for years. Terrible.

3:15PM Tue, June 14 2011

Cwbpic_normal @mukelebuke Champaign, IL

Yes. Twice. Both times, I was in the woods and it hit my arm. I'm not sure what the odds are, but they're higher in the woods.

4:10PM Tue, June 14 2011

Rez4_normal @rezamatic Baltimore/Timon...

while in line for a rollercoaster was flirting with girl working there.I finally got to her & it hit & I had to ask for a towel

4:12PM Tue, June 14 2011

Twitter-pic_normal @GarrettThomson Nashville, TN

well when I was 8 my grandfather was trying to give me some advice about life and mid sentence poop on his face...

4:19PM Tue, June 14 2011

Cimg9376_normal @blkcat2k Nicaragua / San Francisco, Ca.

Does that happened in Los Angeles? LOL! That's where it happened to me :( @ The fashion Ctr. xD

4:33PM Tue, June 14 2011

Green_3452_default_profile_normal_normal @cindydial tehran

three times in 3- years in nyc

4:36PM Tue, June 14 2011

Cbb0e6c6b7bbff9c2c5b8a4849ec2d8f_normal @Mudd248

Twice in one day when I was in Ireland. It was pretty disgusting.

7:31PM Tue, June 14 2011

A06b38fb2cf7b97142c3d28c8f669495_normal @bhindthelens Chicago

One time i was exiting union station and as soon as I stepped outside a pigeon pooped on my head :-(

9:19PM Tue, June 14 2011

Steamit_normal @MeowGraphics So. California

I was in elementary school and had been walking around all day until someone finally made fun of me and pointed it out

2:03AM Wed, June 15 2011

guest42869 guest42869

today while sitting with my friend waiting for our teams turn on volleyball!

1:22PM Fri, August 31 2012

guest60324 guest60324

A few weeks ago whilst I was at school, a bird pooped on my school bag during break time and It got on my jumper aswell.

5:03PM Thu, November 29 2012

anonymous Anonymous

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