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2+2=fish ... 3+3=eight ... 7+7=triangle ... Can someone explain this to me please? lls

8:44PM Wed, June 15 2011

543218_3351608037539_2042245987_n_normal @NooWayyyJosee

google it lls

8:45PM Wed, June 15 2011

Snapshot_20120406_6_normal @hanns_on11 nowhere

if you put them together that's what they look like :]

8:46PM Wed, June 15 2011

A16f7644b7fa1b37abca8afd74557d95_normal @GlennWit2Nss Hyattsville, MD

Make The Numbers Shape Face Eachother

8:46PM Wed, June 15 2011

Image_normal @California_Badd

PUT THE 2s , 3s, an 7s together and put a mirror over them the twos make a fish the threes and eight and the sevens a triangle

8:46PM Wed, June 15 2011

2666019cc180e64585d6a2a8cafd9e5e_normal @ImUr_Motivation

Rt 2+2=fish ... 3+3=eight ... 7+7=triangle ... Can someone explain this to me please? lls<--- I Know Right DF

8:47PM Wed, June 15 2011

Bbax1qh8gxyvuj95ttjp_normal @iAm_Crystall Over There...

IPut two 2's together you get the shape of a fish. Put two 3's together you get and eight. Two 7's together make a triangle :)

8:47PM Wed, June 15 2011

Shade_insta_normal @shawtyfreestyle Greenbelt,Maryland

put the numbers back to

8:47PM Wed, June 15 2011

7f8ca552d46332bad4d72612a8952985_normal @CollinsTopBoss

Flip The First Digit Around And Put It On The Other Digit like Nd Dey Make Pictures

8:49PM Wed, June 15 2011

B85faf1df4c38d6602d729683a30efa7_normal @ralphYSLauren DMV baltimore

flip the 2s and join them to get a fish, flip the 3s and join then to get 8 and flip the 7s and join them to get a triangle Δ

9:04PM Wed, June 15 2011

505538326_normal @AshhhB_ Lost in My Head

RT 2+2=fish ... 3+3=eight ... 7+7=triangle ... Can someone explain this to me please? lls .

9:08PM Wed, June 15 2011

Profile_normal @TelaaTEQUILA Your muva house

Righttt i dont even get this & like 1oo people be retweeting it .

10:42PM Wed, June 15 2011

guest41475 guest41475

you have to lay them on there side and turn the second one over then place one on top of the other .

10:21PM Mon, March 26 2012

guest72420 guest72420

3:43AM Sat, May 26 2012

guest90901 guest90901


10:56AM Mon, September 24 2012

guest23863 guest23863

Yes look in a mirror and the numbers in the math problem with one backwards will be what is after the equal sign:)

10:11PM Mon, November 05 2012

guest56764 guest56764

OOOHHHHH I get it know what the hell I thought it meant something toatlly different

4:15PM Tue, November 13 2012

guest23420 guest23420

sweet now i can tell everyone at school that there rawng

8:01AM Wed, December 05 2012

guest26428 guest26428

I just don't get the 2s. I see the others, but how does it make a fish if you flip the numbers over. It makes a heart with a tail, it makes a plate with a stand but I see no fish

8:23AM Mon, January 28 2013

guest66246 guest66246

i dont get it!!!!

9:20PM Wed, March 06 2013

guest72758 guest72758

Watch= 88 butterfly 44 flip the second 4. Turn both sevens around 77 and flip one. 33 flip the first three 66 turn other six around , and ya that's it (. )

4:28PM Fri, May 03 2013

guest72758 guest72758

I wish I was able to make it on mobile |||

4:30PM Fri, May 03 2013

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