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Panda_normal @InvaderZiming In front of a computer.

Does anyone know how to open an eveready dolphin torch? ._.

1:36AM Mon, July 26 2010

user86554 user86554

I can't work it out either, and their website is totally useless...even the phone number doesn't work. Makes you wonder about the quality of the company itself and the kind of support you might expect from them. I'm returning mine.

10:34PM Thu, August 26 2010

guest65294 guest65294

I cant find out either Does anyone have any idea I am totally confused by this torch i have had many in my time as we are BIG campers but cannot work it out

6:31AM Thu, September 30 2010

Twitter-icon_normal @replyz

I cant find out either Does anyone have any idea I am totally confused by this torch i have had...

6:31AM Thu, September 30 2010

guest67783 guest67783

Apparently the trick is to hold the torch with the bulb facing away. Grip the body of the torch in your left hand and twist the black front with your right hand - it should come apart. However, it is impossible to do with small, or even ordinaly sized hands.

8:11PM Tue, October 12 2010

guest98101 guest98101

Thanks a lot for your helpful solution. Following your advice I held the lantern between my knees and used both hands to twist the front. Bingo! It worked!! - KiwiPete.

4:30AM Wed, October 20 2010

guest47343 guest47343

Thanks for the notes. Have one person hold the yellow body of the torch and the other turn the black front off in the direction of the arrow! We couldn't believe the lack of instruction!

3:41AM Wed, November 24 2010

guest62629 guest62629

Glad I'm not the only one that couldn't figure it out! I normally have no problems with this sort of thing.

11:41PM Mon, February 28 2011

guest91789 guest91789

ahhhh thank goodness for google and helpful souls...I could not figure out how the get the front of that torch for the life of me until I read this post...thanks everyone....much appreciated!!!

7:01AM Fri, April 08 2011

guest87479 guest87479

place torch in a vice or between your legs then screw with force it should open :)

10:12PM Sun, May 01 2011

guest93897 guest93897

Thanks, instructions from the manufacturer would have been good! I was ready to attack it with a hammer!!!

1:18AM Tue, May 31 2011

guest46402 guest46402

had just as much trouble today - thanks for tips.

3:26AM Wed, June 08 2011

guest38577 guest38577

Thank you, my daughter started crying because she thought she couldn't take it to her birthday night safari. You saved the day!!

12:32AM Mon, July 25 2011

guest88220 guest88220


7:15AM Thu, August 04 2011

Twitter-icon_normal @replyz


7:15AM Thu, August 04 2011

guest64554 guest64554


12:07PM Sat, August 06 2011

guest71084 guest71084

thank you so much. i was using a whole heap of tools like a hammer and stuff, i was probably going to destroy the torch. thanks heaps.

10:48PM Sat, August 13 2011

guest64993 guest64993

Thanks heaps mate, it worked :)

1:03AM Sat, August 27 2011

Twitter-icon_normal @replyz

Thanks heaps mate, it worked :)

1:03AM Sat, August 27 2011

guest63277 guest63277

I cant believe that this product has no instructions. How is an elderly person supposed to get on, let alone an able bodied person like myself who had to get his wife to hold the torch down while I unsrewed it. What a joke.

9:37PM Mon, October 03 2011

guest61063 guest61063

How wonderful. And there I thought i was a complete idiot. Doing the right thing. Didn't expect it to be a two person and vice job!!! Isn't the google universe wonderful!!!

4:50AM Wed, October 26 2011

Twitter-icon_normal @replyz

How wonderful. And there I thought i was a complete idiot. Doing the right thing. Didn't expect i...

4:50AM Wed, October 26 2011

guest83606 guest83606

Thank god, cheers

2:05AM Fri, November 18 2011

guest70798 guest70798

Thanks!!!!! We couldn't understand how to do it until we found your answer!

4:41AM Tue, November 22 2011

guest94995 guest94995

The old between the knees trick works a charm

9:49PM Wed, December 14 2011


yay thanks knees helped!!

6:26PM Sat, December 24 2011

guest30017 guest30017

Thanks for the help, still needed some strength to open it though!!!

5:42PM Wed, December 28 2011

guest62656 guest62656

Thanks heaps! We were trying to prize it off with a knife till I read this!

5:34AM Tue, January 03 2012

guest14410 guest14410

Thank you finally got the bastard open.

4:13AM Fri, January 06 2012

guest65759 guest65759

Six months and finally we have also got the bastard open!!!! Thank God for the person who took it upon themselves to to hold it between their legs and screw the head off. My husband just wishes I would do the same for him......not in this lifetime, honey!

11:10PM Fri, January 06 2012

guest87440 guest87440

thank god, taking advice of guest98101 i was FINALLY able to get this open to replace the battery. phew.

9:56PM Wed, January 11 2012

guest46546 guest46546

Thank God for Google, I to was about to take to the f$&@ing thing with a hammer when we followed tge advice from above. my wifes stuck it between her knees and twisted. It was exciting to watch. Do you think we should forward this to Eveready maybe they might think about adding some

5:41AM Tue, January 24 2012

guest46033 guest46033

thanks lot my whole family were going about how to open the touch with all sorts of tools hahaha

6:00AM Fri, March 02 2012

guest74905 guest74905

Clamp the body in a vice and use both hands, hopefully it will free up with use.

2:31AM Mon, March 05 2012

guest57467 guest57467

hooray, i have been trying to open it for a week, thank you placed in between legs and used both hands.

4:22AM Wed, March 14 2012

guest18423 guest18423

Thanks. Google found your answer. Between the knees and twist!

1:14AM Mon, April 09 2012

guest53869 guest53869

Hi all and thanks for the help. Internet is amazing. Happy camping! Mica (Kuala Lumpur)

3:33AM Mon, April 09 2012

guest11947 guest11947

What a useful thread! I hate to think its fate without this advice. Thanks all.

7:07AM Sun, April 22 2012

guest87170 guest87170

Thanks a million, what a great thread. Dolphin should post a GREAT BIG THANK YOU TO ALL!!

3:17AM Tue, April 24 2012

guest45775 guest45775

Many thanks - using knees and both hands finally opened the bloody thing. Hope someone shows the manufacturer this page and that they provide instructions in future...we can't all be that dumb!

3:20AM Tue, April 24 2012

guest52257 guest52257

Time for some body-strengthening exercises. You should be able to hold the torch in one hand and easily twist the head off anti-clockwise.

9:22PM Wed, April 25 2012

guest98470 guest98470

Great thread, and very important! I could not work this one out, myself, without the suggestions here!

1:12AM Sat, May 26 2012

guest88873 guest88873


9:22AM Tue, May 29 2012

guest63987 guest63987

Great suggestion. Typical of a lot of manufacturers these days. Very helpful everyone.

1:54AM Wed, May 30 2012

guest33311 guest33311

Thanks. I cant believe how they expect anyone to work this out let alone complete the task without the assistance of an octopus! Thanks heaps!

10:16PM Fri, June 08 2012

guest99346 guest99346

Man what an effort. Funny isn't it how technology is supposed to make our lives easier. Just about everything you buy now is so damn complicated. This is the trouble when just about everything is made in China

2:37AM Fri, June 15 2012

guest91580 guest91580

Perhaps someone should send this thread to Eveready? Fantastic tips, thank you.

5:19AM Wed, June 20 2012

guest90911 guest90911

Does Eveready pay for medical treatment for "broken hand" caused by trying to open this useless piece of "junk".

7:20PM Wed, June 20 2012

guest87531 guest87531

Thankyou the internet

3:15AM Wed, July 25 2012

Twitter-icon_normal @replyz

Thankyou the internet

3:15AM Wed, July 25 2012

guest44762 guest44762

really helpful tip. thanks

10:00AM Fri, August 10 2012

Twitter-icon_normal @replyz

really helpful tip. thanks

10:00AM Fri, August 10 2012

guest11943 guest11943

I didn't really think I would find help, and felt pretty silly. Thanks for helping AND validating my trouble! Between my knees and twisted worked a charm. Not a chance I could do it with just my hands though! Thanks again!

8:28AM Tue, August 21 2012

guest48510 guest48510

wow this seems to be a common thing and still going. I to felt silly for looking but thought what the hey. Thanks

2:40AM Mon, October 01 2012

guest55038 guest55038

VERY helpful, thank you :D

5:29PM Tue, October 02 2012

guest49336 guest49336

Thank you everyone :) ... And for the amusing posts - it gave us good laugh

5:22AM Tue, October 23 2012

guest23814 guest23814


11:33PM Sat, November 10 2012

guest84019 guest84019

Thanks. Pleased to see I was not the only one having problems. Knees and twist worked a treat. Cheers!

7:14PM Mon, November 12 2012

guest87231 guest87231

WOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! I tried holding it but while my husband turned the top. Nope. Then he tried between his knees. Eventually he rolled up his trousers as the stupid torch kept slipping. It was fun watching my husband with bare legs struggling with the top. THEN it took a while to get the battery in!!!!!!! Thank goodness for google!!!

2:48AM Thu, November 15 2012

guest17045 guest17045

Well all I can say is @&%! - finally two of us got it open.

12:56AM Sat, November 17 2012

guest17544 guest17544

thanks so much..for a moment we thought it was a hoax torch

7:04AM Sat, January 12 2013

guest76175 guest76175

Made in China - hope the product is better than the instructions?!?! And I thought the assembly instructions for pedestal fans were pretty ordinary....but surely this wins the Australia Day award for the most cryptic & unhelpful operating instructions ever ......hahaha Thanks for the knees tip Google. Followed that one after scraping skin off my thumb knuckle trying to 'slide' it across. Voila !! Success

7:00AM Fri, January 25 2013

guest65272 guest65272

I'm in the process of trying to open mine. I might have to get a bloke to help me.

11:57PM Wed, February 06 2013

guest73688 guest73688

This torch is an ASSHOLE!!!! I think i need stronger knees coz the knee trick isn't working! GRRRRRR!

8:27PM Wed, February 27 2013

guest62541 guest62541

Thank you Internet!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And EVEREADY needs to print reasonable instructions with its products!!

7:45AM Sun, March 10 2013

guest84252 guest84252

Thanks for the solution !!!! Its obvious that the label at the bottom of the torch should say UNSCREW >>>

10:43PM Sun, March 31 2013

guest88401 guest88401

i have fulfilled my destiny opening a torch

1:59AM Wed, April 03 2013

guest40497 guest40497

Hear Hear!! For the Internet and finding an answer when there didn't seem to be one! Of course it's simple once you know.... But this torch & battery have waited 3 months, there was no way my small hands could move the black cover, not realizing it was a simple screw mechanism! So all the advice about knees and both hands I got the picture! Thank you! Yes, they need to convey the instructions better! Thanks everyone.

5:53AM Fri, April 19 2013

guest34687 guest34687

Likewise yeah team. Frustration gone new battery possible. Good work guys. How a simple thing can make your day. Legends!!!

6:56PM Sun, April 21 2013

guest43334 guest43334

I had to get one of the men in the office to the "between the knees" trick - worked like a charm but I thought I might have to give mouth to mouth resusitation afterwards!!! Eveready - you need to change your website so you get the message from your users - there is a problem with this product!!!!!!!

7:12PM Sun, April 21 2013

guest58064 guest58064

Thanks heaps!! The Chinese must be laughing themselves silly...

1:03AM Sat, May 04 2013

guest91590 guest91590

Thanks a lot. Instructions would have been handy. Thank goodness for helpful people and the internet!!

12:30AM Fri, May 10 2013

guest32859 guest32859

Thank you so much! I felt pretty silly when I googled my question - how hard can it possibly be to open a torch??? Unfortunately I still can't get it open. I don't have a vice or a husband and have very small hands, so I guess it's just going to have to wait until I can get some backup! Thanks anyway, at least now I know it's not just me!

6:40AM Thu, May 16 2013

guest16615 guest16615

THANK GOD FOR GOOGLE-I had no idea how to open the darn thing!!!

4:12AM Wed, June 05 2013

guest76349 guest76349

I bought this Eveready Dolphin torch because I wanted to be ready for a black out, dark night walks etc. Almost chucked the bloody thing back in the bag to take back as two of us couldnt work it out. Should be called "Notready" thanks for the knee & twist tip. Opened it. Then the battery, who would have thought that big battery goes under that black thingy. Thnks heaps :)

10:20PM Sat, June 08 2013

guest42105 guest42105

Am crying I'm laughing so much! Like everyone else, am so pleased I'm not an idiot!

8:25AM Tue, June 18 2013

guest92114 guest92114

Also, if holding between your knees doesn't work, try your thighs.

10:31PM Fri, June 21 2013

guest29941 guest29941

i knew what to do, just couldn't do it

7:35PM Sat, June 22 2013

guest61963 guest61963

I was just about to prise the top off with a screwdriver when I thought of Googling it. Great to find that I'm not the only one who couldn't figure it out!!

9:43PM Sat, July 06 2013

guest90902 guest90902

My thanks also! Incredible lack of instructions! Now all I have to do is work out how to put the battery in!!!

7:09AM Sun, July 21 2013

guest64912 guest64912

If your knees aren't strong enough, sit on the torch, with the cover sticking out over the edge of your chair and then unscrew the cover with both hands!

12:20AM Thu, July 25 2013

guest16541 guest16541

Great advice. I stuck it loosley in a vice and twisted and hey presto it opened.. Instructions would have been helpful.

11:52PM Fri, August 02 2013

guest94131 guest94131

Ever Ready? Not without Google's help! Thanks folks we have successfully inserted a battery now have working torch and defused a somber mood after reading other comments.Had a great laugh. Wow 2 years of the same issue and company still hasn't fixed a rather poor design fault. Shame on them! Who else manufactures torches?

6:05AM Sat, August 10 2013

guest15091 guest15091

Tried all of above suggestions. Still no success. Very disappointing product.

6:54PM Wed, August 21 2013

guest21094 guest21094

Thankyou so much to poster who suggested knees!!!

4:54AM Sat, August 24 2013

guest46886 guest46886

I still can't get the bloody thing open!! :-(

12:01AM Sat, September 21 2013

guest70552 guest70552

Success at last!!!! Here is another tip. I heated the thing atop an electric column heater, turning it over like a sausage on a BBQ, then, with the two of us, we got it to unscrew. Now I am to Google about inserting the battery.

12:48AM Sat, September 21 2013

guest44077 guest44077

Thank you...was about to peg it into the back yard in frustration

12:11AM Tue, October 29

guest39822 guest39822

What sort of product design is this? ridiculous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12:51AM Tue, November 05

guest49755 guest49755

Thanks for solution, almost wrecked the thing, no wonder it was on special!

9:17PM Sat, November 09

guest62905 guest62905

Thank you for those very helpful instructions. Better than YouTube for sure.

6:35PM Thu, November 14

guest58253 guest58253

Complete joke. No wonder it is waterproof - they glued the two halves together!

7:04AM Sun, November 24

guest26008 guest26008

Tooooo Funnnnnny!!!!! My 13 year old son was going to hurl it out the window…thank god for google and people showing up on here with an answer!! It took 2 of us to open it!! The BEST thing has been reading peoples posts…laughing so hard I am crying!!! The vision of all these people "trying" to open a torch…PRICELESS!!!! :)

7:03PM Fri, November 29

guest89706 guest89706

me to,thank god for the internet.Thanks Guys

5:21AM Sat, November 30

guest41313 guest41313

Hallelujah Jesus - its an epiphany! The frustration of trying to change the battery in a Dolphin LED latern has brought me close to committing homicide although some previous contributors were getting quite frisky - oh well different strokes - I guess i won't need an excorcism after all : )

9:35PM Wed, December 18

guest13595 guest13595

YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Thanks Kiwi Pete...between the knees is the trick!! At last. What did we do before we had google?? Now we can rest easy incase of an earthquake! Merry christmas everyone.

3:24PM Wed, December 25

guest90655 guest90655

Thanks! Gripping between knees and twisting does the trick :)

5:33PM Sat, January 18

guest63783 guest63783

Thank folks, 2.5 years later and this post is still helping victims of the great eveready joke

9:41PM Sat, January 25

guest17032 guest17032

thanks for the tips.......great

6:03AM Tue, January 28

guest53421 guest53421

The knee trick worked... thanks very much... perhaps Eveready should consider printing these tips on the box !!!

12:30AM Sun, February 02

guest35115 guest35115

Thank you so much. We couldn't figure it either!!!

8:04PM Sat, February 22

guest89294 guest89294

Thank you! Whoo hooo! Thought I was totally useless, but now I feel quite accomplished ;)

12:12AM Sat, March 01

guest52644 guest52644

my birthday today and mum handed me this task. haha..what a birthday challenge! may god bless you all! :) nysh - putrajaya, malaysia

1:58AM Tue, March 18

guest71982 guest71982

Thank goodness for the tips, finally a friend helped me to get it open. I was beginning to think I was STUPID!!! Thank goodness for Google. Pity Eveready don't read these comments!!

1:15AM Mon, March 31

guest30931 guest30931

Thank goodness, I thought I'd never get it open. A new torch is no good if you can't get it open to put the battery in. I figured it had to be screwed in the direction of the arrows but I never thought of putting it between my knees and using BOTH hands. Maybe the company should print that on the packaging. They must realize it is a problem for customers. Great in an emergency!

8:57AM Tue, April 01

guest53570 guest53570

Thanks so much! Useless information on packaging... NO information on their site.

6:59PM Fri, April 11

guest52868 guest52868

I can't get it open even the knees don't work. back to the shop it goes

8:25PM Sun, April 13

anonymous Anonymous

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