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What are the advantages and disadvantages of going on holiday with your parents? (It's for my homework...) :D

11:22AM Sun, June 19 2011

Image_normal @lvngbooks Somewhere near my books

Cheap place to stay and no worries about food and drinks are the pros for me.. Negs are that they are there... All the time

11:23AM Sun, June 19 2011

9423eb57931669311ce4ca5fa4490938_normal @overflowingklc Norfolk UK

+ they pay - you want to kill them before the first day is up

11:25AM Sun, June 19 2011

Pppng_normal @CheezyfeetBooks UK

Thanks! Now to work out how to write that in German... :L #funfunfun

11:27AM Sun, June 19 2011

anonymous Anonymous

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