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Does anyone know how to stop Groupon sending you emails? It's so annoying!!!

2:51AM Fri, June 24 2011

D2d314a7c4822c397639434bae0a3c5f_normal @BruceLaister Durban, South Africa


2:52AM Fri, June 24 2011

E88dbe842761a03e78d09f17fe0406a8_normal @JDFWood London

I think you have to attach a hand-written letter to the fox and tell him Groupon's address...

2:54AM Fri, June 24 2011

Gucr_start_normal @shawpye Ware, Hertfordshire SG12 9FD

at the bottom of the email there may be a link u can click to unsubscribe

2:55AM Fri, June 24 2011

9d0154c14d1dfd829a0812d9a9b1eec1_normal @KeriannePayne

tried that no luck! Looks like your stuck once you sign up lol thanks anyway

2:58AM Fri, June 24 2011

Gucr_start_normal @shawpye Ware, Hertfordshire SG12 9FD

frustrating, try replying to the email saying ' STOP AND LEAVE ME ALONE'

3:13AM Fri, June 24 2011

Image_normal @mavic__ cumbria

Send them to your block senders list

3:22AM Fri, June 24 2011

Image_normal @q8extremeteam Kuwait

what's that keri ?

3:27AM Fri, June 24 2011

9d0154c14d1dfd829a0812d9a9b1eec1_normal @KeriannePayne

its like a discount thing on line for the different cities around the UK, it is good but annoying i get emails everyday!!

6:06AM Fri, June 24 2011

9d0154c14d1dfd829a0812d9a9b1eec1_normal @KeriannePayne

good idea thanks

6:06AM Fri, June 24 2011

Image_normal @q8extremeteam Kuwait

ah right, get what you mean. Can't you chose "spam" or "report" in your email inbox for that specific address that sends tou?

6:09AM Fri, June 24 2011

9d0154c14d1dfd829a0812d9a9b1eec1_normal @KeriannePayne

yeah on that now thanks

6:10AM Fri, June 24 2011

Image_normal @q8extremeteam Kuwait

hope it works out for ya :)

6:11AM Fri, June 24 2011

London-brighton_cycling__24__normal @giorgiobello80 London

not sure u got a good reply on this yet.did u try to block their emails?ur email provider should let you create such filters

9:09AM Fri, June 24 2011

guest61600 guest61600

I have the same problem! I've unsubscribed about 3 times now! But a difference is that I can't block it because I use my school E-mail!

3:20AM Fri, September 30 2011

guest14449 guest14449

Same thing with me!!

6:44AM Tue, December 20 2011

guest14449 guest14449

Now i know how to do it. Thank you NO MORE ANNOYING EMAILS!!!

6:51AM Tue, December 20 2011

guest14449 guest14449

oh does unsubscribing not work?

6:53AM Tue, December 20 2011

guest82526 guest82526

No, Unsubscribing is of no use... They keep going no matter what. I had to block them. They do not even have offers in Canada except in Quebec...

2:05AM Tue, December 11 2012

guest40115 guest40115

I am trying to unsubscribe from groupon Quebec and can't. At the bottom of the page there is a BS link specifically for this. .They send 2 to 3 emails a day and I don't live in Quebec anymore. Sigh...

9:52AM Mon, February 18 2013

guest56227 guest56227

What I did was to go into the groupon account - (use the email address that they are using to contact you and if you don't know the password request a new one) - I then changed my contact email address to "" so in theory when they send me an email it should go to themselves. So far it seems to be working.

8:09AM Mon, March 04 2013

anonymous Anonymous

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