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Image_normal @KillaCammAyy In My Own World!!! (=

What does the "B" in "YMCMB" mean?

6:38PM Sun, June 26 2011

49f44e2341e4d00fb573ac4dd82bb86c_normal @Reezy_Stunnah Upper Marlboro

Young Money Cash Money Billionaires

6:38PM Sun, June 26 2011

5226f718e4f62d867680e342ee6b8428_normal @_SnuffyWuggy


6:38PM Sun, June 26 2011

Lamar_william_normal @Prettyboy_Mar

wat does det mean period

6:39PM Sun, June 26 2011

Image_normal @KillaCammAyy In My Own World!!! (=

young money cash money billionaires...

6:40PM Sun, June 26 2011

Lamar_william_normal @Prettyboy_Mar

im guh

6:41PM Sun, June 26 2011

Image_normal @KillaCammAyy In My Own World!!! (=

lls why?

6:42PM Sun, June 26 2011

Image_normal @KillaCammAyy In My Own World!!! (=


6:42PM Sun, June 26 2011

Image_normal @KillaCammAyy In My Own World!!! (=


6:42PM Sun, June 26 2011

17e0074428c5e737787103ab50a0c637_normal @GottaBeDiamondz

The "B" In YMCMB Means Business

6:44PM Sun, June 26 2011

Image_normal @KillaCammAyy In My Own World!!! (=

i have been told billionaires?

6:45PM Sun, June 26 2011

Lamar_william_normal @Prettyboy_Mar

cuz i aint kno

6:46PM Sun, June 26 2011

Image_normal @KillaCammAyy In My Own World!!! (=

lls oh okay

6:47PM Sun, June 26 2011

17e0074428c5e737787103ab50a0c637_normal @GottaBeDiamondz

Yu Rite I Jus Searchd It Ctfu But In Every Song Birdman Is Like "Young Money Cash Money Bidness" So I've Been Wrong 4 A While

6:54PM Sun, June 26 2011

Image_normal @KillaCammAyy In My Own World!!! (=

lls oh okay

6:55PM Sun, June 26 2011

guest12115 guest12115


2:34PM Wed, December 14 2011

guest67497 guest67497

i get told so many this what does it really mean?

6:01PM Wed, December 14 2011

guest29569 guest29569

its young money cash money bloods

12:39AM Sun, December 18 2011

guest76937 guest76937

Young Money Cash Money Billionaires

11:00AM Fri, December 23 2011

guest20890 guest20890

Younq money cash money billionaires , ymcm - younq money cash money

7:48PM Fri, January 20 2012

guest24550 guest24550


4:19PM Mon, January 23 2012

guest50453 guest50453

the b means alot of thinks now it uaually means billionar but then agian it can mean blood and business.

2:42PM Wed, February 15 2012

guest55134 guest55134

Young money cash money bitches

9:25PM Tue, February 21 2012

guest87526 guest87526

it can be be bloods, bitches, baby, business, or whatever but its officially billionares

8:56PM Thu, March 15 2012

guest91828 guest91828

You guys are fuckin retarded. Its Young Money Cash Money Blood. Get it right

12:59AM Sun, March 18 2012


no its not it is young money cash money business i know cuz i meet nicki minaj in person in she told me its that so be quiet people

5:42PM Wed, March 21 2012

guest51440 guest51440

its Young Money Cash Money Bitches

10:59PM Thu, March 22 2012

guest87128 guest87128

Young Money Cash Money Baby

9:35PM Sat, March 24 2012

guest91771 guest91771

I really don't no I thought it was billonares but my friend said it was b****s

7:49PM Wed, March 28 2012

guest63647 guest63647

I hate people like y'all. Stfu., you're all stupid. Its Young Money Cash Money Billionaires.

9:01PM Sat, March 31 2012

guest48588 guest48588

Its Young Money Cash money Billionaires

11:29PM Wed, April 04 2012

guest73581 guest73581

Its fuckinn young moneyy cash money billionairs now stfu stupid dumb bitches foreal

8:38AM Fri, April 06 2012

guest55432 guest55432

Kay. We don't need to call everyone bitches and retards people. Takes one to know one right? Smh.

10:47PM Fri, April 06 2012

guest42697 guest42697


10:55AM Thu, May 03 2012

guest55157 guest55157

Buissnes Thats What It Means REAL Talk Bro Get Real!!!

2:58PM Fri, May 04 2012

guest82136 guest82136

Young money cash money boys

9:32PM Sun, May 06 2012

guest54025 guest54025


1:19PM Thu, May 10 2012

guest41904 guest41904

young money cash money big dick

8:07AM Fri, May 18 2012

guest65123 guest65123

Young Money Cash Money Bitches or Billionaires

4:45PM Sat, May 19 2012

guest31538 guest31538

its yong money cash money Billonaires and let me gey your number

2:27PM Wed, May 30 2012

guest92995 guest92995

just stfu itz billonaires ugly ass pplz yyall dont know shit

9:26AM Sun, July 22 2012

guest92029 guest92029

Well its most likely billionaires but ten again it could be bitches but have you ever seen the movie New Jack City and CMB means cash money brothers and the whole movie was about drugs mostly cocaine so just think it could be young money cash money brothers

7:29PM Wed, August 08 2012

guest55392 guest55392

it is young money cash money buisness birdman is my uncle in law

4:18PM Sat, September 15 2012

guest91498 guest91498


3:24PM Fri, November 09 2012

guest10436 guest10436

people it means billionaires

6:18PM Sat, March 02 2013

guest10436 guest10436

the real thing is young money cash money billionaires

6:19PM Sat, March 02 2013

guest16508 guest16508


5:28PM Wed, March 06 2013

guest16508 guest16508


5:29PM Wed, March 06 2013

guest97823 guest97823

I have always thought it to be Young Money Cash Money B****

8:29PM Sat, May 18 2013

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