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how do i find out my IBAN number through online banking please? can't seem to find a proper statement, thanks

7:04AM Mon, June 27 2011

2422c12671dee48a015729623e8616ba_normal @LoinerDan Leeds, UK

you might get a quicker response if you put the message as a reply to halifax, rather than just a mention.

7:07AM Mon, June 27 2011

7qmb3clgo2c5ndusegqc_normal @haterzgonhateyo

as in reply to a tweet? how weird i just tweeted you at the same time haha

7:08AM Mon, June 27 2011

2422c12671dee48a015729623e8616ba_normal @LoinerDan Leeds, UK

ha, great minds eh mate! Yeah as in reply. :)

7:09AM Mon, June 27 2011

Halifax-logo-twitter_normal @Halifax_Online

Hi its PW. If you get statements online, select one and click 'view more account details'. If not call 08457203040 ^Halifax

8:06AM Mon, June 27 2011

guest14676 guest14676

And where is the 'view more account details' located?

4:06PM Mon, May 28 2012

guest86557 guest86557

what's the iban code for halifax bank

11:26AM Wed, July 11 2012

guest28985 guest28985

And where is the 'view more account details' located?

5:16AM Sat, July 28 2012

guest57547 guest57547

GB5HLFX then sort code & account no no spaces

8:16AM Fri, September 07 2012

guest82323 guest82323


10:15AM Fri, November 09 2012

guest58305 guest58305

Do everyone have the same iban number apart from sort code and acc number

10:00AM Mon, November 12 2012

guest58305 guest58305

Do i need swift code to transfer money from Russan

10:04AM Mon, November 12 2012

guest68088 guest68088

Mine was GB76HLFX(Sort code)(account number), so maybe it's different for everyone

1:26PM Wed, March 27 2013

guest29640 guest29640

Bloody Halifax, why do they make it so difficult. All i want to do is send money to my own account.

1:24PM Wed, April 10 2013

guest97200 guest97200

Did anyone figure this out? Does the online banking give this detail anywhere?

7:43PM Mon, May 13 2013

guest73873 guest73873

Gosh, in Holland it is so easy to convert your accountnumber to an IBAN number... i am now already searching and looking for one hour. :-(

1:04PM Thu, November 21 2013

guest40675 guest40675

Halifax slogan. If we can find a way to make you call - we will

11:33AM Fri, December 27 2013

anonymous Anonymous

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