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Serious question : Does the PS3 give off wifi? Or do you NEED to have a wifi supplier to reek the benefits of using PS3 online? #HELP

1:59PM Thu, July 07 2011

Euwgjt5f_normal @Bolber_ Los Angeles

you need to get some sort of wifi

2:03PM Thu, July 07 2011

Kushnmodelos_normal @kushnmodelos mob angeles..

ps3 connects to your Internet via wifi.. It's not a modem so it cannot give out a wifi signal..

2:06PM Thu, July 07 2011

30fadcc12478e7688709183834d5d746_normal @iloveDaeso Los Angeles

thanks guys.

2:07PM Thu, July 07 2011

78e7fe141ea9068bb1b5f9550dc47146_normal @Vincent_Vega_

you need your own for the PS3 to find. We have our own Wifi at home & my Xbox has the receiver so I can play online. No other way

2:10PM Thu, July 07 2011

78e7fe141ea9068bb1b5f9550dc47146_normal @Vincent_Vega_

you can also connect regular Internet to the ps3. Doesn't have to be wifi. But the cheaper ones will cause your game to delay

2:10PM Thu, July 07 2011

15989386057017_105295392814363_100000017090453_138755_7902932_n_normal @CherieMcnamar33 Ohio

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2:12PM Thu, July 07 2011

30fadcc12478e7688709183834d5d746_normal @iloveDaeso Los Angeles

cool thanks!

2:17PM Thu, July 07 2011

Julia_ito_normal @Tiffaneyohjm West Virginia

check out this cool site hacker finds a glitch for free stuff.

2:44PM Thu, July 07 2011

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