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Why does my pinterest app keep crashing?

1:55PM Tue, July 12 2011

P_avatar_normal @Pinterest Here and there.

We're working on an API bug that's affecting app users - should be back to normal soon!

1:59PM Tue, July 12 2011

5a25a80bfe2ca39f93a7086406937183_normal @nellie_dean Pembrokeshire

ok thanks!

2:37PM Tue, July 12 2011

guest52011 guest52011

Looks like Pinterest is crashing again? Bug or too many users?

8:53AM Thu, March 01 2012

guest74152 guest74152

I just joined Pinterest.This is very annoying. Hope it will be fixed soon.

10:27AM Sat, March 03 2012

guest50959 guest50959

I joined not long ago, but for the last few days it crashes every time a new item appears in the "following" window, or wherever I'm browsing at the moment. I'm using an iPad, and it crashes whether I use the app, or Safari. Even third party apps/browsers crash.

6:32AM Sun, March 04 2012

guest68701 guest68701

I am having the same issues with my p interest app and safari. The issue seems to be getting worse. VERY annoying.

8:18PM Sun, March 11 2012

guest48538 guest48538


11:04AM Mon, March 12 2012

guest34735 guest34735

Mine crashes all the time on my iPad just freezes a d closes really annoys me .

1:40PM Thu, March 15 2012

guest41042 guest41042

Mine crashes on my iPad and iPhone all the time, while Im pinning, while Im searching for items ... I've been using Pinterest for about 2 months, but this started to happen very recently. I hope it gets fixed SOON !!!!!!! ... it's getting really annoying.

12:06PM Fri, March 23 2012

guest39715 guest39715

Mine continues to crash- please fix soon!

7:52PM Sat, April 07 2012

guest81370 guest81370

Not fixed yet and I love pintrest and my iPad. Pintrest has given me great ideas for my garden but the constant crashing is driving me crazy

9:30PM Sun, June 24 2012

guest87938 guest87938

This is getting annoying... Why is it that the app stops loading pins? It happens every time I get on to use it!!! PLEASE FIX!!!!!!

10:27PM Sat, September 01 2012

guest29486 guest29486

Very annoying. Have to keep rebooting. Freeze freeze freeze. I've even restored my iPad still no luck

8:37PM Mon, September 10 2012

guest85474 guest85474

Mine's doing the same thing, all the pics will go blank, VERY FRUSTRATING

8:22PM Sun, September 16 2012

guest25516 guest25516

My Pinterest app has been crashing for about two weeks now. Any idea when the issue might be corrected?

11:34AM Sun, November 11 2012

guest53690 guest53690

Pinterest crashes constantly, On my iPhone and iPad. About to give up. I always use the app, btw.

12:35PM Wed, November 14 2012

guest50613 guest50613

Help. It's 2013 and on Pinterest, I can only stay on for about fuve minutes before it shuts off and goes back to my home screen. It's very irritating because Pinterest is my favorite app and I can't stay on it that long

1:27PM Thu, January 03 2013

guest42881 guest42881

I downloaded the app yesterday, and it crashed after several minutes of browsing -- not just once, but a few or several times. Other apps on my iPod don't crash, but this Pinterest app does. I wonder why; it might be an app error or because of many users.

1:37PM Tue, January 22 2013

guest28938 guest28938

The app crashes every 5 minutes, it's extremely a monotony

6:49PM Tue, January 22 2013

guest55196 guest55196

It crashes all the damn time! What's up Pinterest?

5:52AM Fri, January 25 2013

guest70307 guest70307

My Ipad crashes and then has to be totally reset whenever I'm on Pinterest. Any suggestions

3:29PM Mon, January 28 2013

guest31238 guest31238

I'm also having problems with pinterest crashing on my iPad! Is it apple or pinterest?

9:44PM Thu, February 07 2013

guest71644 guest71644

Arrrrrr, so tired of Pintrest CRASHING! Right when I get to something I love, it just closes..... Please fix it, I'm hooked!

8:43PM Fri, February 08 2013

guest34060 guest34060

My pinterest crashes every couple of minutes using my iPad app, any fix ideas??

8:20PM Mon, February 25 2013

guest79587 guest79587

Downloaded Pinterest 2 days ago & it's now crashing every 5 mins. Please fix it, it's driving me crazy!

5:33AM Wed, February 27 2013

guest44371 guest44371

Hooked as well but very frustrating!!! Please help, please reply pinterest:)

5:14PM Wed, February 27 2013

guest80652 guest80652

Pinterest crashs too frequently on my iPad. Have only been using Pinterest for two weeks but contantly have to restart. Have uninstalled, reinstalled, shut down, everything but is still happening!

5:20PM Thu, February 28 2013

guest92497 guest92497

Same here, never ending bug?

3:10PM Sun, March 03 2013

guest69545 guest69545

This pinterest is about to become the myspace of social media. Crappy app that crashes every 5 seconds, tons of spam pins, advertising pins....ridiculous

1:42PM Sun, March 10 2013

guest85489 guest85489

Pinterest crashes constantly...deleting!

1:59AM Mon, March 18 2013

guest10302 guest10302

As soon as I open Pinterest is crashes within 1 to 2 minutes. What is going on? I can't use it.

5:35PM Mon, March 18 2013

guest73990 guest73990

Same her loking for somthing, stops, goes to home page geting realy frustrated

1:36AM Thu, March 21 2013

guest14573 guest14573

app is crashing only whenever I scroll halfway through one of my boards...I have restarted my ipad, uninstalled/reinstalled and nothing changes it. I can view every other one of my boards entirely except just one...weird bug?

9:28PM Wed, May 01 2013

guest52391 guest52391

Exactly what is happening to me. Both iPhone and ipad

12:29PM Sun, May 12 2013

guest83981 guest83981

same. My pinterest app on my tablet crashes literally every 2 minutes. I barely get the time to look at a couple of pins before the app forces close. so annoying.

2:30AM Mon, May 13 2013

guest37612 guest37612

why does pinetrest crach on my laptop?

12:23AM Sun, May 19 2013

guest54458 guest54458

Okay, seriously Pinterest; fix your app for iPad users. - so annoying to crash so often when browsing! Get the hint!

7:02AM Mon, May 20 2013

guest23507 guest23507

My app on my iPhone 5 and app on iPad 1 keeps crashing. This is getting so annoying! My iPad app crashed at least 10 times before I switched to my iPhone and then it crashed at least 5 times. Doesn't promote using the site very well.

7:06PM Sat, May 25 2013

guest30587 guest30587

Pinterest app is crashing all the time on iphone. Not cool.

3:16PM Wed, June 26 2013

guest30587 guest30587

Awesome. I posted like, what, 10min ago, about Pinterest app crashing all the time. And guess what, it crashed again! While scrolling down. This is getting really,really annoying.

3:36PM Wed, June 26 2013

guest43295 guest43295

My app keeps crashing since the latest update. Ipad 3.

10:04PM Sun, July 21 2013

guest56949 guest56949

My iPad is not even six months old and lately the pintrest app also keeps crashing.

9:15PM Sat, August 03 2013

guest42501 guest42501

Pinterest keeps crashing . Get it fixed!

1:07PM Thu, September 26 2013

guest42701 guest42701

Still crashing on my iPad. Reboots the ipad. Can't use it!!

7:37PM Wed, November 06 2013

guest95289 guest95289

Pinterest keeps crashing my ipad. Going to stop using Pinterest till they fix it.

6:51PM Mon, November 11 2013

guest80927 guest80927

I have been trying to use Pinterest for two weeks on my lap top and all I keep getting is the little spinning icon and it will not let me click on anything. I have tried look at my boards to find recipes I have saved and I cannot access anything!!! Its getting very frustrating!!!! Help!

12:35PM Sat, November 23 2013

guest97374 guest97374

My pinterest keeps crashing over and over and freaking over again. I haver reinstalled the app on my android tablet same thing. It's highly annoying. Please fix

6:37AM Sat, June 21

guest46663 guest46663

Omg please fix this crashing thinf on pinterest :(( it keeps crash. My phone is Samsung galaxy S4! Thank u

11:42PM Thu, July 03

guest85972 guest85972

please fix this crashing thinf on pinterest when i pinit . My phone is Samsung galaxy S4! Thank

10:33PM Sun, July 13

guest22806 guest22806

Ugh. I'm going to slam my phone against a wall, please excuse me.

12:01PM Wed, July 16

guest48054 guest48054

Weird, I ended here when I searched for why firefox on my laptop keeps crashing when I try to open pinterest. This ever happened to anyone else?

8:30PM Tue, July 29

anonymous Anonymous

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