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When Is One Direction's Anniversary? Put together at bootcamp I meann.. x

4:57AM Sat, July 16 2011

34c3ba822b0e995dbe73286140dcd56d_normal @1Ddublin

24th july :)

5:00AM Sat, July 16 2011

guest96563 guest96563

23 July

6:08PM Fri, December 30 2011

guest80323 guest80323

I love one direction they are so hot and so talented but I have met all of one direction they r super nice and super funny I love 1D I am a proud directioner :)

7:45PM Fri, March 23 2012

guest80323 guest80323

Omg I love one direction Harry style sis SO HOT I am a true proud directioner who else is?

7:47PM Fri, March 23 2012

guest80323 guest80323


10:18AM Sat, March 24 2012

guest85981 guest85981

you cant even spell harry's name right never mind being a directioner

5:28PM Thu, April 05 2012

guest46575 guest46575

Ooooomg Harry Styles u r like the best person ever!!!! im ur biggest fan like ever check it: you were born on Feb 1, your fav movie is "love Actually" and your hot :)

10:27PM Thu, April 19 2012

guest54352 guest54352

niall horan the sexyest man alive!!! love you so much your just amazing and gorgeous and your a belieber whivh is great your not like other boys dissin yeay! will you marry me? no lie:D - simple but affective :)

8:05PM Fri, May 11 2012

guest20929 guest20929

Everybody here who writes about just one member isn't a Directioner, of course everybody has that 1D member that they immediately fell in love with, but if you just talk and comment about one of them, not okay.

2:28AM Wed, June 20 2012

guest30875 guest30875

it is the 23rd of july at 8:20pm x

11:56AM Fri, June 29 2012

guest66498 guest66498

mmmm harry isnt the only one....they are a group! they are equal! -.- and a true directioner treats them all the same and ACKNOLEDGES all of them!

5:59AM Sat, June 30 2012

guest66498 guest66498


6:00AM Sat, June 30 2012

guest16391 guest16391

Lol. please do not say youre a directioner, and you don't even know the date of their anniversary. Im sorry, but it is time for me to leave, Goodbye. oh, and its 23rd of July, 8:22pm.

11:30AM Mon, July 02 2012

guest56332 guest56332

23rd of july!! :)

8:58AM Tue, July 03 2012

guest60241 guest60241

Umm wow so much OMG IM A DIRECTIONER stuff anyways its the 23 of July Around 8:20 Maybe 8:22 like guest16391

7:02PM Thu, July 12 2012

guest81633 guest81633

are you guys sure that its the 23rd alot of people are sayings its the 24th

6:56AM Fri, July 13 2012

guest29094 guest29094

Okay people get it right It's July 23 at 8:22pm in the uk's time.

6:56PM Fri, July 13 2012

guest98837 guest98837

Hey Directioners Listen Up Their Anniversary is on 23 July at 8:22pm on Friday!!! OMG I Love this Day!!!

2:55PM Sun, July 22 2012

guest66496 guest66496

>_< Not bursting anyones' bubble, but I really do not like them at all, and tomorrow will be a terrible day for me Dx

8:24PM Sun, July 22 2012

guest82038 guest82038

im laughing so har at you guys like oh my god i love them i so want to meet them... i mean i love them but dont go so over dramatic, im friends with zayn and he hates it when girls meet him and go crazy

6:12AM Mon, July 23 2012

guest37924 guest37924

Its 24th July 8:22pm Australian I remember cuz it's the same day as my friends birthday Hope that helped one direction I love you

9:07AM Mon, July 23 2012

guest10636 guest10636

I really love you guys too!

10:31PM Tue, August 07 2012

guest88934 guest88934

one direction are a bunch of really nice guys and if you do not like them you CRAZY....... and if you death threat their girlfriends you are not a directioner you should be happy for them and most people should agree

3:36PM Mon, October 29 2012

guest88934 guest88934

please repli to that

9:46AM Sun, November 11 2012

guest67077 guest67077

Omg i love 1D Harry is the cutest PS it July 23 and 8:22pm

8:10AM Sat, April 20 2013

guest45658 guest45658

23 or 24th??

10:50PM Tue, June 11 2013

guest49412 guest49412

23 at 8:22pm I LOVE 1D!!!

5:21PM Mon, July 22 2013

guest51846 guest51846

Its july 24 8:22 p.m but it could also be july 23 8.22 p.m so i could have just missed it but new york (where i live) is 5 hours after uk so i can celebrate at july 24 1:22 a.m and july 24 8:22 p.m and i will be celebrating both days technically. U can do it, too if u missed july 23 8:22 p.m, and live in america. 2013 3 years of One direction Louis Tomlinson Zayn Malik Liam Payne Niall Horran Harry Styles <3

12:41AM Wed, July 24 2013

guest51846 guest51846

( countinuing from comment on top) in my opinion its better to celebrate both days because no one can be SO sure when their anavercery (i dont care if thats not how u spell it) is. Happy 3 years of 1D! I hope this helped. And sit at home with a brownie or cookie or piece of cake, watch 1D videos, enjoy and celebrate:-) have fun cuz its what i do every year <3

12:46AM Wed, July 24 2013

guest45404 guest45404

the anniversary is July 23 2010 @ 8:22am

9:34PM Wed, July 24 2013

guest45404 guest45404


9:36PM Wed, July 24 2013

guest52710 guest52710

You can acknowledge all of them but single one out that you think you get along with the most. Stop hating on others. As long as they support ALL of our boys, there is no problem. It's only when they ignore one of them, or the others.

4:47AM Sun, November 24 2013

anonymous Anonymous

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