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102a15ae94a8aee67472a6700636225b_normal @_ThunderUp Brooklyn, New Jersey

Need a new dope ass twitter name, any ideas?

8:22PM Mon, July 25 2011

D906fbcd2adb74280b798af116a9dd0a_normal @sierra_nicolex3 New Jersey

toofly ctfu #newtwittername

8:23PM Mon, July 25 2011

102a15ae94a8aee67472a6700636225b_normal @_ThunderUp Brooklyn, New Jersey


8:24PM Mon, July 25 2011

D906fbcd2adb74280b798af116a9dd0a_normal @sierra_nicolex3 New Jersey

it's real nice right.

8:25PM Mon, July 25 2011

102a15ae94a8aee67472a6700636225b_normal @_ThunderUp Brooklyn, New Jersey

sure lol

8:26PM Mon, July 25 2011

58d91529bd19fbb2eafbb8e93d7c06e2_normal @tye95_ Pennsauken

khalilordie lol

8:26PM Mon, July 25 2011

guest24944 guest24944

IdoItBig haha idk Cx

9:01PM Tue, January 17 2012

guest63276 guest63276

dopelike_elmo Idontlove_you noname_neededOK

10:01PM Sat, April 21 2012

guest21857 guest21857

@ BITCH_ThissWhyyYouuMAD

1:38PM Mon, April 23 2012

guest65718 guest65718


5:15PM Wed, April 25 2012

guest35444 guest35444


10:29AM Fri, May 04 2012

guest56879 guest56879

5:04PM Sat, June 23 2012

guest10353 guest10353

Suck_Fwag = Fuck Swag

3:35PM Fri, August 17 2012

guest89054 guest89054

Lmfaooat hoes_

10:14AM Sun, September 23 2012

guest32941 guest32941


5:39PM Thu, October 25 2012

guest81111 guest81111

2:51PM Thu, November 15 2012

guest54466 guest54466


1:38PM Sun, November 25 2012

guest69969 guest69969

No Help

7:42PM Thu, November 29 2012

guest66580 guest66580

blahhhhh !

9:05AM Mon, December 03 2012

guest58468 guest58468


6:52PM Sat, January 05 2013

guest53132 guest53132

10:12AM Sat, January 19 2013

guest77122 guest77122

8:52PM Fri, February 01 2013

guest32641 guest32641


11:44PM Thu, February 14 2013

guest18100 guest18100


10:25AM Fri, February 22 2013

guest37234 guest37234


8:55PM Thu, March 07 2013

guest38652 guest38652

lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooo these are funny af

8:41PM Mon, June 10 2013

guest14241 guest14241


2:11PM Wed, July 10 2013

guest82631 guest82631

Follw Me on twitter !!!!!!!!!!

4:29AM Tue, July 30 2013

guest47723 guest47723


1:46AM Fri, August 02 2013

guest13931 guest13931


9:43PM Wed, August 14 2013

guest62748 guest62748

Follow me on twitter

11:33PM Sun, October 06 2013

guest20647 guest20647

<-- hasn't taken yet so you're welcome to change that

2:36AM Sat, November 23 2013

guest20647 guest20647

I Mean @/dopecure is good

2:37AM Sat, November 23 2013

guest78211 guest78211


1:43PM Sun, December 08 2013

guest87522 guest87522

4:18PM Fri, December 13 2013

guest77607 guest77607


7:52AM Thu, March 06

anonymous Anonymous

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