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Img_4411_normal @chaaads Brunei Darussalam

I forgot my username and password for Instagram. :-( How do I find out what my username and password was? Anybody? Help? :-(

7:26AM Tue, July 26 2011

97685489607684ceba9cf9c1ee3e9eed_normal @xiannnz there you go o: <

7:28AM Tue, July 26 2011

F03118ae19fd05f94b768adea4840e20_normal @PingGuoDude

It sucks to be you right now. RT I forgot my username and password for Instagram.

7:28AM Tue, July 26 2011

guest92047 guest92047

i dont remember my username for instagram ! plz help

10:32AM Sat, October 29 2011

guest83829 guest83829

Reset your password and in your email you will be addressed by your username.

3:39PM Sat, December 10 2011

guest44658 guest44658


12:10AM Tue, February 14 2012

guest64106 guest64106

I reset my password and i still haven't gotten my username!!! Help!!!!

5:24PM Mon, March 05 2012

guest29548 guest29548

I forgot my username! -__- Helppppppp! :'(

8:33AM Mon, April 16 2012

guest97683 guest97683

I forgot my instangram Username helppppppppppppppp

2:55AM Tue, April 24 2012

guest28208 guest28208

I forgot my password to and I put in my email but they still haven't gave me a email but what you do is go on complaint and email your complaint if that doesn't work I'll try to see if I can find something else I had 3,554 followers so this really sucks for me

8:28PM Thu, May 10 2012

guest45190 guest45190


9:27PM Sun, May 20 2012

guest72113 guest72113

i for got both my username and password and i don't know what a captcha is!!!!!

6:07AM Wed, May 23 2012

guest39626 guest39626

I forgot my password , help me !!!

11:59AM Sat, May 26 2012

guest76165 guest76165

i forgot my instagram password :(

1:45AM Sun, May 27 2012

guest62023 guest62023

I dont remember my username ://// pls help me:((

5:48AM Sun, May 27 2012

guest62023 guest62023

For instagram:;;;((( plss help me:(

5:49AM Sun, May 27 2012

guest89551 guest89551

Help......this FUCKING SUCKS WHY CAN'T I LOG IN MY INSTAGRAM... I signed out and now cannot get back in!!!!!!! They don't even recognize my email address so I can't even reset it and this stupid captcha thing is NO HELP!!!!!!

9:19AM Fri, June 01 2012

guest96224 guest96224

for instagram help me please

9:00PM Sat, June 02 2012

guest83148 guest83148

Forgot my password on Instagram!! Oh no!

2:53AM Sun, June 03 2012

guest22915 guest22915

dont be such an idiot to forget :L

6:23AM Sat, June 09 2012

guest48955 guest48955

7:17PM Sun, June 10 2012

guest68874 guest68874

I had forgoten my username and password for my instagram... i went on the webpage and i clicked reset password. It sends you and email and it say dear ******* it gives you your uswername! Hope I helped:)

5:57PM Sat, June 16 2012

guest37209 guest37209

I did what ^^ said above but the first few times i did that it gave me the wrong username! i put in my e-mail and i KNOW my username is dancerox, (people remember that follow me!) ;) and then it said dance4life! i was like ???

7:39PM Sat, June 16 2012

guest50713 guest50713

Yea instagram is a blast until u log out and can't get back in!!!!

8:16PM Sat, June 16 2012

dancer4lifee35 dancer4lifee35

instagram sign my out and i cant log back inn... and i forgot my username and password too it . and i dont feel like making a new instagram i want to be able to log into my other one besides making a wholle neewww one . So if you would plz help me that would be great. Thanks (:

9:13AM Wed, June 20 2012

guest83596 guest83596

Sucks to suck

9:10PM Thu, June 21 2012

guest11005 guest11005

I need help figure out what email that I used that I sign into instagram and my password .

9:15PM Thu, June 21 2012

guest66263 guest66263

I signed out of instagram and forgot my password. I went to the site to reset it but it says it doesn't recognize my email address when I've only ever had the one email address, I tried putting in my username and it says that it has sent me an email but I haven't received anything. I've tried this multiple times. Please help! This is so frustrating! :(

8:58AM Mon, June 25 2012

guest78274 guest78274

Ahh thank god! It actually remebered my email after 2000000 times of trying! Make sure you are using uppercase or lowercase exactly the way you put it in when you made the account!

4:06PM Fri, June 29 2012

dancer4lifee35 dancer4lifee35

i cant log into mine at all

4:19PM Fri, June 29 2012

guest98600 guest98600

I dont remember my instagram password or email & i logged out because it wouldnt refresh anything. Plzzzz help

2:20AM Sat, June 30 2012

alun alun

I forgot my instagram email and password...please help me....

5:16AM Sat, June 30 2012

alun alun

Sory..i forgot my instagram username and password..please help me...

5:20AM Sat, June 30 2012

guest40628 guest40628

Me too..i also forget my password instagram

6:49AM Sat, June 30 2012

guest11914 guest11914

i log out instagram because of some error and now i could not log in because i could not remember my password... pls help me...

9:29AM Sat, June 30 2012

guest51343 guest51343

I forgot mine to. & noine is helping ! I'm pissed.

10:18AM Sat, June 30 2012

guest11618 guest11618

Is instagram down?

10:31AM Sat, June 30 2012

guest73523 guest73523

I cannot go in the instagram web

10:37AM Sat, June 30 2012

guest28141 guest28141

This fucking sucks man..what the hell is up with instagram?? It wasn't loading the feed so I decided to log out and log back in. Now i cant log in at all man. I tried uninstalling the app and re installing it. Fuck man!

10:59AM Sat, June 30 2012

guest48903 guest48903

This shitt sucks I forgot my password for instagram -.-

11:16AM Sat, June 30 2012

guest11232 guest11232

I forget me possword instagram

11:18AM Sat, June 30 2012

dancer4lifee35 dancer4lifee35

This instagram is stupid! I log out and sign back in and it don't reganize it at all and i try uninstalling it restalling it and it still won't do anything . What is up with instagram it won't reload anything anymore !

11:25AM Sat, June 30 2012

dancer4lifee35 dancer4lifee35

Like when I go to the app it doesn't show anything . When I put in my username and password it don't reganize it .

11:27AM Sat, June 30 2012

guest27483 guest27483

What the heck, is wrong with Instagram ?? It's not refreshing any of the news feed, or nothing, -.- Eff This, t(-__-t)

11:32AM Sat, June 30 2012

guest65564 guest65564

Why is instagram doing this ? Is wasn't doing this before .

11:40AM Sat, June 30 2012

guest27792 guest27792

im instagram down? becasue im having the same problem it does not let me log in after i logged out

11:46AM Sat, June 30 2012

hellojanedo hellojanedo Los Angeles

Instagram is down because a storm hit one of the towers in Viginia. I too thought my instagram was trippin, so I logged off, uninstalled, and tried to log back on but it didn't recognize any of my info!! So now I'm confused as to whether I even remember my login info!!! Extremely frustrating!! Note: do not log off and uninstall your instagram unless you are 100% sure of your login info!! >:|

11:54AM Sat, June 30 2012

dancer4lifee35 dancer4lifee35

It proabably is down . Cause it's doing the same thing to everybody .

11:59AM Sat, June 30 2012

dancer4lifee35 dancer4lifee35

Alright thanks cause I was getting frustrated

12:00PM Sat, June 30 2012

dancer4lifee35 dancer4lifee35

How long is instagram gonna be down ?

12:05PM Sat, June 30 2012

guest49183 guest49183

I can't Remeber my password and none of the websites are working for me

4:29PM Sat, June 30 2012

guest49183 guest49183

And I love instagram

4:29PM Sat, June 30 2012

guest72076 guest72076

how can i found my instagram username?

7:01AM Mon, July 02 2012

guest12511 guest12511

I forgot my password and the email I created my account with. IT SUCKS...

7:46PM Sat, July 07 2012

guest39796 guest39796

i made a fake email the forgot my password so i made the fake account to a real account but i accidentally made it after i told them to send the instructions so i made them send it again and again and im not getting it

8:11PM Mon, July 09 2012

guest60527 guest60527


3:52PM Thu, July 12 2012

guest53535 guest53535

I forgot my email an password had 32k how do i access my account? im

1:50PM Fri, July 13 2012

guest73236 guest73236

i forgot my user name and pass word,it always says error invalid username/password

6:06PM Sat, July 14 2012

guest75148 guest75148

that suxx shit!! well follow me if you get it back (;

5:49AM Thu, July 19 2012

guest12079 guest12079

Ppppppllllllzzlzzlz help I have two Instagram accounts and I used the sames,e email to register for both of them but now I forgot the password for one of the accounts when I try to reset the pass instagram keepes resetting the pass for my other account that. Already know the password of

3:33PM Thu, July 19 2012

guest32596 guest32596

please help me!! a couple of weeks ago my instagram would not let me sign in with my password so i tried it again and it still didnt work! i am positive that i didnt type it in wrong and 100% sure that i didnt change it . when i did the whole forgot my password thing it didnt work. I got the email and changed my pw but even then it wouldnt let me log in! i cant get a new instagram because i have a ton of friends and it would take forever for them all to follow me again): please help me 0:

11:17PM Thu, July 19 2012

guest67220 guest67220

use your email instead of your username...for some reason it doesnt recognize anything else

4:53PM Mon, July 23 2012

guest41662 guest41662

i know but my password is not working

9:30AM Fri, July 27 2012

guest59236 guest59236

i know how to find it ! ask your friend if he is your follower.. asking him about your name in instagram... it is your username!!! i have tried already and it is successful!

12:24PM Sat, July 28 2012

guest19480 guest19480

I forgot my username and password for Instagram. :-( How do I find out what my username and password was? Anybody? Help? :-(

11:10PM Tue, August 07 2012

guest57344 guest57344 Thanks for this man!

12:16AM Wed, August 08 2012

guest43772 guest43772

but i never get an email !

5:01PM Thu, August 09 2012

guest32500 guest32500

I never got an email

5:40PM Thu, August 09 2012

guest32500 guest32500

I never got an email

5:41PM Thu, August 09 2012

guest32500 guest32500

I never got an email

5:42PM Thu, August 09 2012

guest32500 guest32500

I never got an email

5:43PM Thu, August 09 2012

guest57067 guest57067

I forgot my password and I still haven't received the email yet from recovering. Help

5:11AM Sat, August 11 2012

guest15592 guest15592

Trying to log back in to my instagram forgot my password and username and it want let me log back in

8:36PM Tue, August 21 2012

guest40567 guest40567

I've been trying to sign into instagram because I accidently pressed log out and not it says invalid password/username even though I entered everything correctly then I went to the website for the password reset and it can't recognize my email!!! So fustrating..

11:21AM Sat, August 25 2012

guest45279 guest45279

guys! pls... teach me how to reset my password :(

3:33AM Mon, August 27 2012

guest40695 guest40695

"Recaptcha" THIS SHIT ISN'T WORKING what do i dooooo :( i forgot my username but i know my password :(

10:20AM Thu, August 30 2012

guest99874 guest99874

Instagrams flawed . :p

6:04AM Fri, August 31 2012

guest43554 guest43554

I forgot my uset name for instagram

1:57PM Sat, September 01 2012

guest68065 guest68065

I forgot my password on instagram!! Help me!

7:18AM Sun, September 02 2012

guest62755 guest62755

ลืมอีเมล์ ทำยังไงถึงจะด้าย = อีเมล์กลับมาเหมือนเดิมครับ

6:23PM Thu, September 06 2012

guest61348 guest61348

Apparently I have 2 instagrams, but the one I use I know the email to it but I forget my password and when I reset it it gives me the wrong username! HELP!

3:12PM Sun, September 09 2012

guest16324 guest16324


10:39PM Mon, September 10 2012

guest25764 guest25764

I for got my password please help gmomey61

10:15AM Sun, September 16 2012

guest50624 guest50624


1:44AM Sun, September 23 2012

guest11061 guest11061


10:51PM Mon, September 24 2012

guest19045 guest19045

I haven't even logged in before!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO HERE LOVES ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3:)<3:)

10:42PM Sun, September 30 2012

guest19045 guest19045

HHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IS ANYBODY THERE????????????

10:44PM Sun, September 30 2012

guest19045 guest19045

ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!<3:)!!!!!!!!!

10:59PM Sun, September 30 2012

guest69941 guest69941


5:31PM Mon, October 01 2012

guest19045 guest19045


7:03PM Mon, October 01 2012

guest19045 guest19045

I HATE THIS NO ONE ANSWERS!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST LIKE TALKING!!!!!! OH BY THE WAY GIRLS RULE boys DDDRRROOOLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7:11PM Mon, October 01 2012

guest19045 guest19045

I HATE THIS NO ONE ANSWERS!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST LIKE TALKING!!!!!! OH BY THE WAY GIRLS RULE boys DDDRRROOOLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7:11PM Mon, October 01 2012

guest19045 guest19045

How do I comment on YouTube? I don't have a username or password! " I SMILE AND THINK IS ALL I DO - LIAM PAYNE FROM ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:35PM Mon, October 01 2012

guest19045 guest19045


9:39PM Mon, October 01 2012

guest19045 guest19045


9:02PM Wed, October 03 2012

chewevonne chewevonne

how to get back my instagram with forget username and password?

2:42AM Sun, October 28 2012

guest14058 guest14058

I forgot my username and password

1:05PM Sun, November 04 2012

guest88380 guest88380

for those that need to find out about their username follow this link. it just worked for me.

8:16AM Wed, November 07 2012

guest90507 guest90507

i forgot my passwprd and email huhuhuh

4:33AM Sun, November 11 2012

guest82595 guest82595


9:25PM Wed, November 21 2012

guest15678 guest15678

if u forget ur username than ask a friens who have ur insta. to tell u want name u are using. dats wat i did right now

9:21AM Sat, November 24 2012

guest93629 guest93629

the email adress i used 4 instagram wasnt a real email adress plzz help me i know my username it's jsut my password and email adress?

1:30PM Fri, November 30 2012

guest75846 guest75846

Rest your password on instagram and at the top its going to say welcome and your username going to be there……

8:22AM Sun, December 02 2012

guest51681 guest51681

just click on forgot password and type in your email then go verify it

11:52PM Thu, December 06 2012

guest13700 guest13700

search it up on google how to reset my password and username and should come up with the reset stuff it worked for my friend

9:36PM Sat, December 08 2012

guest67703 guest67703

Ok look you reset your password and it will call u by ur username ; )

11:08PM Mon, December 24 2012

guest57476 guest57476

I forgot my password and username and I'm trying to delete my account!!!! Don't know what to do!!!!!! HELP ME PLEASE I'VE TRYIED EVERYTHING!!!!

2:54PM Tue, December 25 2012

guest43516 guest43516

I forgot my username of instagram. Plz help how to get it back?

3:46AM Wed, December 26 2012

guest60027 guest60027

I forgot my pw and I'm still logged in but I'm scared if it logs me out I won't be able to get back in I'm scared HELP!!!

1:09PM Wed, December 26 2012

guest39546 guest39546

so whats the answer to the question???

7:51PM Thu, January 03 2013

guest42155 guest42155

Listen I know my username but not my password i typed in my e-mail and guess what......... In never got an e-mail and i have 276 followers i am . It will not send no e-mail help help!!!!

11:34PM Fri, January 04 2013

guest68705 guest68705

HOW!!!! Just so you know one of one direction boys is my boyfriend harry!ally

8:14AM Sun, January 06 2013

Sweetchick Sweetchick


7:53PM Tue, January 08 2013

guest75901 guest75901

I can't remember my Instagram password an they won't send me the email! Help

11:59AM Wed, January 09 2013

guest89291 guest89291

reset your pw than it will say hi _______ you reset you pw.

2:13PM Sat, January 12 2013

guest78124 guest78124

I forgot my instagram username and password, pls somebody help

6:26AM Sun, January 13 2013

guest57789 guest57789

I know my username i just dont know the password word are my email account and my email account password

2:13PM Wed, January 16 2013

guest36751 guest36751

Dont know my username or password

3:02PM Sat, January 19 2013

guest44695 guest44695

hey guys, i just changed my password after reseting it, you need to fill in the letters below and the number with no space in between, that should work, as it worked for me :) go to : as for reset password, fill in the email address and then write down the letters and number shown in the picture with no space in between. should work fine Good Luck

6:11AM Wed, January 23 2013

guest63530 guest63530

Hei,i forgot my password:'( instagrams send email to me,I don't have some email:'(

10:08PM Wed, January 23 2013

guest63530 guest63530

Help me plzz

10:09PM Wed, January 23 2013

guest39411 guest39411

do you know

9:50AM Sun, January 27 2013

guest93689 guest93689


6:24PM Sun, January 27 2013

i like food i like food

Ask one of ur friend that ur are following. They van give ur username i hope ithelps guys.

8:46PM Fri, February 01 2013

guest97796 guest97796

why is this so hard i only logged of for a few seconds then try to log back in at it tells me "there was never a account made with that email. please try another email." like, what just happened?

2:05AM Sun, February 03 2013

guest73183 guest73183

I went to facebook, looked up my instagram album in my photos & went to the pics and clicked on "view on instagram" it gave me my user name there. As for the password, I don't know what to tell ya. That's why I make all my passwords the same :)

2:00PM Sun, February 03 2013

guest81538 guest81538

I forgot my password please help

9:10PM Sun, February 03 2013

guest31075 guest31075


2:33PM Wed, February 06 2013

guest93549 guest93549

password n username .. please helpppp

1:06AM Sat, February 09 2013

guest22414 guest22414

I forgot my usernam and pw! Plz help:(

3:10AM Mon, February 11 2013

guest31086 guest31086

I forgot my email & password

5:21PM Mon, February 11 2013

guest44111 guest44111

how to find out whats my email and password is on instagram..... so mad that im login on mom cell plzzzz hlp m333333

11:48PM Fri, February 15 2013

guest99022 guest99022

i cant get into my instagram!!!!! i am really sadD: now my friends think i'm ignoring them!!!!!

1:50PM Sat, February 16 2013

guest15872 guest15872

I forgot my username and i remember my password please Help!!!!!!!! thanks if u can!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:21PM Mon, February 18 2013

guest58794 guest58794

I TYPED IN THE LETTERS A MILLON TIMMES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12:00AM Tue, February 19 2013

guest27067 guest27067


2:18AM Wed, February 20 2013

guest91013 guest91013

I just forgot my Instagram username. Can someone please send me a link or INSTRUCTIONS on how to email my username. If that is possible. THANKS!

2:57PM Fri, February 22 2013

guest91013 guest91013

Go to Instagram>Go to "Forgot Password"> Type in your username or email>Once you log in to your email that is attached to your Instagram. Check your e-mail and it'll say Instagram in your mail.> Click it and when it says "Dear BLAHBLAH" that's your user! I HOPED THIS HELPED YOU ALL! :D

3:09PM Fri, February 22 2013

guest55076 guest55076

I know my password but it wont work it is making me mad

1:27PM Sat, February 23 2013

guest32001 guest32001

Why can't I login. After I logout I cannot login again. And I think I forget my password. I try n try but I can't login to. ..

2:00AM Mon, February 25 2013

guest13680 guest13680

Think of the stuff that you like and you'll probably get it cause I just found mine out right now.

5:50PM Tue, February 26 2013

guest23076 guest23076

i for got my username but i no my password

9:31PM Tue, February 26 2013

guest19232 guest19232

i forgot mine to and i am missing it to help me pls

10:39PM Fri, March 01 2013

guest93292 guest93292 Blakey002

6:34PM Mon, March 04 2013

guest93292 guest93292 Blakey002

6:35PM Mon, March 04 2013

guest75767 guest75767

why aren't i receiving ANY of the reset password emaisl?

9:18PM Wed, March 06 2013

guest76603 guest76603

Stop being sooks

10:05PM Fri, March 08 2013

guest18476 guest18476

ok first go on then there will a login there click on login there will two options username and password below there will be an option of "forgot password" click on that there will an option saying email or password fill that page and click on reset password you will recive an email open that email and in that email there will be a link open it and then you are done enter your new password

8:09AM Sun, March 10 2013

guest86965 guest86965

The thing is I enter the user they addressed me with but it isn't working... Help me!!!!!!!

9:51AM Mon, March 11 2013

guest67583 guest67583

i forgot my instagram username & password

5:59PM Wed, March 13 2013

guest28196 guest28196

i dont know my password help me plz

4:23PM Fri, March 15 2013

guest72121 guest72121

simply make a new account and go on someone elses and view youre pictures and screen shot them if u want ur photos

7:58AM Sat, March 16 2013

guest34910 guest34910

Help I forgot my password

2:12PM Sat, March 16 2013

guest23608 guest23608

Mine want. Let me login

1:42AM Tue, March 19 2013

guest30812 guest30812


5:43AM Wed, March 27 2013

guest11884 guest11884

I forgot my username and password for instagram cause my sister logged out of mine and I cant get back in

10:12AM Mon, April 01 2013

guest87053 guest87053

I forgot my user name

9:40PM Wed, April 03 2013

guest46467 guest46467


7:10PM Thu, April 04 2013

guest60777 guest60777

Help Me! I forgot my Password!

3:04AM Sun, April 14 2013

guest66539 guest66539

I forgot my Instagram username. I remember my password but I don't know what my username is, how do I change my username?

10:06AM Sun, April 14 2013

guest61502 guest61502

I forgot my instgram password and my email I used to create it had even deactivated . Is there anyway I can regain access ??

9:47PM Wed, April 17 2013

guest78504 guest78504

this stupid all replies are about the password reset but getting that is easy. the question was: HOW DO I GET MY USERNAME... that is what we want to know

10:58PM Fri, April 19 2013

guest54475 guest54475

Its easy!!!!! all u have to do is make another account and type in one of ur friends names on search that u had on ur other account and go to followers or following and find ur pic and u will see ur name!!

4:24PM Mon, April 22 2013

guest99767 guest99767


10:28PM Mon, April 22 2013

guest59013 guest59013

please help me to find my username and password plssssssssssssssss

4:39AM Mon, April 29 2013

guest38241 guest38241

please help me i forgot my username

11:20PM Tue, April 30 2013

guest90449 guest90449

i forgot too nothing helps me

10:13AM Sat, May 04 2013

guest70308 guest70308

I forgot my username but I know my password what should I do?????

9:36AM Sun, May 05 2013

guest87296 guest87296

i forgot my password :"((

9:31AM Mon, May 06 2013

guest69866 guest69866

I log out my instagram because it was not loading but the problem is I have 2instagram page the one am using now I forgot the password I tried changing the it but it open the old instagram so I don't remember what email I use to open my new instagram... Heelllpppppo me please

11:45AM Mon, May 06 2013

guest46406 guest46406

Help plzzzzzzz

11:19PM Tue, May 07 2013

guest11212 guest11212

Cannot loing

6:10AM Fri, May 17 2013

guest44617 guest44617

I forgot my password to Instagram I had 940 friends and I don't want to loose it..

2:36PM Sat, May 18 2013

guest18158 guest18158

I forgot my username and password plzzzzzzz helppppp

10:24PM Sun, May 19 2013

guest34239 guest34239

How i can get my instagram accuont ?

4:05AM Mon, May 20 2013

guest51537 guest51537

dis iz so freaakn stupid .

9:55AM Tue, May 21 2013

guest51537 guest51537

only thing i wanted to do waz get on instagram but i 4got myi username heeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllppppppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!fjkshfiuydfhkgdfhegsrihkegri

9:56AM Tue, May 21 2013

guest51537 guest51537

let me seee h-e-l-p me get on I-S-T-A-G-R-A-m

9:57AM Tue, May 21 2013

guest77224 guest77224

I forgot my Instagram name

9:07PM Tue, May 21 2013

guest51829 guest51829

I Forgot my Instagram name

7:02PM Thu, May 30 2013

guest19741 guest19741

I forgot my username and password. I want my account came back. Please help me!!

11:06PM Sat, June 08 2013

guest22262 guest22262

I dont know my password to my instagram. It wasnt connected to facebook so cant do tht, an i forgot my yahoo password so I can see the email instagram sent me,

3:30PM Mon, June 10 2013

guest62002 guest62002

Plz help I forgot my instagram password

7:21PM Mon, June 10 2013

guest50904 guest50904

help I forgot my instagram username, password, and email. everything ive tried is not working. I don't know what to do.

8:42AM Wed, June 12 2013

guest61343 guest61343

I forgot mine too

11:54PM Mon, June 17 2013

guest36492 guest36492

I forgot my password and my email please help My username is

7:48AM Thu, June 20 2013

guest47511 guest47511

I know my password and username but it won't let me log in

2:01AM Fri, June 21 2013

guest76653 guest76653

I forgot my username and my password so please reply my username &password

7:21AM Fri, June 21 2013

guest54946 guest54946

Okay I forgot my password but never set up an email for instagram not I can't get back on and its pissing me off

5:45PM Sun, June 30 2013

guest77464 guest77464

i forgot my username to my instagram ............................................hellppp

9:49PM Thu, July 11 2013

guest68769 guest68769

Help need Instagram username HELP HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

11:26PM Fri, July 12 2013

guest38495 guest38495

Please Heeeeeelp forget my password violetsbt

11:32PM Wed, July 17 2013

guest59758 guest59758

according to them u cant retrieve you either of them if u have forgotten both. due to privacy conditions and rules.

7:07AM Sun, July 21 2013

guest99422 guest99422

I forgot my username and password for instergram how do I find it out

11:15AM Thu, July 25 2013

guest46019 guest46019

I forgot my username

12:57AM Sun, August 04 2013

guest92329 guest92329

I forgot my password but not my username plz help me

3:23PM Mon, August 05 2013

guest92329 guest92329

My username is juliobeats_13 please help I forgot my password

3:25PM Mon, August 05 2013

guest85700 guest85700

I need to find my password

2:02AM Sun, August 18 2013

guest16931 guest16931

Somebody hacked my YouTube account so I deleted it and my google account also. My google email was what I used for Instagram. I logged out and didn't know my password to get back in so I tried to send a recovery email. The email was invalid so now I can't get in. Someone plz help=(

5:46PM Thu, August 22 2013

19cute 19cute

i forgot my username and password in instgram pls help...

8:49PM Sat, August 24 2013

guest39930 guest39930

I am 11 years old i really think elder say i should have good memo but i forgot my user and password and i just got it on 09/02 anrd the next day i fogot

10:28PM Tue, September 03 2013

guest44917 guest44917

i know my user name but i forget my password of istagram my user name is krook_96

12:42PM Thu, September 19 2013

guest28417 guest28417

i hv forget my name or password or email id

1:05PM Thu, September 26 2013

guest93511 guest93511

Can any one please help me because I don't know my Instagram USERNAME and I can't log in? thanks

4:50AM Sat, September 28 2013

guest78637 guest78637

It won't email to me!!!

8:24AM Sun, October 06 2013

Jereldene Jereldene Arkansas Love

Please help! I can't get into my Instragram. I forgot my user name and password. My account has been hacked! Thanks

3:24PM Sat, October 12 2013

guest86969 guest86969

i cant remember my username for 2 of my accounts and i dont know how to get it back any ideas :(((((

10:37AM Sun, October 20 2013

guest46004 guest46004

I forgot my usename and my password . so can someone help me. so I can go to instagram. can somebody help me. because I want to folow her and ho are in Instagram pleace

6:30PM Sun, October 20 2013

guest46004 guest46004

ho is going to help me go to Instagram. then I will be their bestfriend but only 2 pipole

6:35PM Sun, October 20 2013

guest46004 guest46004

Dani and nici could you help me 3

6:38PM Sun, October 20 2013

guest30551 guest30551

I'm so stressed I need my instagram I forgot my password username and what email I used but you could ask others your name

3:45PM Tue, October 29 2013

guest88150 guest88150

Hey I'v. Forgotten my password. And need some help what do i do

6:19PM Fri, November 08 2013

guest36515 guest36515

i remember my user name and password, but if i try to log in is cant work, if i use forgot password i forget my email on instagram.......... please help meeee;;(((

5:11AM Mon, November 18 2013

guest54848 guest54848

i reset my password n yall adivce aint help

9:19PM Wed, November 20 2013

guest90470 guest90470

instagram reset my password and never sent me a reset password email even though i requested one like 1928724 times. what the fuuuuuuuuuuck is going on :( i want my god damn account back this is bs.

3:23AM Fri, November 22 2013

guest61395 guest61395

Instagram reset my password and is not sending me the email to reset it! Please help!

1:07AM Sun, November 24 2013

guest16356 guest16356

i forgot my instagram password and username for instagram any help

4:12PM Tue, November 26 2013

guest42387 guest42387

Help please I forgot password and username for instagram

2:01AM Fri, November 29 2013

guest28572 guest28572

Please help me

6:12PM Fri, December 06 2013

guest28572 guest28572

Would you be my friend

6:14PM Fri, December 06 2013

guest91046 guest91046


6:22AM Sat, December 21 2013

guest43800 guest43800

if any one forget the password i can get it back you just need to download and install the program which can get all the passwords which is saved on your computer or your laptop after that that program will show you will all the passowrds you wrote it before in your computer of your laptop if you need me to do it for you ...just contact with me through my e-mail meik2020@y and i can get your password back with my best wishes for evrery one take care every one

11:14AM Tue, December 31 2013

guest36813 guest36813

Hi plz Help me to repeat me instgrama

6:03AM Fri, January 10 2014

guest72622 guest72622

I need help!!! I forgot my instagram name and password and also the password to my email :\ :|

8:49AM Mon, January 27

guest33125 guest33125

We help you with Instagram Login, Instagram Sign In & Instagram Sign Up. Recover your Instagram account, Password & Username.

10:40PM Thu, February 13

guest63474 guest63474

I forgot my instagram password and email!!!! HELP

6:28AM Tue, March 11

guest99561 guest99561

help i forgot my instragram password en username what can i do help help help help help help help i had 81k follows

10:12AM Sat, March 15

guest58120 guest58120


3:47PM Sun, March 16

guest43376 guest43376


1:09AM Thu, April 24

guest43376 guest43376

i am not able to log in in instagram.. what to do?? plz guide me..

1:10AM Thu, April 24

guest35515 guest35515

I didn't log out my instagram but i forgot the password!! How can i do?? Need help!!

6:42AM Mon, April 28

guest85680 guest85680

hey my name is kirstin patterson i live uptown in new orleans my adress is 1371 magazine st my phone number is 504-310-5548 i work at kipp new orleans academy am a teacher i teach 7th grade i teach social studies i get paid 5,000 every month i got 40,000 for my income i was raise in st.louis i been adoption my email is my birthday is january 21

1:37PM Mon, May 05

guest32028 guest32028

ok i i, m

5:00PM Tue, May 06

guest32028 guest32028


5:03PM Tue, May 06

guest45583 guest45583

call me at 504-310-5548

1:59PM Thu, May 08

guest45583 guest45583

if you want your username call me at 504-310-5548 and password because i love everybody in the whole entire world am your friend right

1:53PM Fri, May 09

guest78677 guest78677


7:55AM Mon, May 26

guest93638 guest93638

my instugam is notwrking

8:47PM Mon, June 02

guest93638 guest93638

this is stuped

8:49PM Mon, June 02

guest93638 guest93638


8:50PM Mon, June 02

guest50202 guest50202

Yeah this is stupid

5:59AM Tue, June 10

guest54398 guest54398

I forgot both plz help me

8:52AM Wed, June 18

guest17203 guest17203

I forty my username

12:51AM Fri, June 20

guest17203 guest17203

Forgot my. Username

12:52AM Fri, June 20

guest98726 guest98726

Ppppppllllllzzlzzlz help I have two Instagram accounts and I used the sames,e email to register for both of them but now I forgot the password for one of the accounts when I try to reset the pass instagram keepes resetting the pass for my other account that. Already know the password of

3:31AM Sat, June 28

guest41075 guest41075

hi I'm mary hart I forgotten my password and user help me

2:24PM Tue, July 01

guest96074 guest96074

I need help I remember my password but Instagram sent an email after I did forgot password but now I remember and can't login what do I do

5:21PM Thu, July 10

guest91697 guest91697

I can't rember my PASWORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!duhhhhhhhhhh

3:36AM Fri, July 11

guest91697 guest91697

me too..

3:37AM Fri, July 11

guest21194 guest21194

I can't remember my password and iam so MAD

about 10 hours ago

guest21194 guest21194


about 10 hours ago

anonymous Anonymous

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