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Does anyone know what "FSE" means ?

12:00AM Thu, August 04 2011

392226_10151106534410386_512865385_22223001_464421648_n_normal @RayMafcknRay

Funniest Shit Ever..

12:05AM Thu, August 04 2011

Cfe1b26349c1b635201eee4093d92ec7_normal @Beamer_Bxtch

ohh this girl iDnt like jus said it. Lmao

12:06AM Thu, August 04 2011

guest12721 guest12721


8:04PM Wed, June 13 2012

guest10699 guest10699

im just not findin out today lol

8:00PM Fri, September 14 2012

guest74095 guest74095

took me a while to find out

11:21PM Tue, October 02 2012

guest50138 guest50138

im so late wtf

8:37PM Wed, October 17 2012

guest63378 guest63378

what does csl means

1:03AM Mon, October 29 2012

guest35495 guest35495

LOL well now I know...thanks!

3:17PM Fri, November 16 2012

guest68314 guest68314


6:09PM Sat, November 24 2012

guest54307 guest54307


4:35PM Sun, December 16 2012

guest42622 guest42622

i like to finger myself while reading these posts naked

7:49AM Sat, February 23 2013

guest18980 guest18980

^ .... u need jesus in your lyfe.

5:33AM Wed, April 17 2013

guest49833 guest49833

Wtf btc u dumb finger yoself really

5:18PM Wed, May 29 2013

guest26383 guest26383

WTH Imma pray for you cuz you need jesus

3:57AM Tue, June 18 2013

guest54597 guest54597

Yall Fucking Dumb asl on folk Nem! Niggas waist they time on shit like this? On Bd these niggas dumb asf slow ass faggot ass Niggas and I might gang bang but Im smart asf Bitches so dont try and comment dumb shit like "Go to school" Nigga went their aint going back! ~3Hunna/Black Disciple Shit!

12:54AM Sat, August 10 2013

guest99625 guest99625


5:25PM Wed, August 14 2013

guest36639 guest36639

Ya'll Niggas Is Lame Asl. On Some Real Shit. #Fse

5:31PM Thu, August 15 2013

guest45489 guest45489


4:06PM Sat, August 17 2013

guest85667 guest85667

All Yall Need Jesus In Yall Life

4:09PM Sat, August 24 2013

guest36415 guest36415


4:12PM Sat, October 12 2013

guest39115 guest39115

Stupid ass people on here talking about other ppl wasting their time on here, ppl come here to find out something they need to know and leave.. Its Dumb, bum ass niggas like you who wasting time on a non need to know basis like the fact you gang bang, to many mfs in the US do it for a few ppl to care about yo little stupid ass.. like FrFr.. When yall the same dumb ass niggas wasting time posting unnecessary shit for ppl to see. Don't care or need to know. Get your info and get the fuck off. FSE

7:37PM Thu, October 17 2013

guest39115 guest39115

Find God..

7:39PM Thu, October 17 2013

guest35734 guest35734

im BTTDK.. BTTD Bend-over To This Dick killa

9:24PM Wed, October 23 2013

guest91048 guest91048

no sex bitch I only want da neck bitch #300

12:54AM Mon, November 11 2013

guest19090 guest19090

Nigga fuckin with the BDK's fuck outta here.

3:56PM Mon, December 30 2013

guest84451 guest84451

Yall crazy broaskis

8:10PM Tue, January 14 2014

guest54900 guest54900

Fuck BDK

3:11AM Sun, March 09

guest86617 guest86617

Lil BD homie up there dumb as hell, he went to school everybody. Yet, he spelled waste as waist, and there as their so maybe u do need to go back to school and learn correct grammer and english

1:13AM Tue, March 18

guest23760 guest23760

I'm gdk , piru fuck everybody on this lol. Arguing like childish ass kids. Bd nigga up there. You sound foolish as hell. Catchy sit the fuck down.

2:16PM Fri, April 04

guest13964 guest13964

GDK DAY ALL BABY ...But Y'all Need Calm DowN With All That Baby Shit How u SUPPOSE to be GROWN but Arguing like An Child Like WTF Come On Now ..Grow TF up

4:15PM Wed, April 09

guest77778 guest77778

Well.... I'm Horny

3:44PM Thu, May 01

guest91927 guest91927

This Shit make Chicago look extra goofy

12:49AM Mon, May 12

guest64313 guest64313

gdk gdk bitch

5:34PM Sun, May 25

anonymous Anonymous

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