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So what does the XO in ovoxo mean?

7:09PM Mon, August 22 2011

7d36954f30ff44ee036035842ee0855d_normal @BWaWa_ New Orleans , Texas

hugs and kisses. I think lol.

7:10PM Mon, August 22 2011

Profile_normal @washamukoa Arlington, TX

hugs & kisses? Lol

7:11PM Mon, August 22 2011

86fc11d3cfc686add902d1f12e682f28_normal @K_A7exander K-Ville

the XO jus shows the collab between drake (OVO=octobers very own) and The Weekend (His tagline is "XO till you overdose)

7:12PM Mon, August 22 2011

Qfpic9p5fikkefln89bi_normal @Mr_Snapback4 BR/AggTown

i mean i kno that, but what EXACTLY does XO mean?

7:19PM Mon, August 22 2011

B29cb537a2cf37900f6e565e238fc5c8_normal @JayJay_CuteCute Baton Rouge, LA

'extra old' it's a term used for cognacs.

7:29PM Mon, August 22 2011

Qfpic9p5fikkefln89bi_normal @Mr_Snapback4 BR/AggTown

r u serious or jk? lol

8:34PM Mon, August 22 2011

B29cb537a2cf37900f6e565e238fc5c8_normal @JayJay_CuteCute Baton Rouge, LA

Lol. I'm serious. As far as my knowledge that's what it means.

8:37PM Mon, August 22 2011

guest64478 guest64478

it means extasy and oxy or extasy and other drugs

1:53PM Wed, November 09 2011

guest20816 guest20816

some people are just idiots . it stands for xstasy & oxy . ....extra old . smh

6:10PM Fri, February 10 2012

guest85851 guest85851

it means Xtacy Overdose

11:28PM Tue, February 14 2012

guest86165 guest86165

it means Xtasy Overdose.

7:31PM Thu, April 26 2012

guest42783 guest42783

it doesnt mean esctasy overdose.....why would he say "xo till we overdose" u think its 'esctasy overdose till we over dose'' its clearly esctasy and oxy. he is always referencing in his music about popping pills such as pharmaceuticals.

11:04PM Sat, May 26 2012

guest51375 guest51375

XO stands for Xtasy & Oxycotin which is why his tag line is XO till we overdose

11:14AM Sun, May 27 2012

guest35369 guest35369

Xtacy Overdose till we overdose doesn't make any sense.

3:26AM Wed, October 17 2012

guest50090 guest50090

It xtacy and oxy

9:25PM Fri, November 16 2012

guest94551 guest94551

hey man xo has two meanings for it the first one is ecstacy oxycotton or ecstacy oxide either one is right but its not hugs and kisses and its not ecstacy overdose

7:55PM Thu, November 29 2012

guest43615 guest43615

Oxycodone... Not oxycotton.

2:50AM Sat, December 01 2012

guest60702 guest60702

There's no such thing as oxycodone

12:09AM Mon, January 21 2013

guest11075 guest11075

yes there is dumb ass.

1:51AM Mon, January 28 2013

guest38752 guest38752

Yo you guys are fuckin idiots. Before you talk about drugs, at least fuckin do them and know what they are. XO means ecstacy and OXYCODONE, which is such a thing, it is a chemical in what you may know as percocets, oxycodone/apap or acetaminophen. It is keep taking these mufuckas till you overdose. Weeknd likes to party and aint hardly many artists out there that do the shit, talk bout it throughout they songs, and even rep doing drugs. Dude my die early, but he one bad ass R&B singer.

6:24AM Mon, February 04 2013

guest38752 guest38752

And one more thing retards, its oxycontin, not oxycotton, jesus you guys are dumb. Act like you know about drugs, probably never even seen an oxycontin in your lives.

6:25AM Mon, February 04 2013

guest68449 guest68449

theses people are stupid ! why would it be hugs and kisses? its Ecstasy(xtacy) and oxycodone

4:15PM Thu, February 28 2013

guest32218 guest32218

Ovo stands for October's very own witch is drakes brand xo means 2 things 1 is drakes prodigy he took in from Canada "The Weekend" and XO also meansecstasy(xtacy) oxycodone drake and the Weekends two favorite drugsthats why they say xo till we overdose

10:13PM Thu, March 07 2013

guest88888 guest88888


2:09PM Mon, March 18 2013

guest64908 guest64908

Xtacy and Oxycodone you idiots. Why THE FUCK would it stand for hugs and kisses he's a fuckin hardcore R&B singer that sings about sex and drugs. Jesus Christ.

1:30PM Fri, April 12 2013

guest82111 guest82111

It Stands for Xtacy and Octaine till we overdose

10:37PM Wed, May 08 2013

guest82111 guest82111

Dang not Octaine. Oxycodone

10:41PM Wed, May 08 2013

guest62473 guest62473

this idiot said hardcore r&b singer. xo should stand for extra oxymoron. Look drugs make u feel awesome but no one drug can magically make u cool. Kids thes days.

3:35PM Sun, May 19 2013

guest64672 guest64672

arguing over drugs.. hugs and kissed pfff.. our generation be acting up

11:54AM Thu, May 23 2013

guest15139 guest15139


4:10PM Fri, May 31 2013

guest41640 guest41640

suck your mum, till you overdose.

6:32PM Mon, June 17 2013

guest41640 guest41640

suck your cock, till you overdose.

6:33PM Mon, June 17 2013

guest41640 guest41640

stupid fools.

6:34PM Mon, June 17 2013

guest21688 guest21688

Well all y'all are fucking confusing a.f make up your mind -.-

12:05AM Tue, November 26 2013

anonymous Anonymous

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