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Can anyone tell me why I can't open instagram or lockerz pics anymore? Only seem able to open twitpics.

3:17PM Mon, August 29 2011

D1086a53c1f5d0c46300e01267fa8105_normal @likemamuse2bake

I've been having trouble with lockerz too. Tells me I need to login sometimes.

3:18PM Mon, August 29 2011

Image_normal @TheGlutton

in having probe with my PC too opening some sites and I thought it was the broadband but strange other sites are ok.

3:21PM Mon, August 29 2011

D1086a53c1f5d0c46300e01267fa8105_normal @likemamuse2bake

Having issues with laptop seizing lately. Not sure why cos I never have that much open on it at once.

3:25PM Mon, August 29 2011

Image_normal @TheGlutton

I gave up on our laptop ages ago - drives me nuts. I'm ogling iMacs now - really want one :)

3:28PM Mon, August 29 2011

D1086a53c1f5d0c46300e01267fa8105_normal @likemamuse2bake

I so want one too. Think I'm gonna save & get 1 after C********.

3:32PM Mon, August 29 2011

1d3aecf87fd3d717a36cd73220c68046_normal @babaduck71

It's all the durty photos...

3:33PM Mon, August 29 2011

Caitrionaw_normal @CaitrionaW

You, and are both guilty of mentioning that word today. #HalloweenFirst

3:38PM Mon, August 29 2011

Image_normal @TheGlutton

oooh that would be fab! know nothing about mac but always think they are so much better :) big apple fan now.

3:41PM Mon, August 29 2011

D1086a53c1f5d0c46300e01267fa8105_normal @likemamuse2bake

I didn't actually say the word though.

3:42PM Mon, August 29 2011

D1086a53c1f5d0c46300e01267fa8105_normal @likemamuse2bake

I don't either but friend has one & it seems great for pics etc. Hopefully I can get one for myself. :)

3:43PM Mon, August 29 2011

Image_normal @TheGlutton

yeah I kinda think they are better for creative arty stuff (probably made that up) and this is why we NEED one. For our art

3:48PM Mon, August 29 2011

Bad2db714e40e6da33a7022b19e9a749_normal @orlamcdermott

118 days!

3:58PM Mon, August 29 2011

Caitrionaw_normal @CaitrionaW

I might have to block you....

3:59PM Mon, August 29 2011

Dervspinkshoes__medium__normal @dervlam Dublin via Galway

That's coz it's her birthday too. Orlamas :-)

4:22PM Mon, August 29 2011

Caitrionaw_normal @CaitrionaW

I know it's 's birthday but who tweets about their b/day 118 days ahead of it? ;)

4:36PM Mon, August 29 2011

Bad2db714e40e6da33a7022b19e9a749_normal @orlamcdermott

Me! That's who. #orlamas is a very important time of year...

5:44PM Mon, August 29 2011

D1086a53c1f5d0c46300e01267fa8105_normal @likemamuse2bake

You might, when it gets closer you won't be able to shut me up so feel free to block. :)

6:39PM Mon, August 29 2011

D1086a53c1f5d0c46300e01267fa8105_normal @likemamuse2bake

It took me ages to figure that 1 out last yr (a bit slow). Thought she was just a bigger C nut than me.

6:41PM Mon, August 29 2011

5964817515957_101298606564350_100000526344037_34801_3974195_n_normal @JoanBonsal7182

Awesome! I just received a COST-FREE laptop from

6:56PM Mon, August 29 2011

guest65954 guest65954

why i cant open my instagarm?

10:16AM Sun, July 29 2012

Twitter-icon_normal @replyz

why i cant open my instagarm?

10:16AM Sun, July 29 2012

guest51673 guest51673

Why I can not play my instagram. I login already but when I already login they go back to login again and again so now I can not play

5:24AM Sat, October 20 2012

anonymous Anonymous

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