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Hey Southern girls-what are the best hair products for keeping a cute ponytail sleek and non-frizzy in the humidity?

5:24PM Tue, August 31 2010

Photo_3922_normal @haileyyd

bed head 'after party'

5:25PM Tue, August 31 2010

F9c9e949a47d90f7f00b64719d5553d8_normal @SavJoHorgan The Surface Streets.

Bed Head and Aussie.

5:25PM Tue, August 31 2010

0d8703a6934e8718788fd20bffa2bf07_normal @xochantelnicole Texas

Go grab some Garnier Fructis anti-humidity hairspray from any drug store! It's cheap AND it works!

5:25PM Tue, August 31 2010

9bcac1455b079e9c2996fc85175a8123_normal @Astra_Denny near Ipswich, Suffolk

Hi How long are you in PeepShow for? I really want to go and see it! x

5:25PM Tue, August 31 2010

37274_1332591711413_1129638429_30756965_5136478_n_normal @Linzwlove Texas

Matrix...It's wonderful :) Our even Paul Mitchell!!! You can't go wrong with either one. Hope this helps :)

5:26PM Tue, August 31 2010

Kisses_normal @KArmA_88 South Carolina

i like john frieda's secret weapon flawless finishing creme

5:26PM Tue, August 31 2010

Cf6b0d648a5339d97f394ad300857162_normal @w3ndyyy

I have yet to find something to help me.

5:26PM Tue, August 31 2010

Linlin_normal @rucnfun Washington

use a good conditioner in shower, then a good leave in conditioner, i like moroccan oil. I use it overnight too :)

5:26PM Tue, August 31 2010

283314_2253069408008_1286471658_32535272_5336287_n_normal @KatieRoseCOBRA

a hair straightener:)

5:26PM Tue, August 31 2010

Ed-hardy-vintage-collage-professional-hair-dryer-416x416_normal @JMC4PR Chicago & Los Angeles

You need to try White Sands Haircare either their Liquid Texture or Orchids Oil. We would love to send you products to try!

5:26PM Tue, August 31 2010

162049345_normal @BamaSportsFan ÜT: 31.188008,-...

Aussie! I love their products : )

5:27PM Tue, August 31 2010

Default_profile_5_normal @nileycars

olive oil

5:27PM Tue, August 31 2010

387263_10150461039048218_608483217_8602629_1449746198_n_normal @julitheknits

Nothing has ever worked for me, but if you find out please let us know! :)

5:27PM Tue, August 31 2010

Default_profile_6_normal @vectorsucker

lard lol

5:27PM Tue, August 31 2010

Kristinout_normal @KristinTiffiny Georgia

an air conditioner.

5:27PM Tue, August 31 2010

Image_normal @angieoclark Layton, UT

I use garnier fructise sleek and shine conditioner and a little Dove frizz control after I straighten

5:27PM Tue, August 31 2010

4e3257c0-d819-4494-b3b5-e367acd47488_normal @BreakfastAtKays Wonderland

I use vo5 leave-in conditioner ;) or chi products!

5:27PM Tue, August 31 2010

N190605_normal @ThisLittleLamb3 Michigan

Not a southern girl, but I suffer from chronic frizz! Best. Stuff. Ever.

5:27PM Tue, August 31 2010

Image_normal @ahager523

there's stuff called anti frizz by Aussie! Works great!

5:27PM Tue, August 31 2010

Image_normal @Inkedotter Moody Maine

All-nutrient shine+ gloss mist check out for more info

5:27PM Tue, August 31 2010

N502526332_1553672_7924_normal @YouSillyGirl Chicago, IL

Tigi Bed Head After Party Smoothing Cream...I love it.

5:27PM Tue, August 31 2010

143859259_normal @JWolfee ÜT: 33.984739,-...

Here in Alabama we use Redken Extreme Anti-Snap ?

5:28PM Tue, August 31 2010

Linlin_normal @rucnfun Washington

i also like the brand Chi its the straightening serum stuff to leave in hair.bed head anti freeze( green bottle )is good 2

5:28PM Tue, August 31 2010

Venturedooganme_normal @chickloveslotr

When I had long hair I used BEYOND THE ZONE 'Turn up the Heat'.It's for straightening hair, BUT I used it to prevent frizz.

5:28PM Tue, August 31 2010

Image_normal @Jessapoe

impossible, the humidity will always win

5:28PM Tue, August 31 2010

1861915_normal @feliciaflint usa

Coconut or sunflower oil

5:28PM Tue, August 31 2010

Img00080-20100829-1458__1__normal @xKFisi28x Wherever I am is where I'll be

It's a 10 Miracle styling serum or Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine leave-in serum

5:28PM Tue, August 31 2010

R__2__normal @Michelle330

pure luck..thats not possible!

5:28PM Tue, August 31 2010

Image_normal @chicagoblonde Chicago, IL

anything by the United brand, their pomade is amazing!!

5:28PM Tue, August 31 2010

Image_normal @MissMae52 New Jersey!

please post when u get the answer! I love your hair!

5:28PM Tue, August 31 2010

Ef893c77a04aec3fe1b7c5bd18377c6c_normal @atweemarie Laurelville, OH

staying inside away from humidity haha jk idk wish I could help sorry

5:29PM Tue, August 31 2010

D4af1b3281e7a00b1da76f551a2f089f_normal @SarahDeThomasis

blow-dry with an anti-frizz serum, style, and top off with a super hold hairspray! Good luck from Florida :)

5:29PM Tue, August 31 2010

312784695_normal @blondiegems Canton & Kent, OH

paul mitchell skinny serum

5:29PM Tue, August 31 2010

Avatar_4b6f8aaa31c2_128_1__normal @SarahAnn_yay


5:29PM Tue, August 31 2010

N1505105647_2573_normal @LeighanFTW

Garnier Frutics Anti-Frizz Smoothing Milk works wonders for me :3

5:29PM Tue, August 31 2010

Image_normal @jessicamarie403 Many, LA

CHI serum & John Frieda Frizz-Ease serum Extra Strength works wonders

5:29PM Tue, August 31 2010

5sqedf02_normal @ShannDowdy Baton Rouge, LA

keratin thermal

5:29PM Tue, August 31 2010

Voilet2-150x150_normal @SkinStoreViolet

-Oscar Blandi Pronto Gloss Instant Glossing Cream is hands down AMAZING!

5:29PM Tue, August 31 2010

Aed2a0fd203f6700115be545b8c086e7_normal @Julie_Park Dallas - TX

great shine serum that's light and weightless hairspray?

5:29PM Tue, August 31 2010

Profile_image_1275654351501_normal @tara_hays Katy, TX

Rusk Str8

5:29PM Tue, August 31 2010

Transport_normal @ErinAshleeL

I like to use a product called Silk. It's a Moroccan oil which I use to stop the frizzies n it worked in Thailand :)

5:29PM Tue, August 31 2010

Img-20120217-00017_normal @FoxyLady156 Holyoke, MA

frizz-ease by John Freida! The best!

5:29PM Tue, August 31 2010

Travis1_normal @Blydawg

try swears by them & he does make the best blondes in #Dallas!

5:30PM Tue, August 31 2010

Profile_image_1281818091513_normal @MonkeyJilly Los Angeles, CA

I luv product. I use the smooth down line.

5:30PM Tue, August 31 2010

189035_979196041288_16716607_48857977_8041639_n_normal @fufnb Lubbock, Texas

biosilk and frizz-ease!

5:30PM Tue, August 31 2010

Me_normal @wendyherkenratt Cocoa Beach

native floridian I use kerastase serum oleo relax. Only use two pumps. Go to higher end salons to buy. Best product ever!

5:30PM Tue, August 31 2010

Markazz808_normal @markazz808 hawaii nei

use what Cameron Diaz used in #Theressomthingaboutmary ! Lmao

5:31PM Tue, August 31 2010

Df60a4af18ce2022533088ea4e5432d3_normal @Jess_G Dayton, Ohio this stuff is amazing, a little in before you blowdry and good to go

5:31PM Tue, August 31 2010

28237_1266566666394_1296623970_30594799_7919184_n_normal @SavannahD Houston TX

my hair blog I'm fr houston talk bout humidity! Http:// check it out!

5:31PM Tue, August 31 2010

59533325_normal @andreanourse

Loreal has a really good sleek & shine serum that & there Ever Pure shampoo and conditioner keeps my hair from freaking out

5:31PM Tue, August 31 2010

Default_profile_0_normal @lowlauren1

this isn't a product you just put in your hair but I would get the keritan global a chemical to lesson the frizz!

5:31PM Tue, August 31 2010

Dfaad3fb-c547-4d1c-a94d-af3622c0b4f7_normal @GiannaJonker Rotterdam


5:31PM Tue, August 31 2010

Pic_normal @LexieZophia AZ

Super Skinny Serum by Paul Mitchell ;)

5:31PM Tue, August 31 2010

Image_normal @CourtWag25 Bossier City, Louisiana

I love moraccan oil for curly or dry hair! Its amazing and keeps my super curly hair frizz free and straight!

5:32PM Tue, August 31 2010

Dresden_girl_normal @lahp Denver, CO 80223

Laundry dryer sheets.

5:32PM Tue, August 31 2010

Dirty_picture_normal @CaArlLoO0Ss

hi holly how are you? I am one of your fans good bye take care

5:32PM Tue, August 31 2010

Twitter_pic_normal @kim_jones1967

get a sleek oil put it on ur hair dry and spray with Freeze it from wal mart!!!! Cheap but works!!!

5:32PM Tue, August 31 2010

35397_1322187223461_1494240033_30769725_3558601_n_normal @katiemccavitt Piedmont SC

avons lotus shield is amazing and omg r u coming to charleston?!?!

5:33PM Tue, August 31 2010

Image_normal @SaKaBe

Paul Mitchell smoothing glass drops!! I use it all the time, I live in FL where it's ALWAYS humid!

5:33PM Tue, August 31 2010

Lykpx93z @Lully1969 Royal Palm Beach, Florida

keratin complex serum by Coppola. Works great. I live in south Florida so I know humidity.

5:33PM Tue, August 31 2010

C37c122d1c13d54bf63da67394d5bec6_normal @kathryn_craft um, look behind you;)

spray any hairspray into your brush and brush it back into your ponytail. it keeps away flyaways, frizz & keeps the style

5:33PM Tue, August 31 2010

F42010be2697e31c38e11c239afeed44_normal @Sawyer_hl iPhone: 51.5661...

Fructis has an anti-humidity milk. Worked for me :)

5:33PM Tue, August 31 2010

Generic_normal @MJK60631 Chicago, IL USA

Organix Soft & Silky Vanilla Silk Hair Serum keeps hair smooth in humid weather and smells yummy.

5:33PM Tue, August 31 2010

Picture_3_normal @DominoPresley North Hollywood

Afro sheen

5:33PM Tue, August 31 2010

Beach_1_normal @NQ1977 London, England

when I lived in fl I put conditioner in after washing simple no extra product & kept my pony shiny blonde and sleek x

5:33PM Tue, August 31 2010

Image_normal @ichase3cans The dirrrrty south (NC)

frizz-ease and biosilk products!

5:33PM Tue, August 31 2010

August_032_normal @PrettyiinPiink New Zealand

Morrocan Oil is the BEST!!!

5:34PM Tue, August 31 2010

271400299_normal @sudarcy Manchester UK

hey huni,if you can get hold of any lanza,paul mitchell or fudge products their serum is really good babe,and......

5:34PM Tue, August 31 2010

Image_normal @rachelcaddxxx

I am a hairdresser and find any kind of hair serum works wonders for sleek hair , I personnallu (cont)

5:34PM Tue, August 31 2010

2011-08-18_20-58-57_829_edited_normal @skinnylegs6

Moroccan Oil! Amazing--doesn't weigh down your hair and smells divine!

5:34PM Tue, August 31 2010

Img00036-20100711-1943_normal @candie_collier Prague, Oklahoma

Avon has a great new product for that its called Lotus Shield, I have naturally curly hair & live in OK it works for me.

5:35PM Tue, August 31 2010

Hollingsworth95_normal @hollingsworth95 Mississippi

are you coming to the south!!!

5:35PM Tue, August 31 2010

Default_profile_6_normal @lea_brown82

any kind of smoothing cream or finishing cream.

5:35PM Tue, August 31 2010

69d072e922e7b2886fb94eced4f6d9f5_normal @k8foster iPhone: 43.1215...

Moroccan Oil works wonders!!!

5:35PM Tue, August 31 2010

Photo_on_2009-09-15_at_13 @cara_xp

I'd love to know that answer!

5:35PM Tue, August 31 2010

Me1_normal @CramersHouse Small Town, GA

As a curly headed GA girl, using Moroccan Oil Hydrating Cream prior to the hairdryer works well for me - plus hairspray.

5:35PM Tue, August 31 2010

Default_profile_3_normal @audra_jo

take it from this naturally curly Oklahoma, use Matrix sleek line it comes in orange bottles. And it smells soo yummy!!??

5:35PM Tue, August 31 2010

Img_0238_normal @Debra_Sam ÜT: 34.094226,-...

purology has awesome serum that is super light and totally works.

5:36PM Tue, August 31 2010

_ep__normal @_ep_

moroccan oil, works best. Its what I use on all my clients. Also Matrix Sleek N' Shine shampoo & conditioner.

5:36PM Tue, August 31 2010

Diana_y_yo_normal @ElektraxD en mi casa ha-ha

holly use ion anti-frizz solutions helps protect from heat damage ... i use that look to my hair:)

5:36PM Tue, August 31 2010

3c0494efb8aec859bd708089b79f541f_normal @s_arahlynn I'm a gypsy. My heart is n OK.

helmet head by chi is amazing. Great for body also!

5:36PM Tue, August 31 2010

271400299_normal @sudarcy Manchester UK

they don build up,but the Lanza cleansers and finishers(shampoo n conditioner)are the best I've ever used,excellent stuff x

5:36PM Tue, August 31 2010

Hellosheila_normal @hellosheila Miami Biotch!

in the black girl section of sallys they got this orange spray that works amazing 4 me ?

5:36PM Tue, August 31 2010

Guess_girl_shot_normal @Lisaofsincity Las Vegas

Hi Holly From...Try PINK in a pink bottle at most stores. Great for curly hair too ;) xx

5:36PM Tue, August 31 2010

Pic_3_normal @sweetmelissa729 Georgia

~ hey Holly! It's a cheap product, but Treseme has a anti frizz spritz. A little goes a long way & it works.

5:36PM Tue, August 31 2010

Mwqp2r5x_normal @BelindaMoya Surfside Beach

Sabino's Moisture Block its good for straight or curly hair

5:37PM Tue, August 31 2010

Jltud_normal @racheltiz

i have the same problem!! Don't know how to deal with it

5:37PM Tue, August 31 2010

Foto-0852-1-1_normal @LEsalvador7 chihuahua

In truth that you are women more sexy and beautiful, you have a good day princess. from mexico grrrrrrrrrr

5:37PM Tue, August 31 2010

05e7ddabdc665fe092d91e4d2f884848_normal @Porkchop995

I think they use Crisco or lard!!!

5:37PM Tue, August 31 2010

Dscn4509_normal @BA4eva ÜT: -26.093396,...

ooh i wanna know too! lol

5:37PM Tue, August 31 2010

9_normal @BELLEish

KMS California Anti-Humidity Seal.. It's the BEST <3

5:37PM Tue, August 31 2010

16952_472505000321_653770321_11033967_1066306_n_normal @julieloweryxo


5:38PM Tue, August 31 2010

Itstayyrae_normal @itstayyrae Mililani, HI

Chi heat protection spray. It worked great for me!

5:38PM Tue, August 31 2010

308963_588257181433_70201961_32765209_1149522706_n_normal @NYgirlLovesCA NY

I'm from NY but definitely Align or Satinwear from Redken.

5:38PM Tue, August 31 2010

Img01451_normal @PeesheeTheKat

Bumble & Bumble Defrizz. Hands down best product.

5:38PM Tue, August 31 2010

Z9e80qjp @mandjthomas phoenix

Chi oil from any store!

5:38PM Tue, August 31 2010

Headshot_normal @shainagaul

Do you have any secrets for keeping bleached hair soft and healthy? I'm hitting the end-of-summer hair blues.

5:38PM Tue, August 31 2010

S7l3d2r3b74kdc2fbl8w_normal @Collorious Tampa, FL


5:39PM Tue, August 31 2010

Miles_normal @milesaboverest MILES WORLD

I like to use garnier anti-frizz spray it works;)

5:39PM Tue, August 31 2010

Default_profile_3_normal @audra_jo

thats exactly what i told her to use!! I love matrix!! I use all the steps too!! Doesn't it smell fab!!

5:39PM Tue, August 31 2010

Samanthajams_normal @Samanthajams

chi products work wonderfully.

5:39PM Tue, August 31 2010

20428dac3e895e11e254dfa360e64804_normal @mofkntep

After Party by Bed Head!

5:39PM Tue, August 31 2010

Img_2882_normal @bittersweet9 USA

Holly! I use "AVEDA- Be Curly Curl Enhancer Costs $18.00" My hair is Naturally curly! Works absolutely Wonderful! ?

5:41PM Tue, August 31 2010

947_normal @textbunny

put some sea salt into a jug of water and soak your hair with it, it stops any frizzing!

5:41PM Tue, August 31 2010

6bf46e0987341e474580b7cdf42a539f_normal @ClareGermanotta Lost In Your Ferrari


5:41PM Tue, August 31 2010

N657530633_5931676_240_normal @ALIAlikes2poo CALIFORNIA

paul mitchell serum.... W out it I would ALWaYS have a fro head

5:41PM Tue, August 31 2010

N38302577_31348004_116_normal @AshW1228 Louisville, Ky/ Green Bay, Wi

bio silk or super skinny serum.

5:41PM Tue, August 31 2010

Image_normal @BrookeGuyton Winfield, Al

Chi serum works really well!

5:42PM Tue, August 31 2010

Hellosheila_normal @hellosheila Miami Biotch!

"pump it up" spray it on wet hair at either let it dry then comb it or blow dry

5:42PM Tue, August 31 2010

Sdc102602_normal @HeartStarBolt

I'm not a southern girl :P but Bed Head Some Like It Hot serum is amazing! xox

5:42PM Tue, August 31 2010

32be236a9ec2393d55d5b16066b502dd_normal @lisa2bags TX

Aussie Hair Insurance leave in spray conditioner.

5:42PM Tue, August 31 2010

Mxfuu_normal @_LittleM iPhone: 31.7793...

tigi manipulator! :)

5:43PM Tue, August 31 2010

X2_26ba4302_normal @BrittanyMercerr 9-ohtwo-10

frizz-ease john frieda collection! - from north carolina humidity. :( haha

5:43PM Tue, August 31 2010

1st_profile_pic_normal @cablegirl7275

paul mitchell has a great non frizz sheen

5:43PM Tue, August 31 2010

Rjpng_normal @christinawilder NC

Matrix Sleeklook Creme, Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum

5:43PM Tue, August 31 2010

Img01103_normal @ANBW Mississippi

I live in Mississippi and I like to use the John Frieda "Frizz Ease" products. They work great!

5:44PM Tue, August 31 2010

Sunset_normal @mammabyrdx2 Dreaming...?

hair spray, a flat iron, & well moisturized hair

5:45PM Tue, August 31 2010

Linlin_normal @rucnfun Washington

were u just at starbucks?? whats ur fav drink

5:45PM Tue, August 31 2010

Image_normal @LowCtryBulldogs

Paul Mitchell skinny serum...put it in after u get out of the shower. I swear by it!

5:45PM Tue, August 31 2010

6fb853a86378cb6ca409c5c5230d5bc0_normal @Katina826

There's a spray called Bed Head Headrush and it works really well for me when I wear my hair straight

5:45PM Tue, August 31 2010

555286_10151118114863986_506473985_13360861_822844288_n_normal @Sammi_82 ÜT: 29.474863,-...

john fried frizz ease

5:46PM Tue, August 31 2010

Dsc_0205_normal @zam526 SC

I sell avon and they have a frizz product that is amazing! Lasts 3 days and is only around 8$!

5:46PM Tue, August 31 2010

852_normal @LaurenBlissB

when it's humid there's no hope for anyodys hair lol but you could always try a good hair putty and lots of hair spray! :)

5:46PM Tue, August 31 2010

N5232841_49881891_1578699_normal @JA_Moody Tallahassee, FL

Garnier brilliantine shine glossing spray--and it makes your hair shiny!

5:47PM Tue, August 31 2010

Daniellepirtle_normal @daniellepirtle

bed head - some like it hot!!

5:47PM Tue, August 31 2010

_ep__normal @_ep_

yes! Amazing products.

5:47PM Tue, August 31 2010

A6ac6bcd17d5db02f8addc175249a0bd_normal @AnnieOleary NashVegas Baby!

I'm from Atlanta, and I swear by Garnier Fructis products!! Especially the leave-in conditioner and frizz free serum!

5:47PM Tue, August 31 2010

11-08-10-21-13_normal @susanamariaa santo domingo R.D

wash your hair before using mayonnaise

5:48PM Tue, August 31 2010

Lecy_normal @Pooregirl7 Washington DC

Garnier Fructis makes a sleek treatment that is sort of like a keratin treatment. Works great!

5:48PM Tue, August 31 2010

Image_normal @linnea_1987

john freida frizz ease holl, I use it in the uk coz the weather is so unpredictable!

5:48PM Tue, August 31 2010

Rico_and_leo_normal @ricosandoval Denver, United States

aveda smooth infusion line! Just use the shamp, condt, and "style prep"

5:49PM Tue, August 31 2010

Meandkesa_normal @kratz33 michigan

I do hair in MI and no some of the best products.Aveda's hairspray control force is strong hold and 24hr humidity control

5:49PM Tue, August 31 2010

8vth40qmd6vv7utyo2ha_normal @JessieBrown4

Brazilian blowout and I'm in Los Angeles!

5:49PM Tue, August 31 2010

8id4svitkyhv472ecygo_normal @BSBKYFan Kentucky

We just deal with it.. Or use hairspray..

5:49PM Tue, August 31 2010

Twit_normal @guatemommy05 The bluegrass state

Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny Hair Serum!

5:50PM Tue, August 31 2010

Default_profile_3_normal @torresbabyy

hey holly ask Kim kadashian get pony tail always looks good :)

5:50PM Tue, August 31 2010

Image_normal @DianieFabulous Houston, TX

Redkin Heat protector for when you blow dry & silk fusion serum by CHI.

5:51PM Tue, August 31 2010

227708_2052437832790_1299864728_2434702_7691239_n_normal @ClassyCassie08 Somewhere Sunny, Florida

biosilk :)

5:52PM Tue, August 31 2010

Braves_pic_normal @sporty_peach Chicago, USA

Rusk! Smoothing products.

5:52PM Tue, August 31 2010

Denherr_normal @Denherr

I'm from texas and have never found if you hear of one PLEASE let me know!

5:53PM Tue, August 31 2010

Fidel_murpheys_normal @NicoleNoia ÜT: 41.626668,-...

Biosilk- silk therapy. Just a little goes a long way ?

5:53PM Tue, August 31 2010

288611_10150254727776608_624551607_7539473_7402466_o_normal @AMILL30

can u retweet your replys I need help with that too!

5:54PM Tue, August 31 2010

3683c3c1d88cdf45f5554653d29e6fad_normal @m0kaa_

no frizz by living proof.

5:54PM Tue, August 31 2010

83ab7be905387f1c9a28c881c5c52f0c_normal @sebastianbach New Jersey USA

morrocan oil rules

5:55PM Tue, August 31 2010

Default_profile_1_normal @nateangalbert fal.tx

use a nlight weight hair spray for humidity like one from redken

5:56PM Tue, August 31 2010

Img0323a_normal @l0okiitahOfiiC alCarriiiZzO CiTy

jajajajjjjjjjaajaj wenoo q curaa

5:56PM Tue, August 31 2010

Apgkxvs3 @bobbijo1108

share the info if you find a good one! I'm in desperate need!

5:56PM Tue, August 31 2010

Ff9422c7ac02337389326b51a0aa2215_normal @stormyrules

I'm 100% southern with natural curley hair, use Garnier sculpting cream gel frizz control. Not expensive-does the same job!

5:56PM Tue, August 31 2010

Image_normal @heartnursebg TN

I'm from tn and I've come to realize it's better not to fight it and just let it go curly :)

5:56PM Tue, August 31 2010

Stephandella_normal @stephy55 The Lone Star State

I use biosilk and it is AMAZING!! And I'm from Texas with naturally wavy hair so you know it's good! <3

5:56PM Tue, August 31 2010

4_normal @countryfan85 Nebraska

If you find out, let me know because l have a frizzball l cant get rid of...ugh

5:56PM Tue, August 31 2010

F2e741ff-f4c4-47aa-9f6b-9f9be030fecc_normal @God_IsMyJudge

hey hook Holly up with sine tips babe

5:57PM Tue, August 31 2010

Ff9422c7ac02337389326b51a0aa2215_normal @stormyrules

thanks for the southern girl shout out and knowing just who would know that answer ;)

5:57PM Tue, August 31 2010

Amanda_1_normal @AmandaBackes North Hollywood

did you get an answer because I want to know too!

5:57PM Tue, August 31 2010

Gorgous_eva_147932_normal @lilevasativa San Diego BABY!

I have extremely long hair, I use BioSilk! Keeps my ponytails nice an' sleek!

5:57PM Tue, August 31 2010

Gina_normal @MrsHensleyNC Raleigh,NC

I work at a salon use pureology relaxing serum!

5:58PM Tue, August 31 2010

Image_normal @Heather4Feather

Recovery Complex

6:02PM Tue, August 31 2010

Muahhaha2_normal @JLikesU United States

Ahhhh! What part of the south are you in?

6:03PM Tue, August 31 2010

M_2ee66995dbd6a4c986627291e8327a4a_normal @misshazelleyes Somewhere and not to be found

biosilk is best for the hair in humidity weather

6:05PM Tue, August 31 2010

Img00023-20100810-1042_normal @Ceeboo Jersey shore

since you love animals would you be willing to donate an autographed picture to an animal rescue charity event?

6:07PM Tue, August 31 2010

Idunnolike7_normal @iDunnoLike7 Hattiesburg

aveda smooth infusion glossing straightener. Sebastian shaper zero gravity hair spray

6:08PM Tue, August 31 2010

Me_normal @XCaJenny The Woods, TX

Fekkai Summer Hair Zero-Humidity, worked for me in Houston before I chopped my locks.

6:08PM Tue, August 31 2010

Image_normal @Slavisa_ Melbourne, Australia

morroccan oil!!

6:11PM Tue, August 31 2010

My_space_normal @KarenRichardpix New Orleans

get the keratin treatment done to your hair! Keeps it frizz free for 4 months great for summer!!!!!

6:11PM Tue, August 31 2010

Visualizetwit_normal @pensive1 Dirty South

john frieda's Frizz Ease, and Aussie Sydney Smooth hairspray (up to 12hrs of help!)

6:12PM Tue, August 31 2010

Girlies_normal @LeanneRBF Canada!

please let me know the answer of the frizz product question if you find a good one!

6:12PM Tue, August 31 2010

Seawalk_normal @megabombs

Redken its a 10.

6:13PM Tue, August 31 2010

Logo-background_normal @RBK715 Rotherham

Hey, whats up with Sheffield? Saw you there supporting GnR a few years back. Didn't want to go till I realised you were on!

6:14PM Tue, August 31 2010

666666589_normal @dannamazor

hey holly,the first episode of your show was on sunday here in israel,miss to the girls next door,great show,xoxo

6:14PM Tue, August 31 2010

Jess_meg6_normal @megantitus los angeles

morrocan oil curl control cream!! ?.. Or the brazilian blowout fly away cream.

6:14PM Tue, August 31 2010

9331_154459091318_553301318_3167285_4727005_n_normal @darbilynn Augusta, GA

Jon Frieda frizz ease and hair spray!

6:16PM Tue, August 31 2010

04d4d7261d6280cb91a45f4838a40293_normal @AmyDeWitt

healthy sexy hair's soy renewal. You can put it in wet or dry; seals the ends to stop frizz :)

6:18PM Tue, August 31 2010

Img00322-20100829-1947_normal @wilkatron30 Canada

got2b smooth operator

6:18PM Tue, August 31 2010

Avatar_normal @Icon4601 pwest

not a southern girl but awesome with hair go find some profound desert for humidity !

6:19PM Tue, August 31 2010

Faveofme_normal @KWilliams630 Florence, SC

John Freida-Frizzease -I think thats how you spell it. I'm in SCarolina, its very humid here! That works great for my hair!

6:23PM Tue, August 31 2010

Image_normal @chokecherry90

I'm from Houston and I use Paul Mitchell's Smoothing Super Skinny Serum like a pothead uses weed. It smells great too! xoxo

6:24PM Tue, August 31 2010

294479_144536775638625_100002469110127_230733_818860728_n_normal @nikkimstanley

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum. And that Frizz Free stuff from Sephora :)

6:24PM Tue, August 31 2010

Twitter3_normal @LegitBrittP ÜT: 27.819678,-...

any Pureology hairspray and paul mitchell skinny serum keeps it soft !

6:25PM Tue, August 31 2010

Sscott1986_normal @sscott1986 Get'n Lucky In Kentucky

Bed Head™ products are cheap & amazing. Whether you want straight, curly or just a sleek look- You'll love their products!

6:25PM Tue, August 31 2010

036ktj23 @gilbertadam001 San Antonio, Tx.

hey gurly, I would say some after party from bed head! Im no pro just a thought love u

6:26PM Tue, August 31 2010

Twitterprofilephoto_normal @MarkyMac Rosemount, MN 55068

I could use that today! I look like Beeker the muppet,,,

6:27PM Tue, August 31 2010

Dan_normal @paolayaguilar California

rub herbal essences mousse and spray gel into wet hair. Blow dry. Cheap and works very well!

6:29PM Tue, August 31 2010

Default_profile_2_normal @ABrandenburger


6:30PM Tue, August 31 2010

Img_0159_normal @beautiffanym Mobile, AL

living proof!! get it at Sephora...

6:32PM Tue, August 31 2010

Trey_normal @chorrorla

From da atx (austin texas) i actually like paul mitchels syrum..

6:33PM Tue, August 31 2010

D07c9d651ff40217e7ce2b3da0dc2388_normal @fsudva ÜT: 30.26577,-9...

Moroccan Oil! & Liquid Keratin! Using both together works best after trying everything Lived in FL, Houston, Austin Trustme

6:35PM Tue, August 31 2010

Gabbync_normal @gabbync North Carolina

moroccan oil is the best.

6:36PM Tue, August 31 2010

Default_profile_4_normal @HayJ98

John Freida's Frizz Ease Heat Defeat Spray is what I use works perfectly :)

6:37PM Tue, August 31 2010

Bonnie59_normal @BonnieSlossLee Portland OR

Bio-Silk, but just a few drops rubbed in the palm of your hands, then through your hair. Works wonders!

6:39PM Tue, August 31 2010

Image_normal @Amyleighandrews

use Moroccan oil on your hair when it's wet and then after you blow dry use bumble and bumble defrizz

6:41PM Tue, August 31 2010

31af24cf3aa4755111dfea0d9573053b_normal @LyndsFred ÜT: 30.4385,-84...

label.m smooth creme

6:42PM Tue, August 31 2010

Images_normal @Zebrastripe7 U.S. OF A.=U.S.A.

I am a Greek from the North and i use Ever pure shampoo and conditoner i follow through wth black ppls smooth mousse.

6:44PM Tue, August 31 2010

Img00245-20100814-1348_normal @uncgirl5265

Bed Head makes great products!

6:45PM Tue, August 31 2010

Image_normal @AmandaTillSmith Nashville

....healthysexyhair...the soy paste

6:45PM Tue, August 31 2010

Default_profile_1_normal @gaboirkholcomb

moroccan oil!!!

6:48PM Tue, August 31 2010

New_front_normal @KingLeeEvents http://www.King...

Dream Drops are awesome!

6:49PM Tue, August 31 2010

Image_normal @BritDelaney

I use Moroccan oil!! Put it in your hair before you blow dry it and then for a little extra I (cont)

6:51PM Tue, August 31 2010

Alymeetshowie_normal @alyceavary

I don't have that prob...but suggest hairspray on your brush then brush into a pony...haven't tried it yet....

6:51PM Tue, August 31 2010

Laciiiii1_normal @LalaLandrith McKinney, Texas

I use frizz eaze by John Frieda.

6:52PM Tue, August 31 2010

Default_profile_2_normal @FabulousAunt

Anti! Frizz hair spray! I'm not in the south BUT! I'm a hairstylist in California!

6:52PM Tue, August 31 2010

90f994fd108b2cf7b0597f3c99ae0a30_normal @beforeoureyes

Moroccan oil! Its fantastic & the only thing that works on my super thick hair! Also, Cheap "freeze it" hairspray haha

6:52PM Tue, August 31 2010

Photo_123_normal @m_nicole atlanta

hairspray! Duh!

6:54PM Tue, August 31 2010

0xtk1n3s @jnbatten

there is a product made by matrix called sleek. It helps fight humidity, especially here in NC

6:57PM Tue, August 31 2010

37421_135948563095825_100000420474156_287425_1853437_n_normal @lala11o8 Augusta Georgia

im a hair dresser and the BED HEAD some like it hot serum works really well , im a georgia girl ! I know my humidity ! ;)

6:57PM Tue, August 31 2010

Facebookhomescreenimage_normal @Chantel0811

I use Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum - it works wonders!!

6:57PM Tue, August 31 2010

8df1220d50cd8109c7f35e41bb381810_normal @anggenova23

I love Paul mitchell super skinny serum... And it smells like watermelon candy!

6:57PM Tue, August 31 2010

Image_normal @haylihooper Australia


7:03PM Tue, August 31 2010

118056677_normal @courtwessinger ÜT: 33.44225,-8...

BedHead afterparty and bedhead spoil me. Awesome products!!

7:06PM Tue, August 31 2010

18679_286169360798_502655798_4489344_3307868_n_normal @chantalxxo ?tropical?

dealing with FL humidity is a breeze using Pureology's Super Smooth System! It's amazing-im a model & can't live w/o! ?????

7:06PM Tue, August 31 2010

Fairy22b_normal @TiaMaria8 Ontario, CAN. born and raised!

a good hairspray works best! I've dealt with humidity a lot and anything else makes ur hair look loaded w products :)

7:06PM Tue, August 31 2010

Nba_playoffs_normal @wcrumley Atlanta, GA

John Freida hair serum.

7:12PM Tue, August 31 2010

Wnud253m_normal @weavOC everywhere u wanna be

try its a ten leave in spray and they also hav a smoothing defrizz serum, its called its a ten. Miracle I swear!

7:17PM Tue, August 31 2010

Img00133-20090909-2057_normal @alexjones1229

miraccan oil

7:20PM Tue, August 31 2010

Img00133-20090909-2057_normal @alexjones1229

or Aveda light elements smooth infusions. Doesn't make hair greasy

7:21PM Tue, August 31 2010

Tulips_normal @melisacurra

did u get any advice..I need to know 2

7:24PM Tue, August 31 2010

Hair___make-up_did_normal @mmthurmond Atlanta, Georgia

Avon Lotus Shield!!!

7:28PM Tue, August 31 2010

Sulenski_katherine_30_ret_normal @KESonstage

any garnier or bedhead product

7:29PM Tue, August 31 2010

23640a497cad0993af9ee39bf48f4eee_normal @hungryfalen Indiana

Moroccan oil!!!

7:31PM Tue, August 31 2010

Image_normal @meanttoshineee Huntsville, TX

Got2b glued hairspray in the yellow bottle = my sanity.

7:36PM Tue, August 31 2010

N615540082_2217150_8117_normal @jhoprich Georgia

when you find out, pleeease let me know!

7:37PM Tue, August 31 2010

Img00040-20100731-1230_normal @lbgemini83 South Carolina

there is this stuff for blondes called dumb blonde and it works great, I can't remember who makes it but it does work.

7:43PM Tue, August 31 2010

Skydiving_normal @TaranItUp Florida

Deep Shine by Rusk!! Works charms :-) smells amazing too!

7:47PM Tue, August 31 2010

319931_10150412986347359_774052358_10120487_819049346_n_normal @RachelRae1022 Jacksonville, FL

It's a 10 or Redken smoothing serum. I'm from the south and a hairstylist haha.

7:47PM Tue, August 31 2010

164548_1614567477854_1046310036_2368242_8210052_n_normal @MegCorbs

smooth n' straightening balm by Eufora is AMAZING and 100% eco friendly!! You HAVE to try it Holly!

7:51PM Tue, August 31 2010

Image_normal @dbac Eureka

soy oil by healthy sexy hair is my fav!

7:56PM Tue, August 31 2010

Image_normal @noresbo RGV, Texas

Frederick Fekkai Glossing Cream is the best for frizz! I've used it for years and I love it!

7:59PM Tue, August 31 2010

Image_normal @TeriGillon Clayton, NC

living proof! it's fabulous!!

8:11PM Tue, August 31 2010

259_normal @CrystalAClark Waco, Texas

Satinwear by@Redken5thAve Apply to damp hair & blowdry/style It has 24hr humidity resistance, med hold & thermal protection

8:15PM Tue, August 31 2010

Yygldb36cu61yn2w8186_normal @jjusti10

CHI or Biolage smoothing serum.

8:18PM Tue, August 31 2010

Default_profile_6_normal @mkelly925

joi lotion! It is amazing hair gel that keeps away the frizz!

8:18PM Tue, August 31 2010

Image_normal @klakay

ask bout products to use in humidity amazing hairstylist & makeup artist!

8:21PM Tue, August 31 2010

Default_profile_6_normal @Brave67

biosilk will work wonders-i know I'm in south texas where most days its a sauna

8:21PM Tue, August 31 2010

Logo-125x125_normal @PamperedPetCare North Fulton

it's impossible! (In Atlanta)

8:22PM Tue, August 31 2010

Img-20110812-01303_normal @AshleyBijoux Orange County

Try just a dab of biosilk for the flyaway and Kenra hairspray for the sleek look. Best hairspray EVER!

8:23PM Tue, August 31 2010

Image_normal @SheaWelch

I've lived in the south my entire life and haven't found the secret to non-frizzy hair. I suggest lots of hairspray!

8:29PM Tue, August 31 2010

7be1038c20c9f658137358a5711db1f5_normal @eblann

put your hair up & then get a small amount of conditioner & rub between your hands then very lightly go over your ponytail

8:33PM Tue, August 31 2010

Image_normal @SkinTherapist Seattle

"Some like it hot" products by TIGI!

8:36PM Tue, August 31 2010

Image_normal @Stef2803 Orange County

best thing right now at Sephora hercut ponytail!

8:41PM Tue, August 31 2010

Twitterific_normal @Missykay124 DFW

John Frida Frizz Ease, and its only like 4 bucks :)

8:48PM Tue, August 31 2010

Me_normal @BeccaGrooms ÜT: 30.531662,-...

Aqua Net still works!! LOL! Try Sebastian Shaper Plus Touchable Hold with Humidity Resistance! Wo ...

8:49PM Tue, August 31 2010

38214_1351078976457_1215853258_30811226_7312460_n_normal @gricelchavez Las Cruces, NM

Moroccan oil products by far!!

8:50PM Tue, August 31 2010

Littlz84_normal @Littlz84

serum which is just like an oil. U only need to use a tiny bit and it works wonders!

8:53PM Tue, August 31 2010

247798_10150278200659973_635824972_8906738_5341988_n_normal @Tinaweenah ÜT: 32.691637,-...


8:58PM Tue, August 31 2010

Jessica_byrd_normal @byrd_girl

sleek? whats that?? bigger is better down here!! jk... LOVE fekkai sheer shine mist & phyto relaxing balm. good luck :)

9:01PM Tue, August 31 2010

New_small_normal @PureAshley

argon oil, I have fine bleached hair and grew up in GA. It really helps keep my hair shiny, soft, and sleek!

9:01PM Tue, August 31 2010

36441_1469861317395_1559485988_31152067_1160160_n_normal @KaylinSith ÜT: 36.150543,-...

control force from aveda!!!

9:02PM Tue, August 31 2010

Tory_sue_normal @tory_sue Oklahoma

cashmere keratin mist, it's only $14.50 and it's AMAZING stuff...not too much or it can get greasy. Made by Regis. :)

9:03PM Tue, August 31 2010

Default_profile_4_normal @lilsassygirl927 Texas

chi silk infusion is the cure all.

9:04PM Tue, August 31 2010

Angel_woods_normal @HollyGirl11 Montreal, Canada

- when you hear back done suggestions would love to know what works! Thx Holly

9:07PM Tue, August 31 2010

Dsc01930_normal @GabrielaLyra João Pessoa - PB - Brazil

U have to visit Brazil!

9:08PM Tue, August 31 2010

Misty_bw_normal @mistlea

my TX ritual: anti-frizz serum on wet hair, seal w/ a mousse, dry, flat iron & use anti-humid non-water based hairspray

9:15PM Tue, August 31 2010

Dscn0548_normal @BNWeddington Here

Lots & lots of conditioner. And after that add some more conditioner!

9:16PM Tue, August 31 2010

Spoiledlisa_normal @spoiledlisa iphone:40.47352...

hair spray lol

9:18PM Tue, August 31 2010

23_f1001643d_167_normal @PBsAshleyNicole

Anything John Frieda frizz related or Bumble and Bumble should do the trick! :)

9:20PM Tue, August 31 2010

Purple_20rose_normal @tattoomoma1 ÜT: 32.943248,-...

Hey Holly! I live in Alabama and I use Tressume products! They work pretty good! I have long hair so I ponytail up a lot!

9:24PM Tue, August 31 2010

Default_profile_5_normal @mccallum55

Vo5 if you can still find it

9:24PM Tue, August 31 2010

Image_normal @TweetsByKari Atlanta, GA

big sexy hairspray and frizz-ease!

9:24PM Tue, August 31 2010

080908_211237_normal @Fancylayne23

I live in Florida and the best thing for me is a hair straightener. I have straight hair that frizzes. It works 4 me.

9:29PM Tue, August 31 2010

Xxz1syi9_normal @royalmontgomery Tehran

You need a really good smoothing serum and hairspray, but if your hair is naturally wavy or curly even that might not do

9:33PM Tue, August 31 2010

100_2542-1_normal @shearymill

super skinny serum by Paul Mitchell!!!! Best product ever!!!

9:42PM Tue, August 31 2010

28379_1396159738230_1059321940_31146976_6080060_n_normal @ashleysellstx Houston

. Living Proof sold at Sephora is pretty great at combating frizz!!

9:44PM Tue, August 31 2010

Image_normal @JaimeeBrumfield ÜT: 41.662409,-...

Aveda's new Control Force has 12 hour humidity defense. It's AMAZING!

9:47PM Tue, August 31 2010

Default_profile_4_normal @ThatTXchick

Paul Mitchell's Super Skinny and Fast Form are musts for any Southern gal.

9:52PM Tue, August 31 2010

Default_profile_0_normal @jess9961

big sexy hair sleek and seal on market!

9:54PM Tue, August 31 2010

Kissyfish_normal @Koisushi

kerastase oleo-relax for sure

10:01PM Tue, August 31 2010

B7a27228d728746556434863300d875a_normal @BranFlakes2

I don't think there is one! Haha

10:05PM Tue, August 31 2010

Dsc028ll15_normal @AlphaAleksis America!

I like pureology antifade shine max! (FL heat!)

10:07PM Tue, August 31 2010

Get-attachment-1 @Kbutor Florida

John Frida's Frizz-ease serum. It's perfect! It doesn't make your hair too greasy looking either! :) goodluck!

10:11PM Tue, August 31 2010

0000000000000000_normal @Kodiiieee Glendale, Arizona

friz-ease by John Frida it comes in a light blue bottle. :)

10:13PM Tue, August 31 2010

Britt_at_salon_normal @Bertney14 Monroe,GA

chi silk drops help and a decent light hold hairspray like Kendra number 9

10:23PM Tue, August 31 2010

Default_profile_6_normal @ladyfaygvmo

tell us what you find!

10:31PM Tue, August 31 2010

F0aa988d9b514a1ab23afd20e56ab374_normal @krisldavis PC, OKLAHOMA

john frieda secret weapon is what I use..oklahoma is always humid and I have thick hair so it's a must!

1:01AM Wed, September 01 2010

Lizparty2_normal @Nell71287 Myrtle Beach

humidity blocker by joico. I live in myrtle beach with the worst humidity ever and its what we sold at my salon. Big hit!

8:32AM Wed, September 01 2010

guest35921 guest35921

Too much to chose from . It is very confusing. You just have to try and see which one works for you.

9:21PM Wed, February 12

anonymous Anonymous

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