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Does anyone know where to find saved draft tweets on twitter on iPad?

4:22PM Sun, September 18 2011

C8ddf7780562a7e573f236a2e239852e_normal @sprintcarfan97

when you click to type a new tweet, they should be there with a button that says "drafts"

4:23PM Sun, September 18 2011

Victory_normal @NASCAR_RealTime

- should be a grey "draft" button d

4:23PM Sun, September 18 2011

Image_normal @wesleygroovin iPhone: 33.7742...

it should come up the next time you try to type a tweet

4:23PM Sun, September 18 2011

Twitterlogo_normal @RaceJournal Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Bottom right, there are three "dots". Click that, and then you'll see Drafts listed third.

4:23PM Sun, September 18 2011

4a129bb82e08eb7670ca8f81e39de55f_normal @Dizneydreamer

go to the symbol that looks like 3 dots on bottom right. That will being up menu that includes drafts

4:24PM Sun, September 18 2011

D_48_normal @OLooneys48 Macomb County

little button that says drafts when it pops up for a new tweet

4:24PM Sun, September 18 2011

3e44db46816d2973cadf0e1483b4f496_normal @Kiki2145 Earth

go to new tweet and your draft will be there

4:24PM Sun, September 18 2011

Bukvcjel_normal @jsms99 USA can probably help. :)

4:24PM Sun, September 18 2011

Image_normal @newwife1 where my family is

on iPhone push the very right button that is dots. It has a drafts folder

4:24PM Sun, September 18 2011

D3ba32e81613b814170dba1e33bfcaef_normal @Bonnie88

yup - grey draft button

4:25PM Sun, September 18 2011

Img00052_00000_normal @Sea_Bass_

when u go to write tweet it should be at the bottom of the notepad

4:26PM Sun, September 18 2011

02bbb3e9f0b0ff64afcc6b94b40f146a_normal @jester8170 Seymour, Wisconsin

on my iPhone I click the 3 dot emblem on lower right

4:26PM Sun, September 18 2011

Antimatter_normal @Anti_Matta Nowhere in particular

after you save the draft, start a new msg and there should be a 'draft' button on the page

4:27PM Sun, September 18 2011

Image_normal @shoeygirl2011 Moorestown, NJ

hit the button with three dots, you get three choices and the third option is drafts.

4:27PM Sun, September 18 2011

Image_normal @newwife1 where my family is

on bottom of timeline

4:27PM Sun, September 18 2011

Image_normal @JWardy07

The three dots bottom right. Then drafts?

4:27PM Sun, September 18 2011

Img00030-20100925-1255_normal @sarms55

go to profile and there should be tweet section. You can see all your tweets.

4:27PM Sun, September 18 2011

44d41c6fc6a15c58562670fbd6ddee38_normal @chrissiew1976 Farnhamville, Iowa

when u go to your timeline on the bottom rt hand corner is there 3 dots in a row

4:28PM Sun, September 18 2011

Dscn0374_normal @Karrieblue1 North Carolina

This has been bugging me for ages now... Who is mother function?

4:32PM Sun, September 18 2011

Epkbttf9_normal @tweetngmom Southern California

new tweet, by the @ sign where it says on the one you want.hope it helps.

4:36PM Sun, September 18 2011

Image_normal @Rangerkelly Baton Rouge, Louisiana

go to your profile you will find it there.

4:37PM Sun, September 18 2011

Ava3_normal @DarrelnTracie

. The little envelope and settings?

4:49PM Sun, September 18 2011

Imagescajtdauh_normal @schemppmjuzi3

5:25PM Sun, September 18 2011

Default_profile_4_normal @more4mygirls

can anyone help me with just twitter? I m new and having problems!! I m a fb junkie!! I hope we get this race started soon!

6:53PM Sun, September 18 2011

14f3e4516352a9aaf55053d90bad8441_normal @Yotes1912 Arizona

did u find your drafts? I was lost on my iPhone too but found it on accident.

6:53PM Sun, September 18 2011

guest96619 guest96619

Can I still retrieve my drift message from twitter? My drift message being deleted itself.

9:53AM Tue, August 07 2012

guest99265 guest99265

Erm, I can't find it...

4:22AM Tue, August 14 2012

guest96339 guest96339

Thanks sprintcarfan97 for your excellent answer. After months of struggle I was able to retrieve drafts from my twitter account thanks to your reply!

3:18AM Wed, August 15 2012

guest94778 guest94778

Under 'ME' scroll down to the draft section.

12:52AM Thu, October 18 2012

guest13427 guest13427

Thank you so much

2:57PM Sun, January 27 2013

guest49280 guest49280

On the iPhone it's in the me page then scroll down the page and it's there

9:09AM Wed, March 06 2013

guest88354 guest88354

lol ill be the hero, now you have to hold the compose tweet button (the little box with the feather inside) - Follow me -KurtesyOF

2:00PM Thu, March 14 2013

guest29036 guest29036

Thank you guest 94778! This shit is frustrating i almost threw my phonee

10:07AM Wed, March 20 2013

guest52947 guest52947

where is my draft if i'm using my laptop?

9:14AM Wed, April 10 2013

guest27029 guest27029

Where is the draft on an android?

1:03AM Wed, April 24 2013

guest40160 guest40160

where can i see my tweet draft on my laptop.?

12:55PM Sun, May 12 2013

guest78742 guest78742

its on 'me' scroll all the way down and it should say drafts

10:45PM Fri, June 28 2013

guest34663 guest34663

On the mobile app it's under the "ME" tab, it says drafts

11:47AM Wed, July 03 2013

guest14938 guest14938

its on 'me' scroll all the way down and it should say drafts On the mobile app it's under the "ME" tab, it says drafts THANK YOU!!!!

12:11PM Fri, September 06 2013

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