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210px-unlv_logo_svg_normal @CRJ104 Las Vegas, NV

What are the 8 general features of crime? #CRJ104

10:14AM Wed, September 21 2011

Default_profile_6_normal @suspectnumber3 Nevada

Actus reus, mens rea, strict liability, causation, harm, legality, punishment, and necessary attendant circumstances

11:35AM Wed, September 21 2011

Aby_normal @GLild

: actus reus, mens rea, concurrence of both, causation, resulting harm, the principle of legality, principle of punishment &

1:31PM Wed, September 21 2011

Aby_normal @GLild

necessary attendant circumstances

1:32PM Wed, September 21 2011

Default_profile_6_normal @MiRaGE144

1. actus reus 2. mens rea 3. (#2 +#3) 4. motive 5. harm 6. legality 7. punishment. 8. attendant circumstances

1:41PM Wed, September 21 2011

anonymous Anonymous

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