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I feel stupid asking, but does anyone know if Vic Fuentes has struggled with self harm? I just feel like I can hear themes in lyrics.

6:50AM Tue, October 11 2011

Faff6b86fddea2e8276ae7011632f490_normal @Cena_4_Life L.A

I'm sure all musicians have self harmed thats why they're so popular with our age group 'cause they've been through the same

6:54AM Tue, October 11 2011

E1065b7fa28f4a0559c7db7a58f85b84_normal @Ash_W

Yeah I guess, but like if you listen you can hear things about cutting like a fair bit. So much respect for him.

6:58AM Tue, October 11 2011

guest24939 guest24939

I know what you mean, ive picked that up in their lyrics too. To me its just another reason to admire him.

4:52AM Sat, December 15 2012

guest36803 guest36803

A lot of their songs are written in honor of other people too though, like A Match Into Water was for his ex that survived breast cancer (the scars being from her treatments and surgery). So songs of those themes can be for other people too, although I'm pretty sure Vic has a self-harm past since he seems to understand so well what it feels like.

12:50AM Wed, December 26 2012

guest80603 guest80603

i've definantly heard it in his music. like in the song disasterology. he probably has...

7:00PM Fri, January 11 2013

guest25983 guest25983

he said he has but stopped when he realised he wasn't just hurting himself by doing it

5:35PM Sat, January 19 2013

guest94434 guest94434

"If I mean anything to you I'm sorry but I've made up my mind" these lyrics were something a girl who was a huge fan of PTV's said in her suicide video. Vic saw this and wrote some of his music about her because it really touched him. I respect Vic for everything he's been throug an all his music I love all of PTV so much <3

10:43AM Sun, February 24 2013

guest37035 guest37035

i've heard vic struggled with it, and i really want to know if its true? But regaurdless, i respect all of PTV just for writing inspiring music, and understanding me when no one else does. PROPS TO YOU.

1:36AM Fri, March 01 2013

guest15133 guest15133

I respect all of PTV. They've helped me through so much and I would love to thank them. Vic's understanding of self harm is what encouraged me to stop because he helped me realise that it's true. I wasn't only hurting me. Thank you so much PTV!

5:46PM Tue, March 05 2013

guest36726 guest36726

Okay, can i just say there's no proof he did self-harm, there's no proof he didn't self-harm either. Most of his songs that relate the self-harm are written or inspired by other people. The facebook status that was supposedly written by him was fake. There's a picture of his supposed 'scars' floating around however it's so blurred it's most likely fake. Whether he self-harmed or not doesn't give you a right to respect him any more than you should normally? A true fan would fucking know this ok

5:58PM Sat, March 30 2013

guest22331 guest22331

Yes, I've found a picture with a quote from him and i literally started crying... It said something along the lines of how he self harmed because he was lost and hurting but he stopped because his little brother (mike) looked up to him and he wanted to be there for mike

12:19AM Tue, May 14 2013

guest46759 guest46759

Really I don't think that anyone knows if Vic self harmed or not unless you are a good friend of his or family. I will always respect Vic the same even if he did maybe even more. I also saw the post from Vic about how he used to self harm but stopped for mike. Maybe this is wrong to say buy I kind of hope that it is true cuz I thought it was really touching and meaningful. Love you Vic and PTV!!!!!!!!

11:50PM Tue, May 28 2013

guest82727 guest82727

I jus wanna no if he cuts himself outta his own mouth. Becauze I wanna no how he stopped cutting himself cauze I cut my self and so do a lot of my friends and I wanna no a way tht I can stop

5:32PM Sun, June 02 2013

guest44918 guest44918

He did. He's mentioned in several interviews that he suffered with it but stopped for his brother, Mike.

12:16AM Fri, June 07 2013

guest37387 guest37387

Okay but links to these interviews? Who were they with? Like seriously if you're going to say he did, bring the facts. Don't just say its true about him when it isn't.

7:08PM Fri, June 14 2013

guest20399 guest20399

it shouldn't matter if he cuts or not. yes there is a quote of him saying so, but do you really need to know he does it so you can stop? you should stop because you just harming yourself and making other people worry about you, not because a famous person used to do it... that's just not right

4:40PM Mon, June 24 2013

guest13925 guest13925

Yes Vic was a former self harmer (if that's a word.) he talks about it in an interveiw or two and mentions it in a few songs.

11:56AM Sun, August 18 2013

guest48395 guest48395

he did self harm but he quit a few years yes hes a former cutter

8:44AM Sat, August 24 2013

guest74340 guest74340

yes he did selfharm. he said that he realized that it hurts also the ppl around him.. and he said that he stopped for his little brother who looked up to him. you can find quotes and interviews about it..

10:59AM Tue, November 05 2013

anonymous Anonymous

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