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Why doesn't Netflix Instant have any operas?

8:30AM Sun, October 16 2011

F88540120883a66a4933e2ea8c7e565f_normal @delong Berkeley, California

The Mikado doesn't count?

8:31AM Sun, October 16 2011

Talktoremote_normal @cskendrick

re: Netflix not having operas? That's what YouTube is for. :)

8:32AM Sun, October 16 2011

F4b9ca253615d39bc5276c5aee1e5442_normal @NezRigiPetty CT

because nobody cares...

8:32AM Sun, October 16 2011

4-20-11_normal @FDNY22

How about we start with New Releases? The streaming part of Netflix is not good at all!!

8:32AM Sun, October 16 2011

Me_002_normal @dnucci14 Boston, MA

No demand?

8:32AM Sun, October 16 2011

64b590e8d28b8620d22a385aac6d242f_normal @tweetermedo

Because Reed Hastings is an incompetent tool.

8:32AM Sun, October 16 2011

May292011_normal @hatesfilms Waterloo, Ontario

RT I don't know whybut it should! Why doesn't Netflix Instant have any operas?

8:32AM Sun, October 16 2011

585982a422e37a6fd9bc6302cc91094e_normal @dfunkmcgunk California

it's called Netflix, not Netopera :)

8:33AM Sun, October 16 2011

437ec5cc92945433b302dbdf0f8909fb_normal @Christy_Caputo Florida, USA

maybe you can take care of that for us opera lovers!?

8:33AM Sun, October 16 2011

2d1e4d1d-2b69-49ae-8170-c43e5172bf01_normal @iarafoschino hackensack Nj

I don't know..They should .

8:33AM Sun, October 16 2011

Picasaweb @frankiepop Sioux City, IA

i dunno...ive wanted re watch pbs footage of philip glass einstein on the beach with less editing for years.

8:33AM Sun, October 16 2011

2dsifjx92qan1e8u17wj_normal @geor3ge Ann Arbor, MI

RT Why doesn't Netflix Instant have any operas? ll And why aren't there more on Blu Ray?

8:34AM Sun, October 16 2011

3733920070_c18c655dde_t_normal @brandtschneider

sure they do have operas.

8:34AM Sun, October 16 2011

Open_boll_tgt08_normal @A_weevil Arkansas

...Works by Gibert and Sullivan have been available in the past.

8:35AM Sun, October 16 2011

Dsc02015_-_copy_normal @OthonZermeno Los Angeles, CA

I know!

8:36AM Sun, October 16 2011

425491931_normal @daustin New Orleans

shhhh. please don't.

8:37AM Sun, October 16 2011

Img000017_normal @DaddyKevin Chicago

Yeah! I wanna see La Traviata again.

8:37AM Sun, October 16 2011

Fde46ee0-47fa-4c6e-8861-78499f3746ed_normal @rockyjoedog Natick, MA

Maybe they think that Soap Operas count...

8:38AM Sun, October 16 2011

Ykeu1fptxdill2oxkn5y_normal @tumblngbouldrs Guelph, Ontario, Canada

You'll have to wait for their new service Librettster.

8:38AM Sun, October 16 2011

Cimg1111_normal @radiogiveshead Tehran, Oregon

who has the operas in the modern age?

8:39AM Sun, October 16 2011

E8b6076cada2016ce230d491f1e0162b_normal @DavidOAtkins

the Met has a great subscription service on their site to stream operas in HD. But it's pricey.

8:41AM Sun, October 16 2011

4df71aedd821c2e33baa5557f5ba9ea8_normal @beyerkr Chicago via St. Louis

Carrying operas would take away bandwidth from the 35th American Pie sequels. #priorities

8:41AM Sun, October 16 2011

P2160136__large__normal @okvomit Minnesota, USA

Because they are money-grubbing bottom-line idiots that should not be in business anymore.

8:42AM Sun, October 16 2011

Gz-q_m43_normal @jessicaesquire

A good question. I'd love to see some. RT : Why doesn't Netflix Instant have any operas?

8:43AM Sun, October 16 2011

21f944c994a1c43627fa1836eb8eb480_normal @robstaro

I said the same thing a few months ago! Practically no classical content at all.

8:44AM Sun, October 16 2011

Goodshot_normal @Jconn24

it has the phantom of the opera :)

8:45AM Sun, October 16 2011

724ba15586d816fed984c395515f87db_normal @waitsonthelord

kinda sucks as far a streaming movies. Their selection isn't ad great as I'd hoped.

8:45AM Sun, October 16 2011

M_normal @landenwilson 221B Baker Street

Yeah! Also, porn.

8:46AM Sun, October 16 2011

Bfcac975-25b7-4e60-a5f0-2a89eb33534b_normal @MiddleAgedMezzo midatlantic USA

because sid bass hates opera?

8:46AM Sun, October 16 2011

Image_normal @SageSpiritWolf Winters, California

Really? .....Operas on Netflix? Watch Lexx instead! It will mesmerize u! Lol Fascinating ol' show

8:47AM Sun, October 16 2011

Acjsxqe6_normal @FoFacy Troy, NY

good question. Hoping the power of twitter will make this happen.

8:47AM Sun, October 16 2011

9bb926b4c44a8b07c35459f283fea0db_normal @michael_me2

RT : Why doesn't Netflix Instant have any operas?

8:48AM Sun, October 16 2011

Osnapjd4_normal @awesometom Nebraska

Unfortunately the tenor came down with a case of Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, and the alto met a Hobo with a Shotgun.

8:48AM Sun, October 16 2011

N606326468_4241_normal @DFelsenfeld

it does, plenty.

8:50AM Sun, October 16 2011

A7729837b453882cddaf86d3929ce80e_normal @StevenDuane Houston, Texas

Why doesn't Netflix have all your Siskel and Ebert shows?

8:56AM Sun, October 16 2011

Default_profile_3_normal @claudecooper

They'd rather spend their money on gossip girl.

8:58AM Sun, October 16 2011

9c3f07f3b71f35a674c560bbe007e900_normal @extremedignity NYC, but not the fancy part.

Filmed ballets are even harder to come across than operas.

9:16AM Sun, October 16 2011

26081_10150129243830175_759560174_11757796_6162857_n_normal @TOViolinKate Toronto

Appealing to Lowest Common Denominator, perhaps? has a wonderful online player to which you can subscribe

9:23AM Sun, October 16 2011

Bfdc4984-8098-4908-b847-abac07c9feb6_normal @StevenMarshall_ -19.288127,146....

because operas havent been made for 50 years and 50% of the download traffic is for Harry Potter and Twilight.

9:23AM Sun, October 16 2011

Netflix_api2_57x57_normal @NetflixHelpdesk Los Gatos, CA


9:27AM Sun, October 16 2011

E1b82142e8d2d0411b9be35f6048c24e_normal @danblondell New York City

PBS does

9:27AM Sun, October 16 2011

Img_5403_normal @AnaCuprill Wyoming

or soap operas?

9:36AM Sun, October 16 2011

Kz3kylec2spd92bhn80g_normal @adamblev Milwaukee, WI

because a majority of their subscriber base couldn't care less about operas

9:43AM Sun, October 16 2011

Henry_normal @angioleslie

Because they are a total bore! That's right, I said it!

9:43AM Sun, October 16 2011

Hamster_normal @Hamstertown

There are some on DVD at Netflix. Add just 1-out-at-a-time and have more options.

10:04AM Sun, October 16 2011

C4xo6fscq1x0jo4e85w6_normal @longwall26 Country Music's Valhalla

Bad business model. Everybody knows it's all over when the fat lady streams.

10:11AM Sun, October 16 2011

Svgzjo2w_normal @menright7 ÜT: 42.310626,-...

No Operas on Netflix? Sadly the 3 that would watch not enough as Netflix runs there Corp. Into ground. E

10:11AM Sun, October 16 2011

Ic9ea-1j_normal @PArriola Chicago, IL

Netflix streaming is very short on musicals as well.

10:33AM Sun, October 16 2011

155448_529832509867_62600784_31175948_3673093_n_normal @adamcanfield Minneapolis, MN

same reason that videogames can never be art. I've never seen an opera, but I know with 100% certainty that I'd hate it.

10:37AM Sun, October 16 2011

Eee2974084802eda2a69e62d0d6dd83f_normal @zshainisbomb Louisville, KY

I think Netflix has "The Genetic Opera". I doubt that's what you meant though. #smh

10:40AM Sun, October 16 2011

5970_1126252410289_1646536743_300825_2977469_n_normal @ronsullivan76 Philadelphia

my guess would be very little demand

11:02AM Sun, October 16 2011

3bc5fcf9a0cdc88114b81b2272965bfe_normal @lightprincess89 United States

YES! Why aren't there any operas?

11:06AM Sun, October 16 2011

0da73897fd7b24f895af67b7975afcf8_normal @WhoRU36 Massachusetts

Such as TOMMY?

11:12AM Sun, October 16 2011

Meandmom_normal @cjmsteeves Charlotte, NC

or ballets? Ugh.

11:14AM Sun, October 16 2011

Img-20110426-00091_normal @GetYourOwnGrub

'#Repo: The Genetic Opera' is on there. I know its not a classic, but it has to score some points for being made this century.

11:31AM Sun, October 16 2011

Sunset_normal @FrankNeuville

Netflix has some operas both on disc and streaming but selection could be better. Why are they missing some Criterion discs?

11:40AM Sun, October 16 2011

2fa75ed8bb1c1ad5d856692775aeb276_normal @quest4748

Because opera is the red headed stepchild of music that will never get any REAL respect and...not enough demand.

11:45AM Sun, October 16 2011

Images_normal @mister5 Los Angeles

having worked there till a yr ago I can say they looked @ DVD usage and saw little/no interest.

11:52AM Sun, October 16 2011

Sultan_rahi_normal @danhsmith73 Dagobah

That would be nice. Also, their selection of Kung Fu movies is not great. What? I have eclectic tastes. They'll listen to you.

11:54AM Sun, October 16 2011

84663c7d-89a8-4528-b7ec-dfe2e931dbf0_normal @bliss_street

Here's one opera:

12:21PM Sun, October 16 2011

Tom_nawrocki_normal @TJNawrocki Colorado

It does have the operatic anthology "Aria," with segments from Godard, Altman, etc.

12:53PM Sun, October 16 2011

Rickphoto_normal @verminbury

Placido Domingo's Otello will stream, and link to some others:

1:10PM Sun, October 16 2011

Photo-26_normal @batpoet San Diego

Netflix has Benjamin Britten's Peter Grimes (DVD).

2:21PM Sun, October 16 2011

3004493_normal @goggination southwestern ohio-ish

that's simply unacceptable. how can they do that? opera is wonderful!

2:36PM Sun, October 16 2011

Imagejpeg_2_2__normal @jorgealonzo526 San Antonio


4:45PM Sun, October 16 2011

guest64192 guest64192

I hope you're being sarcastic? Because if not, your "opera hasn't been made for 50 years" comment is appalling and uneducated. Than again, it is no more so than half the other comments on this thread...

3:35PM Mon, October 15 2012

guest38584 guest38584 This isn't Netflix, but Indiana University's Jacobs School of Music puts on some absolutely wonderful productions. I just went to see The Merry Widow last night, and it was incredible! For every opera and ballet, they stream two shows live. Tonight is the second for The Merry Widow. After the live streaming, a short while after (I think a week or two after the last show) it's up to view at your leisure for a while. Free, no membership required

8:40PM Sat, October 20 2012

guest59318 guest59318

They have Otello! I'm watching it now!

7:54PM Tue, June 25 2013

anonymous Anonymous

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