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6c701ab2efcf5e966d08602e87b5eab6_normal @MazyHR South Gloucestershire, England

Can anyone tell me why Michael Crawford didn't sing at the end of Phantom 25?

5:04PM Mon, November 14 2011

Comedy_normal @MTfan2010

They said he had just come from the WOO performance.

5:51PM Mon, November 14 2011

6c701ab2efcf5e966d08602e87b5eab6_normal @MazyHR South Glouceste...

Yes I know that but it seemed strange he didn't sing with the other past Phantoms.

6:06PM Mon, November 14 2011

Comedy_normal @MTfan2010

Maybe he did not rehearse with them. I feel he did sing the last note of the concert. Don't know if that seems that way on the dvd.

6:11PM Mon, November 14 2011

Iphone_copy_2_normal @Bric123 US

Michael is doing eight shows a week in The Wizard of Oz. He came to the concert after a Sunday matinee--no time to rehearse.

6:33PM Mon, November 14 2011

Iphone_copy_2_normal @Bric123 US

He did NOT rehearse with the other Phantoms. He didn't have the time & just won't do anything he hasn't rehearsed.

11:40PM Mon, November 14 2011

Iphone_copy_2_normal @Bric123 US

That might seem strange, but that is the way he is.

11:41PM Mon, November 14 2011

6c701ab2efcf5e966d08602e87b5eab6_normal @MazyHR South Glouceste...

Sorry who are you, do I know you?!

3:58AM Tue, November 15 2011

Iphone_copy_2_normal @Bric123 US

No, you don't know me, but I have a "Michael Crawford" search saved and just answered the question.

5:00AM Tue, November 15 2011

guest70141 guest70141 "Crawford did not sing as he had just finished performing in a matinee of The Wizard of Oz at the London Palladium."

10:01AM Mon, March 05 2012

anonymous Anonymous

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