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What does the word "Hetalia" mean/refer to?

7:56PM Sun, October 03 2010

Kuritwitter_normal @kuriousity

I think it means 'Useless Italy'? Not sure where I read that in truth but that's what I was under the impression it meant.

7:58PM Sun, October 03 2010

Coxdtdcu_normal @allaboutmanga

Hetalia is a portmanteau of "hetare" which means lazy/useless in Japanese and Italia, which refers to Italy.

8:08PM Sun, October 03 2010

00cde6ce54537da3d76dc5005e2b81bd_normal @johannadc


8:22PM Sun, October 03 2010

guest27325 guest27325

so confused

5:44PM Mon, May 02 2011

guest35431 guest35431

hes not lazy he just needs to spend less time cookin and train more

6:13PM Sun, October 09 2011

guest65023 guest65023

he just acts that way so douitsu wont leave him <3

10:20PM Tue, December 20 2011

guest81766 guest81766

I can see how hetalia can mean 'useless italy' because in an anime called hetalia, italy is very useless!

8:20AM Fri, February 24 2012

guest82945 guest82945

it means stupid italian

3:12PM Sat, May 05 2012

guest82945 guest82945

well, i think

3:13PM Sat, May 05 2012

guest75058 guest75058

Haha, well that makes sense! I started watching Hetalia recently.

12:18PM Mon, August 27 2012

guest72422 guest72422

I love that anime! I makes since it means useless Italy

4:56PM Fri, September 14 2012

guest82584 guest82584

Hetalia Rocks!

9:14AM Thu, October 04 2012

guest20783 guest20783

Italy is so cute~

4:10PM Thu, January 03 2013

guest29265 guest29265

Hey Italy is my 2 nd favorite

6:18PM Mon, February 11 2013

guest96137 guest96137

Italy is pretty adorable.

7:45AM Fri, March 08 2013

guest70931 guest70931

Italy is SOOOOO CUTE!!!

5:55PM Sat, April 13 2013

guest48769 guest48769


5:44AM Tue, September 03 2013

guest18147 guest18147


9:29PM Wed, December 18 2013

guest13215 guest13215

Italy is NOT useless!

1:59PM Sun, July 06

anonymous Anonymous

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