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What does dtfl mean?

4:34AM Thu, December 29 2011

82e5d55695fcd953c25b4b6252a9d9fb_normal @NasStayyPAID Playboy Mansion

dying the fuck laughing

4:35AM Thu, December 29 2011

Apdxznmt_normal @TooFunny_Tone

thats gay

4:36AM Thu, December 29 2011

guest77473 guest77473

Fuck dis

5:11PM Fri, March 30 2012

guest47954 guest47954

It mean Dyin da F laugin

10:21PM Sat, August 04 2012

guest10834 guest10834

tht is not the correct term it is offensive to ppl who are actually gay. I AM NOT GAY THOUGH

11:14PM Sun, October 21 2012

guest82451 guest82451

uhhh... the fact that youre getting all extra about it means you might be... evaluate your life sir ^

3:50AM Tue, January 01 2013

guest15442 guest15442

DTFL!!!!!! hahahahaha^

9:01PM Wed, January 16 2013

guest27879 guest27879

Y'all are horrible. This is why society is fucked. Its because of people like you.

3:01PM Sat, January 26 2013

guest62417 guest62417

Dtfl ROTFF.....^@ all the above lls

4:23PM Sat, January 26 2013

guest34220 guest34220

Black people are so stupid

7:38PM Mon, March 04 2013

guest17608 guest17608


5:31PM Sat, March 30 2013

guest56850 guest56850

And stupid

5:32PM Sat, March 30 2013

guest64050 guest64050

Down to fuck later

10:29PM Tue, April 02 2013

guest64050 guest64050

Is that it

10:31PM Tue, April 02 2013

guest34220 guest34220

You can't even spell racist. Stupid black person.

6:31PM Mon, April 22 2013

guest52589 guest52589


3:20AM Mon, April 29 2013

guest81262 guest81262

Wtf is wrong with y'all??? Why you being so damn racist?????

10:17PM Wed, May 22 2013

guest73550 guest73550

fuck you whoever says black people are stupid white people are sometimes fuckin ignorant and a bunch of fucking dumb asses

9:08AM Fri, May 31 2013

guest92052 guest92052

Thank u ^

9:51PM Fri, June 21 2013

guest42272 guest42272

Dont steroetype any race to anything the one of the youngest boy that went to college was 13 and black

3:53AM Sun, July 07 2013

guest30510 guest30510

Every one of yall sound dumb as shit right now! Fucking tards...

1:44AM Fri, August 16 2013

guest88140 guest88140

Dick to find later

4:30PM Tue, October 01 2013

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