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Zmifnqx-_normal @TerrysTwoCents Charlottesville, VA

Ok Instagram, why can't I upload the WHOLE picture I take with my iPhone camera? Why must I make it bigger, and crop it? *sigh*

12:06PM Thu, January 05 2012

E6949862780877ba33bb2f8b8b48b5ec_normal @Parmie

strange I haven't heard of that happening before. Have you checked your settings?

12:08PM Thu, January 05 2012

657fecda35a5c7b4a19ab93b4a382453_normal @Lisa_J_O

because its square. And it's hip to be square as they say

12:08PM Thu, January 05 2012

Zmifnqx-_normal @TerrysTwoCents Charlottesville...

That's just silly. Lol

12:12PM Thu, January 05 2012

Zmifnqx-_normal @TerrysTwoCents Charlottesville...

What settings?

12:12PM Thu, January 05 2012

Fc24b8c05cad11e1b9f1123138140926_7_normal @SmartNSnazzy Colorado

It's so frustrating, isn't it?!

12:12PM Thu, January 05 2012

Zmifnqx-_normal @TerrysTwoCents Charlottesville...


12:13PM Thu, January 05 2012

B4cb2a5cf765cfa274dcb125ca222e67_normal @vafashiongirl Richmond, VA


12:43PM Thu, January 05 2012

E6949862780877ba33bb2f8b8b48b5ec_normal @Parmie

there should be options along the bottom of the screen whenever you take a pic.

12:59PM Thu, January 05 2012

Insanemommy_normal @DDubLuv_72 The South

u have to pinch out then pinch back in

2:42PM Thu, January 05 2012

guest40090 guest40090 montage lite..after that it works :)!

9:21AM Mon, September 10 2012

guest17888 guest17888

I wish it would just up load as you do on Facebook Follow me I'll follow back

11:48PM Tue, September 18 2012

guest60898 guest60898

I had the exact same problem, but also wanted a simple app that I could upload lots of pictures in just a few clicks & do it straight from my phone's camera. I couldn't find one so I made one, called it "Easy Square" -- -- Hope that helps!

7:53PM Tue, November 13 2012

guest75893 guest75893

I use the app called insta size which automatically sizes the pictures perfectly without cutting anything out on the picture and it goes directly to ur instagram

2:00PM Sat, June 07

anonymous Anonymous

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