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What does "don't drop dat dun dun dun" actually mean?

2:30AM Sat, January 07 2012

Image_normal @Jaaay21 in a world of complications

6th grade throwback?!

2:42AM Sat, January 07 2012

_aishha_normal @withlove_aisha

haha no that new song. Have you heard it?

2:49AM Sat, January 07 2012

guest99864 guest99864


1:42AM Sat, May 12 2012

guest99709 guest99709

Its thun thun thun. and its ecstacy.

1:18AM Sat, May 19 2012

guest76203 guest76203


11:14PM Sat, July 14 2012

guest92588 guest92588

It means don't drop the soap!

6:19PM Sun, July 15 2012

guest48683 guest48683

you btches

1:48AM Mon, July 16 2012

guest70163 guest70163

Dropping extacy

3:02AM Fri, August 03 2012

guest27075 guest27075

No it dont mean that

12:35PM Sun, August 19 2012

guest54656 guest54656

It does mean dnt drop ur CYCLE...dumb asses

7:57AM Tue, August 21 2012

guest41967 guest41967

Haha it's not ecstasy wtf? Wouldn't they want you to drop that lol

3:54AM Wed, August 29 2012

guest13067 guest13067

It is ecstacy. Come on people get your acts together.

7:09PM Thu, August 30 2012

guest87258 guest87258

is ecstasy a pill?

9:34PM Fri, August 31 2012

guest17696 guest17696

Lmao its estacy pic duuh

8:52AM Tue, September 18 2012

guest78772 guest78772

It means dont drop that ass dumbies

8:49AM Wed, October 24 2012

guest12390 guest12390

i love men

1:47PM Wed, November 07 2012

guest95647 guest95647

No it mean dont drop that pussie stupid fags

12:50AM Thu, November 08 2012

guest81455 guest81455

no -_-

11:56AM Mon, November 19 2012

guest81455 guest81455


11:57AM Mon, November 19 2012

guest64271 guest64271

Whats the throw back one ??? PLEASE HELP its like a song then in the midle it says DOnt drop that dun dund un

9:16PM Thu, March 14 2013

guest24294 guest24294

what does it mean

7:25PM Sat, March 30 2013

guest51328 guest51328

It means dat ass

10:21PM Thu, May 30 2013

guest93105 guest93105

What song?

8:01AM Sat, July 20 2013

guest12407 guest12407

Dont drop that durk a durk

1:56AM Mon, August 05 2013

guest72719 guest72719

It means ass fucktards.

9:30PM Fri, August 09 2013

guest80256 guest80256

dun dun dunnn is an ecstacy pill ..... its drug... its slang for when you are buying them in a club setting, u don't want anybody in ur business so that's what u say "Dont Drop that dun dun dun"... don't drop the pill when u doing ur hand off ..... u can tell folks who are not street savvy

8:50PM Fri, September 06 2013

guest80256 guest80256

in his first verse he says literally says " I had one pill left and it fell out of my hand damn" ... dont drop that dun dun dun.... people dancing and don't even know what they dancing too

8:54PM Fri, September 06 2013

guest49219 guest49219

Sexy pussy

3:31PM Sun, February 02

guest70651 guest70651


8:38PM Wed, March 19

anonymous Anonymous

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