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What does sulit means in Tagalog? In Malay it means confidential

7:27AM Mon, January 09 2012

Faisyax_normal @faisyax in your pants


7:28AM Mon, January 09 2012

405954_371328479544681_100000025965901_1479706_1673111278_n_normal @meLEMuel Philippines

sulit means getting more than what you paid for-- as per Kris Aquino's TVC

7:28AM Mon, January 09 2012

3f106e39aeef83e2db5d07fe14389b08_normal @shaunanaksiup ÜT: 15.904772,1...

Its getting more than what we're paying for! :))

7:28AM Mon, January 09 2012

Aleeex_normal @yumisandora07 Philippines

sulit- it`s worth it. :)

7:29AM Mon, January 09 2012

Tumblr_ltodeynuuh1qj9ccao1_1280_normal @DaryllMillave Narnia

It's getting more than what you've paid for.

7:29AM Mon, January 09 2012

Image_normal @dither1997 Manila, Philippines

sulit, its getting more what you paid for

7:29AM Mon, January 09 2012

305844_102720663168997_100002931907630_12836_55163547_n_normal @meandyouwithbb Phil

just watch the commercial of ms.kris aquino and bimbe! the nido 3+! there's the answer! ehehhe!

7:29AM Mon, January 09 2012

2012_02_20_17_51_03_454_001_normal @gladslove0195 Philippines

It's getting more than what you pay for.. hehe..

7:29AM Mon, January 09 2012

F827439b54ae1e59a8bcb1cf148174cd_normal @veamatel cavite, philippines

you get more than wat u pay for

7:29AM Mon, January 09 2012

Twitter_profile2_normal @thegirlmonique Manila, Philippines

Getting more than what you paid for ☺ Right Bimby and ? ☺ ♥

7:29AM Mon, January 09 2012

H_normal @LoisLovesLorna cagayan de oro, Philippines

sulit. its getting more that what you needed. haha#nido

7:29AM Mon, January 09 2012

23438_101984516510556_100000970244903_13180_1891013_n_normal @leafamularcano makati

hi miss carmen .. good evening :)

7:29AM Mon, January 09 2012

Twvnmqw2e131docpxfnb_normal @leoj72 Ubec City, Philippines

sulit means worth it :)

7:29AM Mon, January 09 2012

61271_1198456979764_1778728212_355410_8160241_n_normal @lorrainejoyce18

it's something like uv got ur money's worth.. like you pay 50 rm in shogun but ur very full when you get out so it's sulit ^^

7:29AM Mon, January 09 2012

551524_422878344396407_100000227353112_1949400_2108728649_n_normal @akosikaycee29 Parañaque

its getting more what you paid for ::))@itsmekrisaquino -tama po ba ?

7:30AM Mon, January 09 2012

Photo__13__normal @kmvs18 Las Pinas

as ms. sulit, it's getting more for what you paid for

7:30AM Mon, January 09 2012

Grace_canlas_normal @Grace_Canlas PH

Its getting more than what you paid for :)

7:30AM Mon, January 09 2012

Tumblr_lrykceubkv1r29nz2o1_400_normal @mariahanney Philippines

Its just like "satisfied"

7:30AM Mon, January 09 2012

A1ff98be4d092432800310ea4c612b306c3063_large_1__normal @miminShines far far away :p

sulit= worth it, getting what you pay for. 

7:30AM Mon, January 09 2012

Hk_trip_058_normal @jhaycee14 Bulacan;Quezon City

sulit means it getting more than what you paid for

7:30AM Mon, January 09 2012

N517941911_466728_3596_normal @theHerculesShow Canada

sulit means enough.

7:30AM Mon, January 09 2012

161_normal @GrazeLovesU Zamboanga City

sulit= worth it :))

7:30AM Mon, January 09 2012

892362d01d0f6c5429c655b43b0ef4df_normal @novlyf Pilipinas kong mahal

worth it

7:30AM Mon, January 09 2012

407106_2378404222562_1324336374_31948206_106456464_n_normal @hanncel07 philippines

it's getting more you paid for. :))

7:30AM Mon, January 09 2012

Image0003_normal @franka_jenn baguio city, philippines

it means "getting more than what u've pay for" -accg. to Ms.Kris :))

7:30AM Mon, January 09 2012

30_normal @yourTISH

Sulit means getting more than what u pay for.. as per ..:)

7:31AM Mon, January 09 2012

Ijk0wiomxshjesc0sx2a_normal @geeboiii Bulacan, Philippines


7:31AM Mon, January 09 2012

Xzpw7dzvss5xc4duah0v_normal @jayaddict042693 Calape, Bohol, Philippines

SULIT=it is m0re than what y0u are paying f0r.. RT PLEASE #SmartLifestyleHub #teamfollowback #instantfollowback #autofollowback

7:31AM Mon, January 09 2012

0369cab80aece288d1f25fe55d4c91e5_normal @ivandavis1915 Philippines

its getting more than what we pay for:))

7:31AM Mon, January 09 2012

E1beb925e0cf65df5bc85083b21d1e8f_normal @lavmarv maybunga pasig / dasma cavite

sulit is a tagalog word, sulit in english meaning= 'cheap"

7:31AM Mon, January 09 2012

Ea61904e823811e180c9123138016265_7_normal @jeneollin RZL, Philippines

sulit means it getting more of what you pay for :)

7:31AM Mon, January 09 2012

000l000bwrj_normal @brorene

more satistied- sulit

7:32AM Mon, January 09 2012

49147_1510946848_3276_q_normal @highway54 Philippines

roughly translated, sulit means "worth it" or "good value" in Tagalog.

7:32AM Mon, January 09 2012

A335da76b2cd74b41ca2aca8fc96e787_normal @angelus24 Philippines

it means you get most out of your money

7:32AM Mon, January 09 2012

Sam_2934_normal @vanick0818 Philippines

quoting Miss Kris Aquino in her Nido Commercial sulit means "getting more than what you paid for" ^^

7:33AM Mon, January 09 2012

7ed294c1cf290a6e20574882caa4e358_normal @ValerieAnnArmea

sulit means it's worth it, like sulit sa presyo, meaning it's worth the price ;-)

7:33AM Mon, January 09 2012

Image_normal @breekaye2011 richmond, british columbia

"worth it"

7:34AM Mon, January 09 2012

9b89e70b90930436c37cc820faf86451_normal @neenyow Philippines, Asia

oo nga, what is the exact english word for the tagalog word : sulit ? :-)

7:35AM Mon, January 09 2012

88dc67355992742c8efcf5c2d1872b88_normal @heyitsjance ÜT: 7.0718,125....

sulit means 'it's worth it'

7:35AM Mon, January 09 2012

N517941911_466728_3596_normal @theHerculesShow Canada

sulit in tagalog means sakto or sapat. In english, enough.

7:37AM Mon, January 09 2012

Screen_20120111_000154_normal @GaPangNa Quezon City, Philippines

its getting more what u paid for!

7:43AM Mon, January 09 2012

F99f0ad6920b1d989c15451bb8fec613_normal @reamaureen Pasig City, Philippines

it's getting more than what you paid for! haha

7:48AM Mon, January 09 2012

Glye_normal @iamgly_ong philippines

its getting more of what your paying for as for bimby tvc :) hehe

7:48AM Mon, January 09 2012

Recent_normal @briandavidz

make the most out of. in some cases, worth it.

7:49AM Mon, January 09 2012

976041257e15cb088b7e4636eddd6f91_normal @dayleengay Doha, Qatar

sulit means worth it :)

7:53AM Mon, January 09 2012

Mio12_normal @incezz_sherwood Philippines

it is like getting more on what you pay for :)) or in other words worth it ahehehe

8:04AM Mon, January 09 2012

69150_1649589402205_1311085771_1782559_7363008_n_normal @sam0395

it means getting more than what you pay for:)

8:05AM Mon, January 09 2012

Image_normal @luwisking

i think sulit means satisfy

8:23AM Mon, January 09 2012

A_smyl_can_cover_up_d_pain @leza14

well, interesting that pagsusulit means exams..:D

9:48AM Mon, January 09 2012

Photo0204_normal @iamthemeangirl philippines

it means paying more than what you pay for - by

10:33AM Mon, January 09 2012

_d2_89_e2_80_a2_1_normal @bababoomdang Manila, Philippines

Happy birthday po :)

12:19PM Mon, January 09 2012

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