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Why did Jinsu hit Jasmine?

9:52AM Wed, January 25 2012

E277a42f36841215ca337816e20be0dd_normal @VillegasGirls ??

he didn't.

9:53AM Wed, January 25 2012

Ck3o34qlt0rl4udnj2on_normal @dm21goncalves Maputo, Mozambique

jinsu hit jasmine? o.O

9:54AM Wed, January 25 2012

482446baf509db528cceb9cf4a4cc13e_normal @BelieberBisola


10:16AM Wed, January 25 2012

guest74140 guest74140

It's something about jasmine's mother lying and stuff and ... idk ! I'm lost myself. check out the song what would you do by jdrew that might explain somethin a little but ; )

12:10PM Tue, April 10 2012

guest37549 guest37549

have you seen the video , shes about to do a cover and then her boyfirend ( jinsu ) comes and slapes her face to the ground and drags her in to the room and starts beating her up

1:21AM Sun, July 22 2012

guest56132 guest56132

No one knows only stupid jinsu does but jasmine v got abused and gins cracked jasmines head with a phone

12:01AM Mon, July 30 2012

guest51552 guest51552

she was getting abused by both Jinsu and her mom jinsu beat her because he had anger issues and her mom was on crack and shit its a fucked up story either way she got abused but she still stood on her two feet have to admit she's a strong little lady

10:51AM Tue, August 14 2012

guest17971 guest17971

jinsu is a dork.

5:56PM Sat, November 03 2012

guest32288 guest32288

Jinsu is my man STFU

7:48AM Fri, November 16 2012

guest39360 guest39360

I heard it had something to do with Jasmine V getting an Abortion or her mom lying to jinsu or maybe he had issues one of those things

11:05PM Thu, December 27 2012

guest37745 guest37745

Jinsu was a mean boyfriend to jasmine v. Jasmine we got your back in any promble

2:45PM Sat, April 06 2013

guest37745 guest37745

That is a lye cuz her mom didn't abused Jasmine. Text me Jasmine

3:28PM Sat, April 06 2013

guest37745 guest37745

Jasmine write me back plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

4:52PM Sun, April 07 2013

guest37745 guest37745

I can't believe what jinsu did to jasmine after so many years they been dating

4:55PM Sun, April 07 2013

guest27400 guest27400

Idk..but all I know he abused her

10:37AM Sat, May 04 2013

guest16555 guest16555

she did have an abortion

10:07AM Fri, May 10 2013

guest16555 guest16555

jinsu made jasmine have an abortion and thats why they started fighting so then she had no choice but to then one day she got mad him about the abortion thing and thats when he threw the table at her head and luckily it missed her but im not on any ones side, i just think we should support jasmine but at the same time you never know the real story unless you with jasmine in bed with her so everyone should just stfu

10:11AM Fri, May 10 2013

guest66377 guest66377

he needs to know wat it feels like..he cant do that OMG i just saw the video its terrible im glad they broke up it makes me wanna cry they sounded like the perfect couple but not behind closed doors.... hes probably going to hell for abusing a girl that totally loved him god bless u jazzy

6:26PM Tue, July 09 2013

guest76628 guest76628

He was an ass hole cuz I know how my bf is he screams at me but doesn't hit me still he made me cry either way :(

3:15AM Mon, September 16 2013

guest99614 guest99614

I don't know if any of this shit is true but it better be cuz its for a fuckin Spanish project....better b the truth cuz we need to pass this fucked up class

12:06PM Mon, October 21 2013

guest18478 guest18478

^lol shut up.

12:08PM Mon, October 21 2013

guest52461 guest52461

Damn jasmine is my fake mom she goes to my school and is my best friend cosin vut yea she is my fake mom and jinsu but I kno his real name I'm now dating him should I take a break or what cause I'm scared now

9:25PM Tue, November 19 2013

guest97590 guest97590

how do you date jinsu? But he did beat jasmine go and watch her video for Didn't Mean It. that tells the whole story him hitting her, her trying to get out and him stopping her. It is a good song but it makes you cry.

12:23PM Tue, December 31 2013

guest31922 guest31922

WTF jinsu abused Jasmine and so did her mom end of story and guest whatever i dont believe you -.-

9:31PM Wed, July 23

anonymous Anonymous

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