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How do you accept follower requests on instagram? #help

8:38PM Thu, January 26 2012

Mqd2out0_normal @_LacedxGod_

Go to their profile and press Accept

8:39PM Thu, January 26 2012

Image_normal @x_emms Westerville

I don't see an accept button anywhere. I feel stupid af :(

8:46PM Thu, January 26 2012

guest54254 guest54254

same question WTF??? Ditto

11:58PM Sun, April 08 2012

guest12719 guest12719

same questtion

1:38PM Tue, April 17 2012

guest40625 guest40625

me too!

3:31AM Thu, May 17 2012

guest69051 guest69051

you click on their name when you click on the news button and then it takes you to their account and then baam at the top it automatically says do you accept and u click either approve or ignore or something like that :) hope i helped

3:33PM Sun, August 05 2012

guest98300 guest98300

what if u cant find there name?

8:37PM Tue, January 08 2013

guest72012 guest72012

If you update your instagram, and your account is on Private, look in the section to where you find your followers/news - you should find a friend request where you can choose to follow this person or not! :)

4:15PM Fri, January 11 2013

guest48348 guest48348

you click on their request and at the top of where it says "follow" it'll have a green check mark or a red X. Click on the checkmark to accept or the X to reject.

4:04PM Thu, January 17 2013

guest80655 guest80655

what if i whant to do it fast?

11:20PM Sun, January 20 2013

guest93947 guest93947

does it work on instagram for google chrome as well?

11:35AM Tue, January 29 2013

guest86779 guest86779

does all this work on a computer?

1:12PM Sat, February 09 2013

guest35091 guest35091

It Does Not Work On Computers .

6:34PM Fri, March 01 2013

guest66323 guest66323

Does the person get a notification, if I ignore them?

10:37PM Sat, March 16 2013

guest98638 guest98638

Hello people

9:55PM Fri, March 29 2013

guest50642 guest50642

How do u accept on a computer???? HELP

4:02PM Sat, April 06 2013

guest81399 guest81399

10:14AM Mon, April 08 2013

guest30569 guest30569

4:45PM Wed, April 10 2013

guest21880 guest21880

Mmm I didn't see a news button I neep help:(

5:06PM Thu, April 11 2013

guest99981 guest99981

yes! HELP WANTED!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????/

4:50PM Sat, June 01 2013

guest99981 guest99981

how to do it on the computer?????

4:51PM Sat, June 01 2013

guest39091 guest39091

Same here?

11:04PM Tue, June 25 2013

guest33076 guest33076

how do you accept on a COMPUTER!!!!!!!!

1:23AM Wed, July 10 2013

guest42616 guest42616

Does the person requesting to follow me on instagram get notified if I accept their request?

2:30PM Sun, August 04 2013

anonymous Anonymous

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