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What is a thot?

12:57AM Sat, January 28 2012

7696c579228122345ccc437b028ced7e_normal @HaayMiracle_ Chicago.

LMFAOOO. That's what all the hood bitches be saying.

12:58AM Sat, January 28 2012

6mmt9l0j_normal @Burthday_Gurl BritVille (:

a hoe

12:59AM Sat, January 28 2012

9ojz7br49w5xpkh9rjcu_normal @CheyAh_BossBoa

a hoe/strag.

12:59AM Sat, January 28 2012

5b5f22e3f2a33bb2bfe5a3a0d2c849d9_normal @lovecashh

a whore.

1:01AM Sat, January 28 2012

2f4278d1acbf26d2d47dbff2792ba60d_normal @ZayummmZaddy Chicago,IL

lmfaoooo it sound like a type of bug

1:01AM Sat, January 28 2012

7696c579228122345ccc437b028ced7e_normal @HaayMiracle_ Chicago.

LMFAO hell yeah! That shit stupid.

1:02AM Sat, January 28 2012

93628dc2ee69ccfa648d18cd06d23cd6_normal @lindSAY_myname Gettin high with my Bestfriend

" These hoes out There" from what I was told.

1:06AM Sat, January 28 2012

guest93015 guest93015

The Hoes Ova There

4:14AM Tue, June 19 2012

guest15491 guest15491

a mf hoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee #truuuuuuuuu

4:16AM Wed, June 20 2012

guest48784 guest48784

A hoe a bitch a whore and a strag

2:52PM Wed, June 20 2012

guest51460 guest51460


11:32PM Mon, June 25 2012

guest84914 guest84914

I got hella thots

3:39AM Sun, July 08 2012

guest39256 guest39256


8:07PM Wed, July 18 2012

guest46836 guest46836

A hoe follow me

1:43PM Wed, August 08 2012

Twitter-icon_normal @replyz

A hoe follow me

1:43PM Wed, August 08 2012

guest12165 guest12165

A Hoee W/ Y'all Dumb Asses

1:50PM Tue, August 14 2012

guest17121 guest17121

These hoes out there = Yerbs invading the peace

10:33PM Wed, August 15 2012

Twitter-icon_normal @replyz

These hoes out there = Yerbs invading the peace

10:33PM Wed, August 15 2012

guest36398 guest36398

All Y'all Ass Is Wrong, A Definition Of Thot: Is Worse Than Being A Hoe. Its Not A Strag Or A Slut, Just The Next Level Of Hoeing, Thats All.

11:15PM Wed, October 10 2012

guest40375 guest40375

Her: whats a thot ? Me: Its yhu bitch ! cause you got called one thats why you asked right

9:32PM Thu, October 11 2012

guest12639 guest12639

I swear its to many thots in dis world

5:35PM Fri, October 19 2012

guest84346 guest84346

Lmaoo , My gf told me that I got THOTS ( THIRSTY HOES ON THE SIDE ].

7:50AM Sat, November 24 2012

guest54896 guest54896

A thot is a WHORE STRAGG BUSSA who dont got no type of respect for themselves

2:42PM Tue, November 27 2012

guest99994 guest99994

I like guest84346 comment better. Make more sense

4:10PM Thu, December 27 2012

guest64974 guest64974

Yall all thots^ lmfaaao. #stuipdd hoess.

2:26PM Fri, December 28 2012

guest52057 guest52057

Only black people the real definition ov a thot does not describes a Hoe goooo look it up dumasss

10:15PM Sat, December 29 2012

guest47238 guest47238

A Thor is a black hoe / Bussa& all black girls are bussas

6:59AM Thu, January 03 2013

guest97769 guest97769

LMASSOOFFFFF Guest47238 is funny!

6:23AM Fri, January 04 2013

guest47558 guest47558

Some stupid slang black teenagers and uneducated ghetto mainstream hoes made up.

4:00AM Sat, January 05 2013

guest88775 guest88775

shutup black peope aint ghetto racist dog

6:46PM Mon, January 07 2013

guest40372 guest40372

sdfup guest47558 bitchh i ve seen a whole lot of races tryna be ghetto so dnt come at black people wenn yall asses tryna be da same nd nxt time come correctly o dnt come at all

12:43AM Sun, January 13 2013

guest97986 guest97986


10:50AM Mon, January 28 2013

guest58470 guest58470

This is ridiculous like people are still rasist ? Not all "black" teenagers say thot. Half of my cacuasion friends refer to Thor instead of saying hoe. So whoever said only black teenagers say it is lying.

6:33PM Wed, February 06 2013

guest70338 guest70338

a goin ass bitch!! Ex...mane i got this thot ova here..she want da whole team

2:13AM Sat, February 23 2013

guest26840 guest26840

only the hood bitches ...

4:32PM Sun, February 24 2013

guest62096 guest62096


11:22PM Mon, February 25 2013

guest74657 guest74657


1:49PM Fri, March 01 2013

guest91145 guest91145

Slut follow me on Instagram I follow back plus I have amazing pics and twitter

10:28AM Tue, March 05 2013

guest97340 guest97340

Thaats what aah thot is

2:08PM Sat, March 16 2013

guest94485 guest94485

Tf' so what if we are hood dont mean shit so stfu

6:32PM Thu, March 21 2013

guest35687 guest35687

Fuck the white people fuck the cops fuck these dirty bitches fuck your mom

9:11AM Mon, March 25 2013

guest87587 guest87587

A Thot Is A hoee Ass Bitch.! they Hoes, buh They Like Worse.! BangBang.!

1:53PM Mon, March 25 2013

guest58065 guest58065

All ya niggas is a thot

1:33AM Tue, March 26 2013

guest46650 guest46650

Follow me on Instagram and twitter

5:22PM Tue, April 09 2013

guest53087 guest53087

Ha , i learned what a thot , is smh !

11:36PM Tue, April 09 2013

guest29280 guest29280

Why does everything have to turn racist or sexist. We all on here for the reason of finding out what a fucking thot is.

8:56PM Wed, April 10 2013

guest64294 guest64294

A thot is ah hoe/strag/ah bitch who fuckss wit erbody && cant keep dey damn legss closed , thot ass bitches !

9:52PM Sat, April 13 2013

guest53388 guest53388

Follow me on Twitter

4:27PM Wed, April 24 2013

guest67629 guest67629

Follow me on Instagram and Twitter

11:00AM Mon, May 13 2013

guest67629 guest67629

Follow me on instagram

11:02AM Mon, May 13 2013

guest47948 guest47948

Follow me kysbuffie. Or cachemonae instagram

3:38PM Mon, May 27 2013

guest43583 guest43583

Truu It's A Hoe

11:45AM Thu, May 30 2013

guest38250 guest38250

Hahaahahhaaahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahjahahahajajajhahahahhahdirnahisnsusoanagaosns you all type like handicaps.

5:44AM Thu, June 06 2013

guest53779 guest53779

Ard first off a thot is in a relation to a hoe etc & y'all white bitches be throwing that word around too! Don't play.

4:48PM Sun, June 09 2013

guest31666 guest31666


12:33PM Fri, June 14 2013

guest45197 guest45197

Lol wow. You guys are dumb. A thot is worse than a hoe. Its basically a girl who fucks with everyone.

7:33PM Wed, June 19 2013

guest45197 guest45197

Hahahahaha js

7:34PM Wed, June 19 2013

guest75081 guest75081


10:57PM Fri, June 21 2013

guest61325 guest61325

a thot is a supa hoe LOL

9:40AM Tue, July 09 2013

guest90488 guest90488

A thot is a rachet ass hoe .

4:14AM Wed, August 07 2013

guest77130 guest77130

, T-That H-Hoe O- Out T-There

2:52PM Fri, August 16 2013

guest56208 guest56208


9:44PM Tue, September 17 2013

guest85471 guest85471

a THOT is a triflin ass BITCH dat fucck nd such all niggas so she can be knowned....(HOEE)

2:24PM Mon, September 23 2013

guest85471 guest85471

A Thot Is a Bitch That Want Attetion That Do Shit That Can Make Everybody Know Them In They Have A SEX Problem Here Are Some Names We Call Them Hoes : Thot ;Thottiana : Super Thot ; Thotland ; Thirsty Thot ; Rachet Thot ;ThotBox ;ThotNet ;NASTY Thot ; Kitchen Thot ;Thoty Thot

2:30PM Mon, September 23 2013

guest85471 guest85471

<-------------------------------------------- That Bitch A Seasonal THOT !

1:14PM Wed, September 25 2013

guest85471 guest85471

deeez hoes are ------------>thotathon

2:12PM Mon, November 04 2013

guest85471 guest85471

this la nookie yin get sum dick in her mouth

2:16PM Mon, November 04 2013

guest41031 guest41031

Thristy hoe's over thirty...

7:05PM Thu, November 21 2013

guest27446 guest27446

shidd some of the people on here that's responding are some super thirty ass thots...

5:52PM Tue, December 31 2013

guest97387 guest97387

yo mama is a thot !!!!!!

1:25PM Tue, February 11

guest42781 guest42781

A thought it A hoe, there isn't worse then being A hoe because you are already fuckin everyone. A thot is A hoe.

1:38PM Mon, March 03

guest90392 guest90392


4:00PM Mon, March 10

guest90392 guest90392

Subscribe to Chris Smoove QJB SoCloseToToast and YoutubableHD

4:01PM Mon, March 10

guest41064 guest41064


9:07PM Mon, April 14

guest41064 guest41064


9:08PM Mon, April 14

guest11262 guest11262

Some idiotic slang word made up by teens that have nothing better to do.

7:33AM Tue, May 06

guest31308 guest31308

Yo mamma

3:43AM Tue, May 13

guest91926 guest91926


11:20AM Sat, June 28

guest21719 guest21719

Thirsty hoes out there

10:47PM Thu, July 10

guest74272 guest74272

fkn rasist azz. ngas in hea fk every1 of yall

about 3 hours ago

anonymous Anonymous

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