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3656406146ecfbf43c3c9896de6f240b_normal @ol_man_Wight RichmondVirginia

What does #LT mean? #asktwitter

3:30AM Sun, February 05 2012

E87cabc54788b4febb520a4390cf6a6b_normal @ThatChickAri

last tweet

3:31AM Sun, February 05 2012

3656406146ecfbf43c3c9896de6f240b_normal @ol_man_Wight RichmondVirginia

ooooooooh, im super late lol thank ya : )

3:33AM Sun, February 05 2012

E87cabc54788b4febb520a4390cf6a6b_normal @ThatChickAri

lol you really are! I know you see it all the time! haha, np!

3:34AM Sun, February 05 2012

3656406146ecfbf43c3c9896de6f240b_normal @ol_man_Wight RichmondVirginia

lol I really do and felt so slow about it lol

3:37AM Sun, February 05 2012

E87cabc54788b4febb520a4390cf6a6b_normal @ThatChickAri

that's when you turn to google! lol

3:40AM Sun, February 05 2012

3656406146ecfbf43c3c9896de6f240b_normal @ol_man_Wight RichmondVirginia

nah urban dictionary...and they were no help lol

3:41AM Sun, February 05 2012

E87cabc54788b4febb520a4390cf6a6b_normal @ThatChickAri

I googled "what does LT mean on twitter" just to be a smart ass & it came up lol sooo :

3:43AM Sun, February 05 2012

3656406146ecfbf43c3c9896de6f240b_normal @ol_man_Wight RichmondVirginia

well you just lucked up for doing that, I tried being black and using urban dictionary..and they gave me niggerish answers lol

3:46AM Sun, February 05 2012

E87cabc54788b4febb520a4390cf6a6b_normal @ThatChickAri

what else did you expect from URBAN DICTIONARY? Lol, a sight created for niggerish definitions smh

3:48AM Sun, February 05 2012

3656406146ecfbf43c3c9896de6f240b_normal @ol_man_Wight RichmondVirginia

tuché lol but why wouldnt I look up a niggerish acronym on a niggerish website to get an answer? Lol

3:53AM Sun, February 05 2012

E87cabc54788b4febb520a4390cf6a6b_normal @ThatChickAri

bc niggERs are always late with everything, duh! lol they'll have that definition posted in 2014

3:54AM Sun, February 05 2012

3656406146ecfbf43c3c9896de6f240b_normal @ol_man_Wight RichmondVirginia

that word STIL dont seem right comin out your mouth lol, but that actually is true. Good point lol

3:56AM Sun, February 05 2012

E87cabc54788b4febb520a4390cf6a6b_normal @ThatChickAri

niggER niggER niggER niggER .. I capitalize the ER for dramatic effect.

3:57AM Sun, February 05 2012

guest36658 guest36658

STFU All Yall Dumb Bitches ! The Word NIGGER Is Rude And DEAD And Yall Are LAME !

1:14PM Thu, July 12 2012

guest86871 guest86871

Yall So Lame Ppl Fo That ! Bt I bet The Niggers Will BeatbYo Ass Doh ! :) Just Sayin

1:22AM Wed, August 15 2012

guest25484 guest25484

every body shut up. nigger is a word and it means inferior race. of you are offended that means you are racist for thinking your own race is inferior. it's 2012. shut up.

3:43AM Mon, August 20 2012

guest67238 guest67238

yeah! fuck all of you

8:01AM Sun, November 11 2012

guest20878 guest20878

what does last tweet mean ??

1:33PM Sun, December 16 2012

guest19826 guest19826

fuckn retards

2:49PM Mon, January 28 2013

guest65571 guest65571

actually to guest25484 "nigger" is a variation of "negro" which means "black". not saying it's an acceptable term, but you should stop talking out of your ass, because "nigger" does not mean "inferior race"

4:25PM Wed, February 06 2013

guest23669 guest23669


2:03AM Thu, February 14 2013

guest18871 guest18871

Nigger is a word very much alive. It singles out no one. It means an ignorant person . Y'all are retarded

11:58AM Fri, March 01 2013

guest47594 guest47594

Just like guest20878, I want to know what last tweet means.

12:24AM Sun, April 07 2013

guest96355 guest96355

Means it's the last tweet they're typing (for that moment)

5:51PM Tue, April 09 2013

guest33593 guest33593

K, how did it get from last tweet to niggers???)

6:32PM Wed, April 17 2013

guest16780 guest16780

Do u kids have nothing to do I mean come on all y'all some stupid ass lowkey bitches, get a fuckin life

12:43AM Sat, April 20 2013

guest63519 guest63519

you people are racist cunts.

10:45PM Sun, April 28 2013

guest54210 guest54210

Woah this escalated quickly.

12:19AM Fri, June 07 2013

guest36707 guest36707

Jingle bells jingle bells.....

11:17PM Sun, August 04 2013

guest14098 guest14098

The Lt said something about niggers? Wut. Lol

3:27PM Mon, September 09 2013

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