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Instagram niggets...what does #ootd mean?

6:31PM Sat, February 25 2012

Tjrwr61r_normal @YumiYoko

outfit of the day

6:33PM Sat, February 25 2012

9b667a6df2a9176c787b9f5058b4b233_normal @ShoeGameCrazyy Chicago

outfit of the day.

6:33PM Sat, February 25 2012

20e2f3428cc520016aa13096077da2cf_normal @MsEboog

ooohhhhhhh ok. That makes sense lol

6:35PM Sat, February 25 2012

guest37746 guest37746

Ootd means o-outfit o-of t-the d-day

6:36PM Wed, August 08 2012

guest80809 guest80809

llssss ctfupppp y'all stupid asses

7:46PM Sat, August 11 2012

guest56202 guest56202

I was assuming it meant out of town day. Lmao.

10:26PM Thu, August 16 2012

guest60737 guest60737


4:19PM Tue, September 25 2012

guest96264 guest96264

It means Outfit Of The Day

4:14PM Wed, September 26 2012

guest87624 guest87624

It means. O-outfit O-of T-the D-day

5:52PM Mon, October 01 2012

guest95225 guest95225

I thought it was one-of-those-days this whole time smh haha

12:47PM Tue, October 02 2012

guest19298 guest19298

10:44AM Wed, October 03 2012

guest63111 guest63111

I feel slow

5:19PM Wed, October 03 2012

guest29359 guest29359

i thought i was a disease or something , lol. xD

1:55AM Thu, October 04 2012

guest14475 guest14475

it means oh oh to daddylike

8:50AM Sat, October 06 2012

guest50771 guest50771

Outfit of the day..

6:20PM Sun, October 07 2012

guest72157 guest72157

Outfit Of The Day . I didn't kniw at first either (:

6:17PM Wed, October 10 2012

guest43941 guest43941

Out fit of the day

11:56AM Thu, October 11 2012

guest50909 guest50909

Lmao I thought it meant one of thos days too Hahahahahaha

4:36PM Thu, October 11 2012

guest28855 guest28855


7:31PM Fri, October 12 2012

guest17134 guest17134

Out fit of the day

8:11AM Wed, October 31 2012

guest48912 guest48912

Outfit Of The Day forevvzz grllzz

7:17PM Thu, November 01 2012

guest91664 guest91664

lol i stopped doing my pic of the day thing because i didnt know what it meant . i feel very slow

1:00PM Mon, November 12 2012

guest59014 guest59014

It stands for... Out Of This Dimension!

11:39AM Thu, November 15 2012

guest79981 guest79981

It stands for Orally Operates The D

12:03AM Mon, November 26 2012

guest22875 guest22875

It stand for outfit of the day

8:53PM Tue, November 27 2012

guest71996 guest71996

Offer of the day or outfit of the day

6:18PM Fri, November 30 2012

guest95972 guest95972

I didn't know what it ment but I needed to

11:52PM Fri, November 30 2012

guest93109 guest93109

out of the door

2:36PM Sat, December 01 2012

guest25904 guest25904

It means Outfit Of The Day

8:53AM Sun, December 02 2012

guest50919 guest50919

O-utfit O-f T-he D-ay

11:26AM Sun, December 02 2012

guest47201 guest47201

Its otd the diesies

12:19PM Sun, December 02 2012

guest23584 guest23584

Thnx I was in the same situation

2:44PM Mon, December 03 2012

guest68562 guest68562

Outfit of the day

7:05PM Wed, December 05 2012

guest66091 guest66091

Haha I thought it was something stupid like YOLO xD

9:21AM Fri, December 07 2012

guest34857 guest34857

I thought it was Out Of The Door! Hahaa

10:50AM Sat, December 08 2012

guest56562 guest56562

Ctfuu O-outfit O-of T-the D-day

1:49PM Sat, December 08 2012

guest64201 guest64201

I was wondering too! Yay now I know.

5:49PM Sat, December 08 2012

guest36504 guest36504


8:19AM Mon, December 10 2012

guest69128 guest69128

Ohh thnx bitches!!

8:40PM Sat, December 15 2012

guest31807 guest31807

Outfit Of The Day

10:21PM Mon, December 17 2012

guest10748 guest10748


11:35PM Sun, December 23 2012

guest67061 guest67061

O______ O__ T____ D_____!!!!!!!!!! OOTD Outfit of the day!!!!!!!!!!

9:49AM Mon, December 24 2012

guest87560 guest87560

Omg I was so confused until now haha lol

4:28PM Wed, December 26 2012

guest97935 guest97935

I didn't know wat it meant either until now

11:22PM Sun, December 30 2012

guest21718 guest21718

Outfit of the day

2:52PM Wed, January 02 2013

guest87337 guest87337

Outfit if the day

8:17AM Fri, January 04 2013

guest60911 guest60911


2:53PM Fri, January 04 2013

guest22446 guest22446

Outit of the day! It's not that complicated

7:47AM Thu, January 17 2013

guest82043 guest82043

thanks for letting us know! i was confused

12:24PM Thu, January 24 2013

guest47038 guest47038

Outfit Of The Dayy......Yall Fhuckin Stupid haha jk?!?

5:18PM Fri, February 01 2013

guest64103 guest64103

Outfit of the day

11:21PM Fri, February 01 2013

guest64103 guest64103


11:21PM Fri, February 01 2013

guest64712 guest64712

O-outfit O-of T-the D-day

12:09AM Sat, February 02 2013

guest64712 guest64712

O-offer O-of T-the D-day Of O-outfit O-of T-the D-day

12:12AM Sat, February 02 2013

guest64712 guest64712

I mean or

12:14AM Sat, February 02 2013

guest16718 guest16718


4:10AM Sat, February 02 2013

guest64480 guest64480

Hehe I was confused too!! Thanks! :)

4:30AM Sat, February 02 2013

guest27242 guest27242


8:03AM Sat, February 02 2013

guest33249 guest33249

I didnt know either until i saw this...thanks!<3

11:16PM Sat, February 02 2013

guest50958 guest50958

Offer Of The Day or Outfit Of The Day

1:03PM Tue, February 05 2013

guest53172 guest53172

Outfit of the day!!!!!!

11:07AM Wed, February 06 2013

guest49281 guest49281

You guys are idiots

8:08PM Wed, February 13 2013

guest37131 guest37131

ootd is on octapus peins daily

11:10AM Sat, March 02 2013

guest53805 guest53805

oh wow thanx ^.^ cuz i felt stupid lol

2:48PM Sat, March 02 2013

guest58929 guest58929

Outfit of the day.... -.-

8:13PM Sat, March 02 2013

guest90118 guest90118

Out fit of the day...... I think

1:59AM Thu, March 07 2013

guest71879 guest71879

Outfit of the day

4:19PM Thu, March 07 2013

guest95828 guest95828

O I feel stupid whoops

10:47PM Sun, March 10 2013

guest19207 guest19207

Outfit of the day

11:54PM Wed, March 20 2013

guest60519 guest60519

outfit of the day

6:41PM Sun, March 31 2013

guest22521 guest22521

It means giraffes

6:37PM Mon, April 01 2013

guest97710 guest97710

Haha I knew that (not)

7:53PM Mon, April 01 2013

guest33610 guest33610

It means out fit of the day .

6:01AM Tue, April 02 2013

guest15713 guest15713

It Means Outfit Of The Day People Of The World .. By the Way This Is John

7:08AM Tue, April 02 2013

guest83210 guest83210

Oh haha i feel dumb

10:33PM Sun, April 07 2013

guest94022 guest94022

Out fit of the day

7:54PM Mon, April 08 2013

guest98462 guest98462

Out fit of the day :)

3:59AM Tue, April 09 2013

guest64407 guest64407

Outfit of the day...

9:23AM Wed, May 01 2013

guest62574 guest62574

O-outfit O-of T-the D-day

12:57PM Wed, May 01 2013

guest40216 guest40216

Lol I think he/she knows what it means now...

3:23PM Wed, May 01 2013

guest75241 guest75241

Outfit of the day

9:33PM Wed, May 01 2013

guest13944 guest13944

Yep outfit of the day ❤

10:12PM Thu, May 02 2013

guest56737 guest56737

outfit of the dayy

10:08PM Fri, May 10 2013

guest34283 guest34283

Fuck you all

3:24AM Mon, May 27 2013

guest22872 guest22872

Hello everybody

6:46PM Fri, May 31 2013

guest61251 guest61251

Wow how long ago

1:31PM Sat, June 01 2013

guest63336 guest63336

Outfit of the day

6:11PM Sun, June 02 2013

guest96735 guest96735


5:59AM Mon, July 29 2013

guest22782 guest22782

i want to have sex right now

10:21PM Sun, October 20 2013

guest22782 guest22782

does anyone want to eat my pussy its all wet and juicy and i ll masturbate in front of you so u can cum

10:22PM Sun, October 20 2013

guest74652 guest74652

outif of the day

8:13AM Sun, March 23

guest15994 guest15994

Hehe. I knew that

10:20PM Wed, April 02

guest48771 guest48771

hu2..just knew it

12:57AM Tue, July 22

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