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How do I sign up for KiK?

1:07AM Wed, November 17 2010

like this

Image_normal @cyborg_mikey South County St. Louis, MO

whats this Kik i been hearing about lately?

1:08AM Wed, November 17 2010

95d3fa1b74222d612dc01e812f23c68c_normal @fonzo1984 bay area

as far as I know you have to get the app on your phone.

1:10AM Wed, November 17 2010

Image_normal @cyborg_mikey South County St. Louis, MO

nvm i know now.. its for #dumbberry's lol jk

1:11AM Wed, November 17 2010

308a4acac47958fc85e5bd9e7ac69b46_normal @ddw4e

go to BB App World. It;s there!

1:15AM Wed, November 17 2010

3ccc6b5d-2_normal @ima_JESUSfreakk

I cnt find it :(

1:22AM Wed, November 17 2010

308a4acac47958fc85e5bd9e7ac69b46_normal @ddw4e blackberry is temporary suspended but keep checking there :-)

1:55AM Wed, November 17 2010

guest91814 guest91814

type it in on google and then click on the first one

4:28PM Wed, January 04 2012

guest83652 guest83652

Hey I heard I need to get this

12:44AM Thu, August 16 2012

guest76081 guest76081

Fin me on twitter

1:13PM Sun, August 26 2012

guest84232 guest84232

find me on twitter @ wani22

11:02AM Thu, October 11 2012

guest84232 guest84232

sry i ment @ wani223

11:04AM Thu, October 11 2012

guest57210 guest57210

im a with stupid !!

3:37PM Wed, November 21 2012

guest57210 guest57210

find me @ theBathroom

3:38PM Wed, November 21 2012

guest81515 guest81515

im tryin to get in wat to do?

12:32AM Mon, November 26 2012

guest29412 guest29412

Heya happy new year

2:30PM Mon, January 07 2013

guest29412 guest29412

Hope your havin fun

2:31PM Mon, January 07 2013

guest76789 guest76789


9:02PM Fri, January 11 2013

guest36766 guest36766

You have to download the application on your phone either a blackberry, android, iphone, windows phone. Hope dis was helpful. Follow me on twitter.

5:33PM Tue, January 15 2013

guest59863 guest59863


4:22PM Thu, January 24 2013

guest43033 guest43033


10:27PM Thu, January 24 2013

guest43033 guest43033

Wass up

11:04PM Thu, January 24 2013

guest43033 guest43033


11:07PM Thu, January 24 2013

naruto naruto pangasinan

hai? how are you?

2:50AM Mon, January 28 2013

guest17611 guest17611

i don't have a twitter account

2:43PM Tue, February 19 2013

guest26923 guest26923

So sad

4:18PM Fri, March 01 2013

guest51184 guest51184

I can't find it

8:04PM Sun, March 03 2013

guest91580 guest91580

am tryin

3:31PM Thu, March 07 2013

guest21488 guest21488


4:04AM Sat, March 16 2013

guest50597 guest50597

Find me

5:56PM Mon, April 01 2013

guest11669 guest11669

hi,guys I want come on kik but I cant make account itno kik so plz help me that how I make account tell me that way

1:33PM Sat, April 20 2013

guest17182 guest17182


12:37PM Fri, April 26 2013

guest17182 guest17182

this is really pissing off because i have an iphone 5 but it ont let me download kik

12:38PM Fri, April 26 2013

guest17182 guest17182

*me off

12:39PM Fri, April 26 2013

guest17182 guest17182


12:40PM Fri, April 26 2013

guest85034 guest85034

hey watz up u peoplez

5:44PM Mon, May 06 2013

guest85034 guest85034

i love hector cabrera at lantana middle school!

5:45PM Mon, May 06 2013

guest85034 guest85034

i love you all

5:46PM Mon, May 06 2013

guest85034 guest85034

heeey wat r ya'll doin'

5:47PM Mon, May 06 2013

guest64365 guest64365

Who r yall

11:24PM Fri, May 17 2013

guest65762 guest65762

i need help to get a full name it won't let me in badly !

8:34PM Mon, May 20 2013

guest90536 guest90536

Mochamonge for an awesome time

1:32AM Tue, May 21 2013

guest83326 guest83326


6:54PM Fri, May 24 2013

guest53340 guest53340

this pissin meh dha fuk off!!!!!! :/

10:36AM Sun, May 26 2013

guest69278 guest69278

how do you get kik on computer

1:09PM Tue, May 28 2013

guest65946 guest65946


5:01PM Tue, June 04 2013

guest33310 guest33310

follow me on twitter instagram

3:31AM Thu, June 06 2013

guest61814 guest61814


9:59AM Mon, June 10 2013

guest45635 guest45635

follow me on KIK

1:44PM Sun, June 23 2013

guest45635 guest45635

guest65946 you have any friends

2:00PM Sun, June 23 2013

guest45635 guest45635

go on bb app world

2:01PM Sun, June 23 2013

guest96111 guest96111

how do u sing up to kik

8:30PM Mon, June 24 2013

guest20368 guest20368

how to get a kik

10:49PM Wed, June 26 2013

guest69067 guest69067


2:45PM Fri, June 28 2013

guest67392 guest67392

I need a kik right now girl i feel yuh

8:14PM Fri, June 28 2013

guest83979 guest83979


2:18PM Mon, July 01 2013

guest47413 guest47413


6:18AM Sat, July 06 2013

guest62288 guest62288

yeah how do u sigh up

9:07PM Sun, July 07 2013

guest78036 guest78036

heyyyyyyy i do not know how u sigh up for kik

11:24PM Tue, July 09 2013

guest74005 guest74005

How do u sign up?.!!

9:44AM Thu, July 11 2013

guest79266 guest79266

who do u sign up for a kik

5:03PM Thu, July 11 2013

guest70761 guest70761

how do i sign up

4:20PM Fri, July 12 2013

guest28393 guest28393

how do me and my friend sign up

8:12PM Sun, July 21 2013

guest43294 guest43294

you all is stuiped

10:24PM Sun, July 21 2013

guest33728 guest33728


5:46PM Wed, July 24 2013

guest49293 guest49293


8:22PM Sun, July 28 2013

guest90155 guest90155


8:03PM Mon, July 29 2013

guest31522 guest31522

u need to use a phone

9:15PM Mon, July 29 2013

guest47625 guest47625

whts up

3:19PM Wed, August 07 2013

guest66793 guest66793

can i use it on my laptop??

2:18AM Thu, August 08 2013

guest56495 guest56495

Can i use it on my laptop????

4:15PM Fri, August 09 2013

fliman10 fliman10


2:04AM Thu, August 15 2013

guest35534 guest35534


4:40PM Fri, September 06 2013

guest64332 guest64332


6:40PM Mon, September 30 2013

guest97112 guest97112

To guest 33728, and others, go to their website will open, check f oor your phone company or whatever at the bottom of the screen before you download. YOUR WELCOME.

9:49PM Sat, October 05 2013

guest82072 guest82072

help me sigh up

6:21PM Sun, October 13 2013

guest70669 guest70669

idk what the fuck I want kik

7:44PM Wed, October 16 2013

guest61261 guest61261

all my friends have kik and i dont help me to sign up from kik please

5:09AM Fri, October 18 2013

guest99727 guest99727

how u sign up on dis kik

1:36AM Sun, November 03 2013

guest88824 guest88824

how u sign in

2:14PM Tue, November 12 2013

guest63810 guest63810

it's on ur phone apps well maybe

6:40PM Wed, November 20 2013

guest63810 guest63810

i luv kik

6:41PM Wed, November 20 2013

guest40632 guest40632

I will always love kik

9:20PM Wed, November 20 2013

guest65469 guest65469

yo its about to be 11:00 right now its 10:48

10:49PM Thu, November 21 2013

guest65469 guest65469

on my wii on kik lol

10:51PM Thu, November 21 2013

guest65469 guest65469

♪about to go to bed♪ deuces

10:54PM Thu, November 21 2013

guest65469 guest65469

10:59 yo staying up until 5:00 in the morning yo its 11:00!

11:01PM Thu, November 21 2013

guest44679 guest44679

Hay it's cool

6:44PM Sun, November 24 2013

guest36427 guest36427


7:09PM Tue, November 26 2013

guest37270 guest37270

lmfao on kik 24/7 i luvvv it

1:19PM Wed, November 27 2013

guest37270 guest37270

someone kik me at _NACHOS_SHAWTY_DOE

1:20PM Wed, November 27 2013

guest47932 guest47932

how do i sign up for kik

5:18PM Mon, December 09 2013

guest92769 guest92769

turn up

8:13PM Mon, December 16 2013

stephan stephan

how to find people

1:07PM Mon, December 23 2013

guest96977 guest96977

How to get a friend

1:07AM Wed, January 01 2014

guest52938 guest52938

Lil bitches

11:26PM Wed, January 01 2014

guest90672 guest90672

U can't call people bitches and look at u

5:17PM Tue, January 21 2014

guest73704 guest73704


6:25PM Tue, January 21 2014

guest10014 guest10014

I got kik already its just that. I wanna create a new kik

12:03AM Sat, January 25 2014

guest65276 guest65276

How are u

3:28AM Sat, February 01

guest78132 guest78132

I can't make another acount now!!!!!!!! Someone help me

8:13PM Thu, February 06

guest82438 guest82438

help ???

7:52PM Mon, February 10

guest34837 guest34837

I need help making a kik

6:07PM Tue, February 25

guest39582 guest39582

I have a z 10 and need help to get kik

6:51PM Thu, February 27

guest34976 guest34976

this is destiny

1:31PM Fri, February 28

guest26650 guest26650

B in H but h in chriver

11:37PM Sat, March 01

guest73233 guest73233


11:29AM Wed, March 05

guest53903 guest53903

Hey people

9:03PM Sat, March 08

guest98030 guest98030

call me at kik 7733206635

11:23PM Mon, March 10

guest12443 guest12443

It ok

7:14PM Mon, March 17

guest92352 guest92352

how u sign in this thing

8:11AM Wed, March 19

guest73941 guest73941

i can't creat KIK acount :'( who can help me make it?

10:27PM Thu, March 20

guest88275 guest88275

What are you doing

11:17AM Wed, March 26

guest88275 guest88275

I love you

11:18AM Wed, March 26

guest72954 guest72954

Jennifer Thorne

11:33AM Fri, March 28

guest18716 guest18716


7:02PM Fri, March 28

guest18716 guest18716

what are you doing

7:05PM Fri, March 28

guest69779 guest69779

Sigin up

9:42AM Sun, March 30

guest32370 guest32370

How do I sign up for kik

9:55AM Sat, April 12

guest97883 guest97883

both of ya'll are bitches

9:05PM Fri, April 18

guest97883 guest97883

how do I connect to my friends

9:09PM Fri, April 18

jayontay jayontay

just made a kik need people to follow me

12:18AM Sat, April 19

guest47964 guest47964

I want a kik but I need help 2014

3:30PM Sat, April 19

guest94739 guest94739


10:27AM Sat, May 03

guest95498 guest95498


5:10PM Tue, May 06

guest95498 guest95498

hi wyd

5:12PM Tue, May 06

guest95498 guest95498


5:13PM Tue, May 06

guest95498 guest95498


5:15PM Tue, May 06

guest95498 guest95498


5:16PM Tue, May 06

guest95498 guest95498


5:19PM Tue, May 06

guest95498 guest95498


5:21PM Tue, May 06

guest95498 guest95498


5:32PM Tue, May 06

guest92327 guest92327


11:41AM Wed, May 07

destiny love destiny love hurtVA.

oh my good

2:53AM Sat, May 10

guest81180 guest81180

This kik is awesome i luv getting on here with all of my friends

2:24PM Tue, May 13

dave dave


11:42PM Mon, May 19

guest21116 guest21116 mombasa,kenya

cool help me sign in.

7:07AM Thu, May 22

guest17004 guest17004

can u get pic for pc

7:47AM Sat, May 24

guest37866 guest37866

I need a kik

3:22PM Mon, May 26

guest37914 guest37914

what electronic device i use to make and kik account?

2:48PM Wed, May 28

guest70457 guest70457

but how?

8:24PM Thu, May 29

guest57265 guest57265

i dont knw how to create kikaccount

1:52AM Tue, June 10

guest55920 guest55920

How do I join on a kindle

11:53PM Sat, June 14

guest39280 guest39280

this is weird like me i even like emos they r awesome i'm a totally weirdo i love it i wander how to make myself a kik

5:54AM Fri, June 20

guest44833 guest44833

I want to sign up

3:21PM Wed, June 25

guest48265 guest48265

how to login

10:59AM Tue, July 01

guest45902 guest45902

how to sign up

5:45AM Fri, July 04

guest52891 guest52891

Hi guys how do i sign in

6:11AM Sun, July 06

diva_alex diva_alex

hay whats your name

12:41AM Wed, July 09

guest29708 guest29708

How to sign up

1:49PM Sun, July 13

guest45604 guest45604

I don't know

11:11AM Sun, July 20

guest52259 guest52259

crazy asses

11:10AM Wed, July 23

guest95517 guest95517

follow me on facebook

about 10 hours ago

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