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What does #tbt mean ?

11:15PM Thu, March 08 2012

45fec9bd189a745f6f7a16172a2afb45_normal @HeatherBomzillo SoCal


11:16PM Thu, March 08 2012

Image_normal @AmoreeJay lostttt :-*

i knew that.

11:17PM Thu, March 08 2012

45fec9bd189a745f6f7a16172a2afb45_normal @HeatherBomzillo SoCal

welllll alrighty then.

11:18PM Thu, March 08 2012

Image_normal @AmoreeJay lostttt :-*

lmfao love you too

11:19PM Thu, March 08 2012

Tumblr_m4p3pvessu1qjw0aro1_500_normal @Brittnee_Kim Cali .

throw back thursday

11:23PM Thu, March 08 2012

guest67136 guest67136

It could also mean truth be told

7:14PM Sat, June 16 2012

guest66914 guest66914

Wtf who duzint know dat

12:12AM Fri, July 27 2012

guest32260 guest32260

Truuuu ! Follow me thou {( ;

4:40PM Thu, August 09 2012

guest15576 guest15576

Follow me :) mariibo07

2:51PM Sat, August 11 2012

guest98845 guest98845


2:45PM Mon, August 13 2012

guest54398 guest54398

Who DOESN'T know how to spell?

3:53PM Wed, August 15 2012

guest62255 guest62255

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7:50PM Thu, August 16 2012

guest62255 guest62255

Follow me :*

7:51PM Thu, August 16 2012

guest38624 guest38624

9:58AM Tue, August 28 2012

guest15625 guest15625

You people are all retards.

4:26PM Thu, September 20 2012

guest63474 guest63474


1:28AM Fri, September 21 2012

guest66465 guest66465

i think it means 8======D ( Y ).... yea?

4:32PM Thu, October 11 2012

guest93242 guest93242

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12:58PM Fri, October 12 2012

guest56760 guest56760

It means Thick Bitch Thursday

12:38PM Thu, October 25 2012

guest12664 guest12664

tbt ohhhhhhhhhhh tbt

12:41PM Mon, October 29 2012

guest52981 guest52981

What does truth be told mean

10:22AM Thu, November 01 2012

guest67603 guest67603


6:19PM Thu, November 08 2012

guest87567 guest87567

No need to be rude to each other...some people don't know it...don't judge others :)

3:48PM Thu, November 15 2012

guest68993 guest68993


1:39PM Sat, November 17 2012

guest83549 guest83549

so is it throwback thursday? Or truth be told?

2:45PM Thu, November 22 2012

guest66783 guest66783

Tiggle BiTties

1:20PM Thu, November 29 2012

guest89821 guest89821


3:31PM Thu, December 06 2012

guest45140 guest45140

Wtf is this?

4:16PM Thu, December 06 2012

guest73936 guest73936


6:18PM Thu, December 06 2012

guest45140 guest45140

What dies rlc stand for?

7:16PM Thu, December 06 2012

guest49597 guest49597

tbt = Truth Be Told.

3:33PM Wed, December 12 2012

guest19030 guest19030

all of you suck dick

7:31PM Thu, December 13 2012

guest24349 guest24349


11:49PM Thu, December 13 2012

guest44858 guest44858

Truth Be Told

12:21PM Mon, December 17 2012

guest90281 guest90281

On facebook it means "truth be told" on instagram it means "throw back thursday"

10:25AM Mon, December 24 2012

guest38464 guest38464

I dot know I came here looking for an answer but truth be told sounds more likely

11:44AM Mon, December 31 2012

guest67604 guest67604

Follow mee!

3:05PM Wed, January 02 2013

guest13209 guest13209


11:11PM Fri, January 04 2013

guest77247 guest77247

I wanna know the truth plz!!!!!

11:58PM Fri, January 04 2013

guest54899 guest54899

Truth be told

9:20AM Sat, January 12 2013

guest33018 guest33018

if its on facebook or twitter, it means truth be told if its hashtagged on instagram, it means throwback thursday, which means its a picture from a long time ago (not neccesarily a thursday lol)

10:00PM Sat, January 12 2013

guest45556 guest45556

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6:23PM Mon, January 14 2013

guest86809 guest86809

Follow this guy j_wingman

4:43PM Thu, January 17 2013

guest43560 guest43560

Ok thnx

9:32AM Sat, January 19 2013

guest60012 guest60012

... I come looking for an answer and I get a bunch of dicks.

2:48PM Sun, January 20 2013

guest63643 guest63643

What the fuck is this shit a bunch if faggots looking up word an shit man Back in my day we had pagers and a book ya boy anonamys

3:11PM Thu, January 24 2013

guest97944 guest97944

Ur all fucking stupid!

2:40PM Tue, February 05 2013

guest91769 guest91769

Sup bitchez

11:06PM Thu, February 07 2013

guest54784 guest54784

I didn't know thatquest66914 so why don't you stfu b

1:35AM Fri, February 08 2013

guest54784 guest54784

Yeah quests 66914 you dumb ass fucking hoe

1:36AM Fri, February 08 2013

guest54784 guest54784

You dumb ass fucking dicking sucking no tilts having sucking dick behind the school bitch

1:40AM Fri, February 08 2013

guest22924 guest22924

54784, that might be one too many ing's there :)

12:32PM Fri, February 15 2013

guest54784 guest54784


2:49PM Sat, February 16 2013

guest76351 guest76351

What the fuck is wrong with u guys...? Don't u have lives??

5:31PM Wed, February 20 2013

guest88101 guest88101

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9:30AM Sat, February 23 2013

guest88101 guest88101


9:30AM Sat, February 23 2013

guest33585 guest33585

Throw back Thursday or truth be told

7:04PM Sat, February 23 2013

guest22122 guest22122


10:47PM Thu, February 28 2013

guest21188 guest21188

Follow nataliaa_sparkss ;o

3:36AM Fri, March 01 2013

guest73132 guest73132

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2:04PM Fri, March 01 2013

guest44076 guest44076

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10:30AM Sun, March 03 2013

guest27292 guest27292

Some ppl say it's truth be told, and the other say it's throw back tursday?

1:25PM Thu, March 07 2013

guest55740 guest55740

follow me on instagram ill follow back i swear

8:10PM Thu, March 07 2013

guest77104 guest77104

Truth be told duhh

11:06PM Fri, March 08 2013

guest53286 guest53286

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9:01PM Tue, March 12 2013

guest22653 guest22653

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12:28AM Mon, March 18 2013

guest49768 guest49768


6:53PM Wed, March 20 2013

guest41926 guest41926

It means ...TwoBigTits

11:48AM Thu, March 21 2013

guest50073 guest50073


9:28PM Fri, March 22 2013

guest28291 guest28291

Its means to be trill dumbasses

9:00PM Thu, March 28 2013

guest15094 guest15094

Throwback Thursday

1:50AM Fri, March 29 2013

guest97788 guest97788

On Facebook or Twitter, it means TruthBeTold, but in Instagram, it means, ThrowBackThursday. Although I'm on instagram, I like TruthBeTold

7:42PM Fri, March 29 2013

guest70476 guest70476


9:09PM Fri, April 05 2013

guest70476 guest70476


9:11PM Fri, April 05 2013

guest18696 guest18696

it means try blowing this

11:43AM Tue, April 09 2013

guest58454 guest58454

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7:01PM Fri, April 12 2013

guest78997 guest78997

Give Ur Twitter ..Fuhkk Instagram -.-

11:45PM Sun, April 14 2013

guest98691 guest98691

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12:33AM Tue, April 16 2013

guest69024 guest69024

- dang , but follow me on instagram, ifollow back.

2:59PM Thu, April 25 2013

guest73496 guest73496

Idk srry

8:00PM Sat, May 04 2013

guest10911 guest10911

Y dnt all y'all stop bn so dang rude to people & grow up.. I mean all this negativity is NO way to be talkin or acting on the Internet.. It's just ridiculous people!!! Some people come to find out stuff not to see all this foul behavior..

12:55AM Sun, May 05 2013

guest75705 guest75705

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2:58PM Sun, May 05 2013

guest53835 guest53835

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7:00AM Sat, May 18 2013

guest65255 guest65255

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7:46AM Tue, June 11 2013

guest89045 guest89045


12:58PM Mon, July 29 2013

guest17401 guest17401

Ha ha ha ha u load of twats

8:56PM Thu, March 13

guest84328 guest84328

u all cra z. lol

11:57AM Fri, April 11

anonymous Anonymous

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