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When a girl asks wyd today? What does that mean in girly girl language?

11:47AM Fri, March 16 2012

Image_normal @SammyTheBarbie Texas

she wants to know watchu gonna be doin & probably wanna get at chu today

11:49AM Fri, March 16 2012

Aaa93e0ed197e7af6648569676c97395_normal @_iMadeItHappen The Kitchen :]

usually, they are hoping that they can hangout with you.

11:49AM Fri, March 16 2012

51579b96bd983f1a5a9938f6ca82578f_normal @Ms_Keynan City of Ten Thousand Lakes

She wants to hang out with you lol

11:49AM Fri, March 16 2012

Fe3985ffdc9d72e4c32627a437b55690_normal @missbeezyyy Dirttty330

ha. Wyd..let's go shopping. Wyd I need a friend.. It can mean anything

11:49AM Fri, March 16 2012

D2a53bab4a9093fed92baa538770deb9_normal @MELAMILLIONS New York

you tryna chill today

11:49AM Fri, March 16 2012

F898fe8802f8bb813eaf6cdf5452c05b_normal @badassstylist18 #team iphone

what you doin today lol

11:49AM Fri, March 16 2012

B8f73988753fa5c7996faca7bfbd7933_normal @KUSHistheremedy Denver, Colorado

it's means nigga you better not have any plans already 'cause I'm going to kidnap you for a few hours or so.. just kidding ^.^

11:50AM Fri, March 16 2012

B6000cc022dbeb548e6efc6c09b46f6b_normal @quentera_11

she wants to chill :)

11:50AM Fri, March 16 2012

Tgyop9k2_normal @Genny_Macc drama island

either shes tryna chill or shes just keepin the convo goin

11:51AM Fri, March 16 2012

1a4c4d7804a4903b3ffdc2d13798b932_normal @Amor_Loca Maryland/DC

Well When I Ask That It Usually Means "Hey We Should Chill Today"

11:51AM Fri, March 16 2012

0t23c6c5_normal @AmbitiousYellie

she wants to hang out! lol

11:53AM Fri, March 16 2012

45a89fb8a77442721490d93b35fe3b75_normal @Bebopp_ Your moms house [=

It either means what are you doing today, or i want to hang out with you make plans. lol

11:53AM Fri, March 16 2012

B5c60b6a35a22bf733a1298e82623257_normal @Tayy_Babyy21

that she wants to see you sometime today. Simple :-)

11:54AM Fri, March 16 2012

Ac803e80cc5b3ce3e61eee5566148910_normal @TheRealSophian New York, NY

wise man wes

11:54AM Fri, March 16 2012

Ef5d68c27336382379e37f6daeb8a087_normal @ParisFeiler I'm in E.Lansing,Mi

that means im thinkn abt askin can i come see you or can you come see ill beat around the bush and ask r you busy lol

11:55AM Fri, March 16 2012

I84irfqh_normal @Nat_Doll Fontana, CA

Mean Wat are you doing today cause.if your Free I Wanna See You, meet up, or kick it.

12:12PM Fri, March 16 2012

Image_normal @Classii_1Nish

it means do you have time to spend with her cus she wants to see you

12:36PM Fri, March 16 2012

57103c25b9629107e7e8e1a3a3121a97_normal @sjisadolle

I want some time #girl code

12:43PM Fri, March 16 2012

Kbn4lg5g_normal @memedgaf new york

it might mean she wants to see u or she really just wanna know what ur doing

12:44PM Fri, March 16 2012

guest29992 guest29992

its called a annoying fuckin question

6:59PM Tue, October 22 2013

anonymous Anonymous

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