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12:56AM Sun, March 25 2012

059_normal @CodysMNCougars Duluth, MN

Probably somewhere in Minnesota:) There going to be at MOA tomorrow!!!!

12:57AM Sun, March 25 2012

6704edac2d438bd8872959a1214afa8a_normal @Hockeyjunkie3

okey thank youu! :) thats what i thought but wanted to make sure!!:)

1:00AM Sun, March 25 2012

059_normal @CodysMNCougars Duluth, MN

Ah yeah! Haha we were going to go, but decided we'll save our money and time for Cody instead. :) haha

1:02AM Sun, March 25 2012

guest38547 guest38547

When will they be in Chicago?

9:21AM Sat, July 07 2012

guest67290 guest67290

in texas

3:49PM Sun, July 22 2012

guest67290 guest67290

or ada

3:50PM Sun, July 22 2012

guest25610 guest25610

where is 1D now ? i know that they re in GB but where ?!

9:56AM Sat, August 04 2012

6704edac2d438bd8872959a1214afa8a_normal @Hockeyjunkie3

stop tweeting me

11:42AM Sat, August 04 2012

guest67290 guest67290


3:06AM Wed, August 08 2012

Twitter-icon_normal @replyz


3:06AM Wed, August 08 2012

guest67290 guest67290

or stonewall

3:08AM Wed, August 08 2012

guest67290 guest67290

or stonewall school

3:09AM Wed, August 08 2012

guest53399 guest53399

I love 1D! my rooms 1d, my wadrobe's 1d, im 1d! love louis!!!!! 'our fans arn't obbsessed, they're deddicated.' Louis x

1:59PM Sat, August 31 2013

guest99324 guest99324

hi one direction it's a 1d what are you doing right now are you guys hanging out together are you guys watching a scary movie I love scary movies ok well bye harry I love you

4:55PM Sun, September 22 2013

guest99324 guest99324

hi zany it's a 1d fan and I really miss you a lot I want to ask you something are you going trick or treating this Halloween I wish you could go trick or treating with me

5:02PM Sun, September 22 2013

guest58185 guest58185

Hi 1D here 1D day is for u. To say thanks for being there for us a .New acont soz . keep being a DIRECTIONERS xxx from Zayn Niall Harry Liam louise xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

9:42AM Sat, October 05 2013

anonymous Anonymous

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