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889448fbf6e1372b0e715705ee91a7d0_normal @Meetro iPhone: 33.930832,-117.253769

What does "dont drop the thun thun thun mean?""

1:40AM Wed, March 28 2012

1fefe320d27e170824236b1baa46c909_normal @FreshInkDedaz Straight outta Locash

don't drop the x pill

1:42AM Wed, March 28 2012

7e8cb493468d752fe6aa2de9d9129a2c_normal @DJDAAONE ÜT: 34.000974,...

lol I thought u knew bro

1:58AM Wed, March 28 2012

889448fbf6e1372b0e715705ee91a7d0_normal @Meetro iPhone: 33.9308...

I'm a old head I don't listen to those kids music lol

2:02AM Wed, March 28 2012

guest52876 guest52876

It means thong

12:00PM Thu, May 31 2012

guest82680 guest82680

Its A Pill .. Hee Says It In The Sonq " 3 Pills Down " Thun Thun Thun ... 3 Pills .. Listen To The Sonq Good Or Read Some Lyrics

12:13AM Thu, June 14 2012

guest73024 guest73024


12:40AM Fri, June 15 2012

guest46305 guest46305

I don't knowwwwww?!?!?! :0

4:06PM Wed, June 20 2012

guest19933 guest19933

I thought it MeAnt DiCk O.o

6:49PM Sat, June 23 2012

guest28519 guest28519

Mann don't drop dat e pill

5:12PM Fri, June 29 2012

guest99510 guest99510

It doesn't mean thong or butt they are talking about an e pill

12:44AM Tue, July 03 2012

guest13587 guest13587

Let me call them right now see what it means Please hold (Music)

2:38PM Sun, July 08 2012

guest59595 guest59595

Either way you want to look at it, the song is dumb as fuck that's not real music!!!! My son is 5 and he can do better then that shit!!!! And that's for them cats that really care

8:33PM Sun, July 08 2012

guest92246 guest92246

Thiss shit slaappp cuddie

11:31PM Sun, July 08 2012

guest36754 guest36754

yea i think it mean e pill to cause i saw them pick the pill of they floor and then they went to the cuts and they was popping pills a lot lol first i thought ass butt i was like that dnt make since if u truly listen to they song and watching the video i think he mean e pill. smh

7:58PM Mon, July 09 2012

guest68303 guest68303

Dont dropp the extisy pill

3:34PM Thu, July 12 2012

guest37327 guest37327

ecstasy pill - ,- mann, this is what hip hop has come to? and i thought friday was the worst song but now this shits taken the gold medal.

3:22AM Mon, July 23 2012

guest78070 guest78070

It means don't drop your CAT!!!! Duhhh!

9:19PM Fri, July 27 2012

guest40496 guest40496

Fuckin stupid shit people call rap now wish 2pac was still alive to bitch slap all these fake no talent rappers

10:04PM Sun, July 29 2012

guest25763 guest25763

All this for thun thun thun its the under wear thing like in the song it says and my thun thun blue and in cartoon stuff like bat man them when he comes thun thun thun then he's there

4:39PM Fri, August 03 2012

guest99938 guest99938

Does It Mean Pill Or Thong?!.

9:47PM Tue, August 07 2012

guest29086 guest29086

It mean dick nigga bitch

4:38AM Wed, August 08 2012

guest95394 guest95394

its a pill dume ass and idk

1:30PM Fri, August 10 2012

guest95394 guest95394

it means a pill niggas

1:31PM Fri, August 10 2012

guest50569 guest50569

It means pill cuz he said if i pop one she gone pop one tp.

5:45AM Thu, August 16 2012

guest42074 guest42074

its mean dont drop that PCP pill its a other word for that

1:54PM Sat, August 18 2012

guest25754 guest25754

I don't care what y'all say this song slap

11:37PM Fri, August 31 2012

guest48539 guest48539

?????? Sooo what's it mean e pill

7:43PM Thu, September 06 2012

guest80540 guest80540

don't drop the thun thun thun (viagra). my pill is blue

4:26PM Thu, September 20 2012

guest23487 guest23487

so it means pills ?

7:32PM Mon, September 24 2012

guest16483 guest16483

it can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. but if you want to get technical , it means "Ecstasy pill" if you actually pay attention to the song.

12:45AM Thu, September 27 2012

guest66228 guest66228

Why are people still wishing that biggy and pac were alive? Old news. I'm just wishing that ODB would get resuscitated so there can be a complete and actual Wu-Tang tour.

5:04AM Sat, September 29 2012

guest69215 guest69215

it means ghetto butt

5:58PM Sun, September 30 2012

guest75295 guest75295

what the hell i dont know the song sounds like they are gay and i think it means butt

9:46AM Mon, October 01 2012

guest12626 guest12626

He says don't drop that pill. he says "and my thun thuns blue" x is many different colors

11:17PM Wed, October 03 2012

guest23514 guest23514

Dont drop that extacy

6:04PM Mon, October 08 2012

guest65260 guest65260

its a type of pill

9:11PM Wed, October 10 2012

guest37600 guest37600

o me and my best friend were wondering what dont drop that thun thun thun ment we absollutely love that song thunthun thun meens pills if you dont know thun thun pills pills pills haha yeah so please dont ask this stupid question again thanks and smooches to every one else who knew

4:31PM Mon, October 15 2012

guest37600 guest37600

sorry if that sounded mean to you guys but we were walking down the hall way singing that song and tons of people kept asking makenzie what does thun thun meen cause we got to the part where he says she says my money is green and my thun thun blue

4:34PM Mon, October 15 2012

guest37600 guest37600

haha thun thun blue im such a freak some times!!!!!!!

4:35PM Mon, October 15 2012

guest14894 guest14894

wats the song called

9:19PM Wed, October 17 2012

guest22634 guest22634


9:07PM Thu, October 18 2012

guest34300 guest34300

thun thun means pill like the one in the nome in project X

11:33PM Sat, October 20 2012

guest97287 guest97287

(Thun Thun Thun) It means an E-Pill #It says iht in the song "3 Pills"

12:19AM Mon, October 22 2012

guest35319 guest35319

everyone who said Thun Thun Thun slaps...... should get a job, "BUY" music and stop listening to shitty as radio top 10 bullsh*t

12:54AM Wed, October 24 2012

guest90952 guest90952

OMG! Y'all dnt no what thun thun is?! Holy lord. y'all are lame. smh

12:07AM Sun, October 28 2012

guest33391 guest33391

It means pill cause he said if I pop dat bitch she gonna pop one too

5:29PM Sun, November 11 2012

guest90586 guest90586

Tupac is alive doe!!

3:50PM Fri, November 16 2012

guest37311 guest37311

Its a pill, its not a thong, or ass, or dick, its a fuckin "My money is green, and my thun thun's blue, and if i pop dat bitch she gon pop one too"

9:04PM Fri, November 16 2012

guest69281 guest69281

Its a fuckinn PILL duhhh !

12:51PM Mon, November 19 2012

guest40643 guest40643


2:58PM Thu, November 22 2012

guest19484 guest19484

I think it means dont drop the jolly rancher. P.S i love litte boys that are black like all you bitch ass niggas...wooh white power

8:57PM Sun, December 09 2012

guest87870 guest87870

i like the part wer they day thun thun thun

7:21PM Mon, December 10 2012

guest87870 guest87870

srry.............say thun thun thun

7:44PM Mon, December 10 2012

guest28358 guest28358

That song sucks bad can't I wasted 4 min of my life...

12:44AM Tue, December 18 2012

guest28358 guest28358


12:44AM Tue, December 18 2012

guest10965 guest10965


2:36PM Sat, January 05 2013

guest30476 guest30476


2:10PM Sun, January 06 2013

guest11254 guest11254

sdjhjwwejnnwjcnnjkf ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nrnjn3 efnwef 2rtrn rfn4i kvcnefkmwfmbkbenflkkn d f we e err g er ewerfjkerfr er rfwje r we BIEEEETCCCHHHHHH STOP TALKIN THAT SHIT ANS SUCK A NIGGA DICK FO SOME TRUKZFIIIT

9:49PM Sat, January 12 2013

guest66393 guest66393

What does thun thun thun mean

9:58AM Sat, January 26 2013

guest38185 guest38185

It means pill

12:05AM Sun, January 27 2013

guest25628 guest25628

Don't drop that thun thun thun mean don't drop ur ass or thong ether way....and actually you aint gotta talk shit bout it tho because he waysuccessful then most you on here

7:20PM Wed, February 13 2013

guest69477 guest69477

Ignorance, all yall

1:09AM Sat, February 16 2013

guest81513 guest81513

It Means Dont Drop That "E" Pill.,. And What's Up With All These Ignorant Comments All They Asked Was What Did The Song Mean, NOT What You Thought About It -_- SMH! You All Need Help.

2:42PM Fri, February 22 2013

guest56928 guest56928

People it means pill no fricken duh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:04PM Fri, February 22 2013

guest38974 guest38974

Thun thun is a pill he says it in the song "I had one pill left and it fell out my hand don't drop that thun thun ayeeee".

11:29PM Sun, February 24 2013

guest82899 guest82899

It means for all y'all bitch niggas up here it means pills an I know this because I'm the director so get y'all shit right an stop wondering bout the song an just listen to it.....

3:33PM Fri, March 08 2013

guest49089 guest49089

i like cheese

11:31AM Sat, March 09 2013

guest60744 guest60744

hi im katie and i like small dicks in my mouth (:

1:58PM Sun, March 10 2013

guest39027 guest39027

Honestly I am black..and have a big dick...Katie hollah at me.

6:39PM Mon, March 25 2013

guest83080 guest83080

I think it means thong or pill, but I don't think it's a dick cause in the song it says my money is green and ma thun thun blue. But rite now I'm kinda thinking its a pill

3:26AM Sat, March 30 2013

guest66945 guest66945

It means whatever you are talking about in codes. Like don't drop that blunt, don't drop that coke and so worth. We use to say it back in the eighties around our parents. So thun thun thun means code for what ever you are keeping a secret. As far as the song its the e pill. Bringing the thunder. Lamar Kendricks says it in one of his songs too.

11:54AM Mon, April 08 2013

guest66945 guest66945

opps!!!!! Kendrick Lamar above comment correction.

12:04PM Mon, April 08 2013

guest98228 guest98228

hell i just wanted to know what it meant yall making a bad ass deal about it

1:22PM Wed, April 24 2013

guest27961 guest27961

I like it up the but hole you ghetto ass niggards

2:11PM Mon, May 13 2013

guest12409 guest12409

Yall all STUPID

9:42AM Mon, May 27 2013

guest42714 guest42714

don't drop that ecstasy pill

4:07PM Mon, June 10 2013

guest83750 guest83750

when hes sayinn his thun thuns blue hes means that blue m pill

4:23AM Thu, June 20 2013

guest44269 guest44269

Thun thun is ecstacy.. So yeah a pill not a booty. Urban dictionary. He also says my thun thuns blue.. Blue pill

10:37PM Thu, July 18 2013

guest32244 guest32244

i thought it meant dont drop the soap in the shower?!

4:39PM Fri, July 19 2013

guest21591 guest21591

Pretty sure dropping the thunthunthun, means dropping that JAWN.....

10:56AM Sun, July 21 2013

guest95762 guest95762

it doesn't matter what it means its a retarded song either way

8:45PM Fri, July 26 2013

guest39731 guest39731

i think its talking about thun, switzerland doe...

3:49AM Tue, August 06 2013

guest22628 guest22628

the thun is really warm this time of year... you should wear thun screen so you don't get burned.

9:31AM Thu, August 08 2013

guest77561 guest77561

it means for drop that semen.

1:02PM Sun, August 11 2013

guest77561 guest77561

It means drop that semen****

1:03PM Sun, August 11 2013

guest25217 guest25217

in italy or jerman it mean pill just listen to th song.

1:15PM Tue, August 13 2013

guest18863 guest18863

You all sound just as educated as the fools who wrote this song! Lmao

4:08PM Tue, August 13 2013

guest36007 guest36007

Haha this song is why your daughter will be pregnant by Travon at age 15, 16 if she doesn't hear the remix! Whoa!

10:49AM Wed, August 14 2013

guest63595 guest63595

I've read all these and I've learned nothing. WHAT THE FUCK IS A THUN THUN THUN?!

3:24AM Fri, August 16 2013

guest41978 guest41978

Ecstasy pill. His is blue.

5:13PM Tue, August 20 2013

guest60710 guest60710

Kendrick Lamar the savior of hip hop

3:52PM Sat, September 07 2013

guest60710 guest60710

Dun ta Duns are tightie whities with superheros on them like what kids wear

3:55PM Sat, September 07 2013

guest22347 guest22347

This explains it.

6:30AM Thu, October 10 2013

guest38666 guest38666

yep it's ecstasy

8:57PM Tue, October 15 2013

guest38666 guest38666

and it's dunta duh not thun thun thun

8:59PM Tue, October 15 2013

guest59434 guest59434

I thought it meant don't drop something like your squat

9:59PM Wed, January 08

guest47187 guest47187

If u dont know nash grier look him up on utube.

5:10PM Mon, February 10

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