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How do you delete people off instagram?

5:32PM Thu, March 29 2012

6c25ba705c3aeb02d525e4abda5f9409_normal @haywoodiee

just un follow them

5:35PM Thu, March 29 2012

05ba845485b8b13aba230f5837ba6918_normal @nancyvaldez01 Sacramento, CA

what if their following me. ? Lol I wanna remove them under my follwers

5:36PM Thu, March 29 2012

6c25ba705c3aeb02d525e4abda5f9409_normal @haywoodiee

go on their page, on the top right corner, click on the button and then block them !

5:38PM Thu, March 29 2012

05ba845485b8b13aba230f5837ba6918_normal @nancyvaldez01 Sacramento, CA

oh perfect :) thank you 

5:38PM Thu, March 29 2012

guest90112 guest90112

How do u repost pictures on Instagram?

4:55AM Fri, October 12 2012

guest55819 guest55819

You have to have a device like Apple that can take pictures of its screen. You take a picture of the photo you want to repost then crop it and post it!

4:54PM Mon, December 24 2012

guest98204 guest98204

Block them will do?

3:36AM Fri, December 28 2012

guest84422 guest84422

I have blocked them and unfollowed them, they're pictures still show up on my feed!

10:03AM Sun, January 06 2013

guest82826 guest82826

Will they notice if you block them , like will they know who blocked the guy you blocked

12:11AM Sun, February 24 2013

guest84843 guest84843

All u do is block them. Go on the right top corner and press it and block them

7:21PM Sun, March 17 2013

guest81197 guest81197

Can people tell if u blocked them

12:53AM Fri, May 03 2013

guest44723 guest44723

Well no

10:54PM Tue, June 04 2013

guest44178 guest44178

Yes, people can tell.

8:26AM Sun, September 15 2013

guest65436 guest65436

I need a few people off my do I do that

2:58PM Wed, March 05

guest27721 guest27721

WELL my problem is , I can only view about 200 of my friends. I would like to know how I can view all my friends to delete unwanted followers

7:25PM Sun, April 06

anonymous Anonymous

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