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Loveee matt cardle so much totally amazinggg does anyone know if I've missed cher perform?

4:26PM Sat, November 27 2010

907b37ab2403c9fee9a07d2f573dc809_normal @HeyitsYaz La La Land :)

she's up next!

4:27PM Sat, November 27 2010

2_normal @beanieSteve

she's on next.. she did avril lavgine girlfriend song first

4:27PM Sat, November 27 2010

Dscf4999_normal @MoragKim

Her first was a mash up of Girlfriend by Avril Lavine and some rapping.

4:27PM Sat, November 27 2010

Ca353458103594d764c575da5a4ed61f_normal @eleanor_x

no shes not done her second song yet(: shes next<3

4:27PM Sat, November 27 2010

Svh0g1tb2x7945ar8anx_normal @fLip_uk Leeds

You missed Cher's first performance ('Girlfriend') - 2nd performance still to come #xfactor

4:27PM Sat, November 27 2010

5a54a4f28abe89fd7250fe582267a030_normal @lukepease Shefford, Beds, SG17 5YU

Yeah, she was about second or third :) x

4:27PM Sat, November 27 2010

63cf66e2de47010a56c902b128377a10_normal @wispa9

Cher is shit.

4:27PM Sat, November 27 2010

F1fcb50d4756151742c7ac32b2d54272_normal @adammaidment

you've missed one, she has one more coming up.

4:27PM Sat, November 27 2010

9597f8f73a427d013c609c1b254ea6c7_normal @_Nadiiaaa

there doing two songs tonight so i dont think so :) for the second song she hasnt sung yet.

4:27PM Sat, November 27 2010

4f084742791ea4434285bb25b53bbcbe_normal @AmyBean86 Nottingham, England.

Cher's already sung once, but she should be singing after Matt sings!

4:27PM Sat, November 27 2010

R43kqi3u_normal @CupcakeKiki Leicester, UK

you've not missed her second performance.

4:27PM Sat, November 27 2010

1015151656_normal @TheModest1 Las Vegas NV

chloe how was your dayy? hope it was fantastic:) hope ii get a reply?:0

4:27PM Sat, November 27 2010

39218ac2e6522c11a6a11222ccb40620_normal @jennamorrison Scotland

Cher has done 1 song but I don't think she's done her 2nd yet x

4:27PM Sat, November 27 2010

Tumblr_ln536sz7jv1qhpg50o1_500_large_normal @Sin_Fizhwa London, England

no she's the last to perform of the night

4:28PM Sat, November 27 2010

Cf8b1ca96f05fc39ef4e6565ff22e9a1_normal @ElleSober03

She's performed one song, she's next to perform her second song.

4:29PM Sat, November 27 2010

Image_normal @YC19916 Urquhart

missed her 1st, i hear her second is gonna be a huge performance though

4:29PM Sat, November 27 2010

A84dc521548a48e6d25e276f67601fec_normal @OreAdeyinka London, England UK

yeah you missed her first performance, but she's performing another song after matt!

4:29PM Sat, November 27 2010

Dick_spanner_1_normal @s0l_uk

Cher is next..

4:29PM Sat, November 27 2010

7f2965bb58be1b3911421d9593726a13_normal @HattyTreaders Nunny

She's performed once, Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne. But shes performing again i think :)

4:29PM Sat, November 27 2010

0f14d71d9beede30da29c4e30bd63d34_normal @planetshannon Middlesbrough

she's performed once already but is performing again next :D

4:29PM Sat, November 27 2010

420808_10150604355733040_546828039_9219870_236359510_n_normal @PrincezzChelley

no, cher hasn't sung her second song yet!! X

4:29PM Sat, November 27 2010

Tulips_normal @writerJack California

no sorry

4:30PM Sat, November 27 2010

Dp_normal @harmonicmemory Bournemouth, UK

i think youve missed her hun

4:30PM Sat, November 27 2010

Image_normal @dtp70 Northwich

No she's on next!!

4:30PM Sat, November 27 2010

Mypictr_twitter_normal @chrisrus1 Garstang

there all singing twice her final song is on now

4:31PM Sat, November 27 2010

Photo_on_2010-11-03_at_19 @hburnton

She's on now.

4:31PM Sat, November 27 2010

Image_normal @Chelsie_Woods eastbourne

missed first one. Second was just on!! Matt def was best of night!!!!

4:33PM Sat, November 27 2010

C_pia_de_sdc17439_normal @RodrigoRose05 São Paulo

yeah...I think that you missed

4:35PM Sat, November 27 2010

19057_269952855976_503835976_4840785_4168004_n_normal @shughamster Edinburgh sometimes

Matt was the best tonight I thought :) Wagner is just a disaster.

4:35PM Sat, November 27 2010

06a618b9-3502-4303-9ed8-aa5a13974a4e_normal @stiofandafyyd neverwhere

You can check out Cher's first song, Girlfriend, here Hope it works for you! :)

4:36PM Sat, November 27 2010

Ppic2_normal @RevellWriting UK

they all did two songs today, so you missed one, but saw her best.

4:38PM Sat, November 27 2010

Image_normal @lozzamckenna

yeh you have

4:45PM Sat, November 27 2010

Ich_bin_normal @Maggpagg Czech Republic

OMG i saw kick ass behind the scenes u re so unbelievable amazing!! But Mark Strong pushed you on the shelves!! It had to hurt

4:53PM Sat, November 27 2010

6c2524fab29c0166b554ebe4a7ecdef5_normal @kenmaness

no play by play 2nite?

5:16PM Sat, November 27 2010

Aa_normal @MovieStarrrrr Bridgeport CT

hey Chloe how are u doing man do u play black op Zombies lol ?

5:20PM Sat, November 27 2010

Photo_00015_normal @kasimir789 london

u did it was amazin she was brilliant

5:25PM Sat, November 27 2010

D2fabf10c01b310ac25d43cef92bdb11_normal @zeusofwar13 Londan England

5:28PM Sat, November 27 2010

2985378_normal @swieeca Lublin/Poland

I'm at home right now :) I'm trying to finish my master's thesis.... :D It's really hard... :)

5:35PM Sat, November 27 2010

D2fabf10c01b310ac25d43cef92bdb11_normal @zeusofwar13 Londan England

ahahah it's a saturday and your working?!?!? Na I'm just kidding good luck on that :D

5:37PM Sat, November 27 2010

Cold_inside_normal @NOMDAN Chelmsford, Essex

considering you wrote this an hour ago... i'm gonna go with yes ;) x

5:55PM Sat, November 27 2010

___________normal @MemphisRRains

Hiiiii)) You're awesome in Let me star has risen again

6:38PM Sat, November 27 2010

Image_normal @Ollywoodstudios

No sowwie :'(

6:44PM Sat, November 27 2010

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