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Fathima_20desai_normal @zakiyyah013 In my own World...=P

When is one direction coming to South Africa?<3

6:34AM Wed, April 04 2012

Jhsg-6196_normal @Tynishacd2 Newport News [e]

6:35AM Wed, April 04 2012

guest25072 guest25072

hi Zayn. i live in South Africa and woul love it if you came here for a tour.

1:34PM Mon, September 24 2012

guest68082 guest68082

Hey hey Zayn I live here in South Africa and I would love it if one direction can come here you guys have lots of fans here

11:33AM Mon, October 01 2012

guest77885 guest77885

hi Zayn i would realy love it if Onedirection comes to SouthAfrica im your biggest fan and i realy love Harry the most and want him to be my boyfriend.Mwah

12:18PM Sun, October 07 2012

guest85351 guest85351

hey zayn! i just want to say that you guys should really come to south africa! you guys have loads of fans here and we would just die to see you guys! i love the whole of 1D but my favorites are definitely you and liam! i really love you guys and really want to meet you all!

1:49PM Sat, October 13 2012

guest79721 guest79721

Hay Zayn!! :D One Direction has to come to South Africa! Like i looooove you guys sooo much! Entered the competition with 94.7 to come and meet you guys in NYC in december... now im just praying i win! :D Harry is super super sexy! :P

10:13AM Sat, October 20 2012

guest20112 guest20112

Hey zayn !! i am one direction mad !! PLEASE i am begging u to come SA !! u guys have lots and lots of fans here !! and u guys come i will die !! and harry u are super hot omg !!??? So please 1D please come to SA part as yur world tour plzzzzz!!!!

7:24AM Sat, October 27 2012

guest15788 guest15788

COME TO SA!!!!!!! Please, you have no idea how many fans there are here!!! I would by tickets the second they'd come out :)

11:31AM Sun, October 28 2012

guest45053 guest45053


12:29PM Tue, October 30 2012

guest50965 guest50965

harry wish you come to south africa just wish xoxox

9:07AM Thu, November 01 2012

guest32045 guest32045

Yeah!!! Please come to south africa even if it is only for one night!! We love you guys so much you are an inspiration to thousands of girls here including me if you come it will be a dream come true!!! So please

3:11PM Fri, November 02 2012

guest24487 guest24487


7:41AM Sat, November 03 2012

guest24487 guest24487

Cum 2 Durban in SA we hav wonderfull wether! You'll have fun!! PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ CUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7:43AM Sat, November 03 2012

guest59085 guest59085


3:04PM Sat, November 03 2012

guest59085 guest59085


3:06PM Sat, November 03 2012

guest21540 guest21540

Pls come to jhb un SA one direction pls harry I love u and so do many girls xoxoxo luv nikita and sadia :)

12:28PM Sun, November 04 2012

guest21540 guest21540

I am sadia styles and my bestie is nikita styles

12:29PM Sun, November 04 2012

guest21540 guest21540

Pls follow me on twitter one directioner s "us girls need a way to get them here " follow me :D

12:34PM Sun, November 04 2012

guest21540 guest21540

We should strike as one directioners for them to come to sA

7:15AM Mon, November 05 2012

guest22560 guest22560


9:24AM Mon, November 05 2012

guest22560 guest22560


9:26AM Mon, November 05 2012

guest22560 guest22560


9:34AM Mon, November 05 2012

guest83380 guest83380

accualy jhb

7:26AM Tue, November 06 2012

guest83380 guest83380

obsessed with one doirection here in sa in johanessburg we even have a gigantic bilboard coz we looove you

7:30AM Tue, November 06 2012

guest78071 guest78071

Come to Durbz....... hugeeee fanbase!!!!! Even if you guys just go to Jhb or CA i will book my plane tickets....please please!

8:14AM Wed, November 07 2012

guest83531 guest83531

Come to dumbs Hazza '!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1:55PM Sat, November 10 2012

guest58683 guest58683

Come to SA like super fast!!! I wanna see all you guys!! Honest it would make all your fans like super excited and happy!!

5:53AM Mon, November 12 2012

guest83380 guest83380

trust us we are civilised ell us south africans we relate to you guys pls hazza i love you so omg *tears of joy*lol xoxox

7:24AM Fri, November 16 2012

guest34673 guest34673

I really want One Direction in South Africa so when are you guys coming???? I'll most definitely get backstage passes when they come!! :) you guys really have to come her

3:50AM Tue, November 20 2012

guest87345 guest87345

hi zayn . i really love one direction . i live in a small town called plettenberg bay . everyone in this toewn loves one direction . when the group goes on the world tour plz plz come to south africa . i would really like to see one direction live in concert

4:36AM Thu, November 22 2012

guest96859 guest96859

I highly doubt One Direction would come to South Africa! I also really like 1D but i don't think they would come, sadly. But... If you think about it, if Justin Bieber is coming to SA why won't 1D come!

9:07AM Thu, November 22 2012

guest16083 guest16083

yips...........the problem is there isnt enough album sales in sa we need to get people to buy more 1D albums like it was a hit in sales so they went there we have to try something plz u guys

11:22PM Tue, November 27 2012

guest16083 guest16083

............just think taylor swift thinks she can just come take my harry away from me like dat mxm

11:23PM Tue, November 27 2012

sadiakendall sadiakendall Forever in love


8:35AM Wed, November 28 2012

sadiakendall sadiakendall Forever in love


8:38AM Wed, November 28 2012

guest59797 guest59797

Hi zayn I'm Andrisha I just love our music and how you gizzz have fun it would mean a lot if you guys can come and tour in South Africa (BUT ONLY IF YOU WANT TO ) THANK YOU 4 ROCKING MUSIC Your_music_realy_lite_up_my_world. Hahahahaha !!!!!!!!!!!! *•*•*•*•*•*•*

2:38AM Fri, November 30 2012

guest54286 guest54286

hi one direction i live in Cape town and theirs a lot of fans down here please come on tour here

2:38AM Sat, December 01 2012

guest57268 guest57268


3:57AM Sat, December 01 2012

guest78306 guest78306

1 direction wecnt wait for u to come to s.a.

1:13PM Tue, December 04 2012

guest28046 guest28046

Please come to SA!! You have so much fans here its crazy!! Including me! U guys really rule! Would love to see you live!

3:38AM Tue, December 11 2012

guest28046 guest28046

Hi 1D! Please come to SA! I'm one of your biggest fans and would love to see you guys live!!

4:02AM Tue, December 11 2012

guest57268 guest57268

1D we love you oh my word loveyou plz plz come

6:14AM Tue, December 11 2012

guest72365 guest72365

PLEEEAAAAASSSSEEEE! Come to Jozi! You have loads of AMAZING fans who would LOVE to see u!! INCLUDING ME!! Love u lots xoxo

8:48AM Tue, December 11 2012

guest49951 guest49951

bring 1D to south africa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:35AM Sun, December 23 2012

guest28780 guest28780

Hi ONE DIRECTION!! My name is Eloise and I live in a very small town in the Northwest Province BUT PLZZZZZ PLZZZZ All our Girls in SA is AskinG Out tHE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS PLZZZZZZ comE TO SA.........We haVe been suporting u like the first day on the X factor..My heart was broken when you didnt won....BUT LOOK HOW FAR YOU GUYS ARE and its thanx to our South african girls tO!!!!!!! SO PLZZZZ COME TO SA!!!!!!!!!!! LOTS AND LOTS OF LOVE ELOISE!:D

1:20PM Wed, December 26 2012

guest70241 guest70241

Please come to South Africa One Direction everybody loves you here xxx !!!!

3:17AM Wed, January 02 2013

guest69210 guest69210

hi one driection. i would love to know if u ever coming to south africa?

10:32AM Sun, January 06 2013

guest74379 guest74379

OMG Ok really funny story these guys wer talking about ONEDIRECTION #TEARSOFJOY on tha radio and all i heard was ONE DIRECTION COMING TO SAI started HYPERVENTILATING and i was omg omg omg omg omg omg AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH and i was Crying i was so happy i felt like fainting(how much i <3 YOU and then my DAD had ruin spirit because the radio said WHAT IF thay come to sa how sa girls love you with all our heart us directioners in sa are really like the 1d fam PLEASE it would mean everything

1:46AM Mon, January 14 2013

guest74379 guest74379


1:55AM Mon, January 14 2013

guest74379 guest74379

ok im sorry i just decided to hop on the bandwagon but is only coz thats how strongly i feel about one direction my apologies to those who thought i was being rude but to those who agree please tell meeeeeee .

2:01AM Mon, January 14 2013

guest22448 guest22448

Hey i live in Cape Town and would really like it if you guys came to SA!!

11:46AM Fri, February 01 2013

guest43783 guest43783

Please , Please , Please come to South Africa We love you

10:26AM Sun, February 10 2013

guest37388 guest37388

Hi 1D we really LLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEE u guys I'm your number 1 Fan in the whole world I would really like it if you guys came to South Africa It is my BIGGEST dream to meet you all I love all 5 of you guys you guys are my role model please come to South Africa

11:00AM Tue, February 12 2013

guest74379 guest74379

Hey hedi hey me AAgain please i beg of you come come come come .To durban especially .just a glimpseof you would Amazayn,brilliam phenomaniall.extrodinaharry and fabulouis.really i look up to you so much .i know thr words to all your songs .you are just perfect and beautiful and every single way

5:14AM Sat, February 16 2013

guest94201 guest94201

Hey 1D Me and my friends okay well I'm a loner so I don't have friends but that's when you guys cumin your music is just amazing when I'm sad I listen to your music and it brightens me up

4:12PM Sat, February 16 2013

guest51539 guest51539

Hi 1D can you guys PLEASE come to South Africa we really love you guys!!!

10:34AM Mon, February 18 2013

mrs malik mrs malik durban south africa

Hey zayn please come to south africa durban I love you and the other guys to so please think about it

11:20PM Sun, February 24 2013

guest42040 guest42040

HEY!!! YOU GUYZ u have!! to come to SA tons of my friends are madly deeply in lov with you guyz ME2 of course Louis is mii fav ;)

3:47AM Tue, February 26 2013

guest74379 guest74379

agai again i beg of yiu i agree with eloise Pleae we beg of you.WE ove you sooooooooooo much

6:36AM Sat, March 09 2013

guest30332 guest30332

hey,i am a huge fan of ONE DIRECTION. please come to south africa,cape town.

9:27AM Sun, March 10 2013

guest30332 guest30332

i love one direction pls pls come

9:28AM Sun, March 10 2013

guest81277 guest81277

Hi 1D please come to SA u don't know how much it will mean 2 us if u do n please come 2 durban cause we love url n my dream is to meet Zayn more then anything in the world n its nt fair dat u can go 2 other countries on ur world tour bt u can't come 2 SA. N we would love it if url came PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12:39PM Sun, March 10 2013

guest81277 guest81277

Hey Zayn my name is De'anta n all your fans would love if u came 2 SA.wen ever I'm sad I just lishen to ur music n just listening to zayn's voice makes me happy we would love it if ur came 2 SA cause just like ur other fans around the world we also have dream n its to meet url.we really love url a lot n it won't be fair that url only go 2 other countries please come 2 SA. LOVE UR LOTS n I love ur personalities they just represent all of urls looks LOVE N ALWAYS WILL no matter way

1:30PM Mon, March 11 2013

guest81277 guest81277

Hi Liam my name is Shanice n I love u very mush please come 2 SA we would really love 2 see url here. N its nt fair that all ur other fans in other countries get 2 see url we love ur ur music n urs voices a lot me n my friend DEANTA would really love if url came n DEANTA's dreams is to go 2 ENGLAND just 2 see were url stay n her other dream is 2 meet url SO PLEASE!!!!!!!! Come 2 SA for all ur fans cause u said u love all ur fans and u lettin us down

1:35PM Mon, March 11 2013

guest81277 guest81277

Hi Zayn I'm DE'ANTA REDDY I'm writting exams now n I can't get url out of my head bt I know if I don't I'm goin 2 fail so I am goin 2 ask u dis PLEASE come to SA n if I want 2 meet u some day I'm goin 2 have 2 get u out of my head for 2 weeks. I took ur advice a lot n now I'm very confident cause of u n I will never forget u. U ar my new mentor now so thanks a lot u showed that I should never be afraid 2 be who I want 2 be n Love u n PlEASE come 2 south africa Durban umkomaas!!!!

11:39AM Tue, March 12 2013

guest36979 guest36979

zayn i love you a lot please come to south Africa Durban chatsworth

1:16PM Tue, March 12 2013

guest82179 guest82179

Hey Zayn1 I livee in South Africa and everybody over here would just LOVE it if 1D could come to South Africa! So would you please consider it??? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEAS!?!

1:57PM Wed, March 13 2013

guest81277 guest81277

Hi Zayn DE'ANTA here n I was wondering if u really love ur fans u would come 2 South Africa,Durban,Umkomaas Please come 2 my skwl of that is nt much trouble if it is u dont need to bt Please come for a tour here PLEASE!!!!! I LOVE SO MUCH

4:26AM Thu, March 14 2013

guest81277 guest81277

Vas Happenin Zayn!!!!! DE'ANTA here again please!!!! Come 2 SoUTH AFRICA I love u SO SO SO SO much bt I'm nt goin 2 fan girl over someone dat I will never have a chance with bt please come 2 umkomaas secondary skwl I LOVE U n it would mean a lot 2 me! LOVE U LOTSN, DE'ANTA REDDY

10:43AM Thu, March 14 2013

guest81277 guest81277

K let's just make dis cleare who ever is hatein on 1D they better get a lyf cause I will end theirs if dey put stupid rumors on twitter. I will personaly •••• Url up n don't pick on perrie I also love Zayn a lot bt I'm nt doin dat cause he is happy n we should be n if ur ever say any thing 2 make them cry lyk url did wid Harry den go n find a lyf cause dey ar livin the dream dat we all want!!!!!!love u guys 2 much please come 2 SA!!!

10:50AM Thu, March 14 2013

guest81277 guest81277

Hi Zayn lyf is very bad 4 me I cry my self 2 sleep every nite cause of my lyf I know all teenagers go through dis lyf bt my lyf everyone hurts me n wen I think about u n listen 2 ur songs I start crying wen I look at u it makes me think I love u so much n my hear is just fallin peace by peace n I want 2 see u so much please come 2 SA I kinda feel lyk I'm fangirling bt I'm nt

4:51PM Sat, March 16 2013

guest62936 guest62936

Hi I'm Angie I live in JHB… It's a beatiful place to be and pls come to sa I'm Not begging for you to come but all the people above me, GO BYE MORE 1D ALBUMS I love one direction you are my idols:)

5:26AM Thu, April 04 2013

guest27477 guest27477

Plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz Come to south africa Im listening to rock me as i am riting this msg and WE NEED U GUYS TO CME TO SA!!!!!!!! U have so many fans here including ME!!!! <3 *MWAH*

5:17AM Fri, April 05 2013

guest45077 guest45077

please come to SA !! We love you guys oh! and make sure to perform at Durban , Jo'burg & Cape Town we need you guys now!! PLEASE :(

9:52AM Fri, April 05 2013

guest97772 guest97772

Hi I realy like u guys so can u please come to South Africa

4:06AM Sun, April 07 2013

guest70505 guest70505

Hey ! guys please please came 2 south Africa please <3

4:22PM Wed, April 10 2013

guest81277 guest81277

Hi guys De”anta Reddy here don't u think a world tour means goin around da world so come 2 SA everyday I sit n wait for url 2 follow me back on twitter bt I know dat will never happen so please come 2 SA it would mean a lot 2 ur fans n u said u will do any thing for ur fans cause u love dem so back up thoise words n come we will be waitin we url do LOVE URL A LOT !!!!

1:35AM Sat, April 13 2013

guest87468 guest87468

Hey guyz plz plz plzzzzzzzzz come to SA ... We LOVE you soooooooooo much and it wil be so so so AWESOME !!! We are you biggest fans plz plz plz !!!!!!!!!

6:48AM Thu, April 18 2013

guest86490 guest86490

please come to south africa, i want to meet my gheores

11:29AM Fri, April 19 2013

guest41240 guest41240

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez come to South Africa! You mean the world to us!

3:45PM Thu, May 02 2013

guest38098 guest38098

come to sa every one wants to see u if people go to see justin bieber theyll come watch u

12:00PM Wed, May 08 2013

guest36371 guest36371

Hi 1D plz come to SA everyone in cape town loves you guys . It would be so awesome if you could come . I would absolutely no matter what get tickets for your concert. Justin Bieber came and Lady Gaga came so if you come it would make everyone even more happy . I love you guys

1:57PM Wed, May 08 2013

guest41392 guest41392

Hey 1D i really am in love with you guys if you would come to cape town that would be so AWESOME coz i am ur biggest fan cant wait till you gus come to cape town trust i am your BIGGEST FAN and Harry, Niall, Zayn, Louis and Liam can i please have ur BBM piNs

6:08AM Thu, May 09 2013

guest52685 guest52685

Hey Zayn! Please cOme tO SA Cape Town the Directioner's wOuld lOve it if yOu n the bOys cOme .. And by the way yhOo like my favOrite in the 1D band.. Please if you guys cn make a date tO come to SA it wOuld be such an honor just tO sEe you guys on the stage here in SA

10:25AM Thu, May 09 2013

guest28146 guest28146

heyyyyyy boys :) pleaseee come to south Africa with a cherry on top ;;) we love you so much and just want to spread the love !! LOTS OF LOVE CAPE TOWN !

8:54AM Sat, May 11 2013

guest95411 guest95411

Pls one direction come 2 SA durban I love url all of url so much especially harry n zayn pls cum 2 durban mwas

4:44PM Sat, May 11 2013

guest32255 guest32255

Hey* you gyus PLEASE come to SA!!! You have lots of fans here! And I lovvee you... And if you come me and my 2 sisters are a band and we want to be your openling act at the concert, we are 12, 18 and 10. Please!!! : D

8:58AM Sun, May 12 2013

guest39929 guest39929

Come to jhb, south africa..u will love the fans here...we are so awesomly wonderfully in love with u...Harry is my favourite

12:29PM Sun, May 12 2013

guest65932 guest65932

PLEASE PLEASE come to Johannesburg, South Africa, you have loooottts of Fans here!! we love yoooou

8:04AM Mon, May 13 2013

guest69732 guest69732

Hey One Direction:d...I would really loveee!!! if you come to SA and also have HUGE fans here in SA I'm begging please come to SA!*☺

1:10PM Tue, May 14 2013

guest76672 guest76672

Port Elizabeth, South Africa wants you here!!!!! Thousands of screaming fans waiting...

1:46AM Wed, May 15 2013

guest91639 guest91639

Hey One Direction ..... I would love you guyz to come to South Africa I would be the first one to buy your ticket to your concert AND I AM REALLY IN LOVE YOU BUT MOSTLY Zayn . I AM YOUR NUMBER *ONE FAN*

3:03PM Wed, May 15 2013

guest59960 guest59960


8:57AM Sun, May 19 2013

guest59960 guest59960

Hi my daugther is a HUGE fan and she is really carzy about you guys so It would mean a lot if you guys can come and she loves you guys a lot

9:03AM Sun, May 19 2013

guest77451 guest77451

hey zayn malik i love one direction so much please come to south africa my whole room is full of 1d posters even my status on bbm is i love one direction i love you zayn malik u are the sexiest out of all of them ........ love ezile thats my name

11:33AM Sun, May 19 2013

guest59960 guest59960

Hi ONE DIRECTION my name is mckyla and I am a HUGE fan of you gyus and it would be awesome if you guys can come to south africa tnx btw you are amazing harry

12:35PM Mon, May 20 2013

guest93605 guest93605

I'm a HUGE 1D fan!!!! I would pay millions just to c u here in SA!!!! I would really apreciate it if u either came to Cape Town , Durban or Johannesburg in the FNB stadium!!!!! Pls!!!!!!!!!

11:18AM Wed, May 22 2013

guest59960 guest59960

HEY!!! 1D please come to SA and perform in gauteng there is a lot of fans that is crazy about you guys so please come BTW you are amazing HARRY styles

1:50PM Mon, May 27 2013

guest58755 guest58755

HEY ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!! i live in South Africa,EAST LONDON!!!!! There are a lot of fans (MEEEEE and my best friend taylin) that would love it if you came to EAST LONDON,SOUTH AFRICA...sorry but im just a fan that is OBSESSED with 1D...PLLLLLLLEEEEEAAAASSSSSEEE OOOOOONNNEEE DDDDDIIIIRRREEEECCCTTTIIIIOOONNN!!!!!! :'(

3:24AM Tue, May 28 2013

guest82061 guest82061

plz plz guys come to SA.....................u wont believe how many fans u hav here and how many people look up to you...............we love u guys soooooo much....................if this really is u guyz plz come i knw we sound desperate...........but not many ppl do come!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope u guyz wil xxxxx

2:24PM Thu, May 30 2013

guest53401 guest53401


9:41AM Mon, June 03 2013

guest90764 guest90764

PLZ, come to South Africa- the whole country would love if you can come here, especially my hometown_BLOEMFONTEIN. U guys have lots and lots of fans in SA, and I'm sure that they would love to see u perform. please come!!!

8:49AM Mon, June 10 2013

guest55012 guest55012

Hello! Guys please if it is possible,can you come to South Africa, there are a lot of fans here and we probably will never get the opportunity to see you guys perform. You are all a bunch of highly talented guys and we know that if we see you it will be probably the best experience of our lives and to get to meet such funny,downtown earth guys would be the icing on the cake,your fans here love you for all the right reasons! So please if you can, come to CapeTown,Port Elizabeth,Johanesburg etc x

3:18AM Sun, June 30 2013

guest56993 guest56993

if you guys could come to Cape Town that will be thee best it will also help with you anti-bullying campaign in schools also the directioners here are very dedicated for eg. how many Rs? ans- 6 who is kevin? louis stuffed pigeon who first made an appearance on tour video diary week 4 where was zayn born? zayn was born in balidon bradford and attended lower fields primary school and tong high etc... MWAH your biggest fan :) i love you and i dont follow you on twitter cause im #TeamFollowBack

9:59AM Fri, July 05 2013

guest49274 guest49274

Please Please Please Please Pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaassssseeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come to South-Africa, Johannesburg on your tour!!! I would do ANYTHING AT ALL to see you guys live!!!! PLEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! X 9999999999999999999,999999 There's so many Directioners in South-Africa who's dying just to get a chance to see one Direction!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP: COME TO SOUTH-AFRICAAAA!!!!!!! xox

11:26AM Wed, July 10 2013

guest84997 guest84997

HEY*1d !pleas! come to cape town, South Arrica. i m 9 and i would like to see you in person.PLEAS PLEAS come i love you*:D

4:02PM Thu, July 11 2013

guest44831 guest44831

I am 10 and I a crazy over 1 direction. Please have your tour in cape town south africa

3:37PM Tue, July 16 2013

guest44831 guest44831

Please come to Cape town south Africa.

3:40PM Tue, July 16 2013

guest48256 guest48256

Pls come to South Africa, do a few shows and go to our wonderful sites, who with me,p.s you guys are Awesome. └(^o^)┘

1:20PM Sat, August 17 2013

guest68223 guest68223

Hey 1D plz come 2 SA it would mean a lot 2 all of ur fans here i really want 2 c url in person. All my friends say that url look hot in person and i get jealous bcos they ve seen url and i havent btw I♥♥♥♥♥ZAYN MALIK

9:46AM Sun, August 18 2013

guest87948 guest87948

Please 1 direction me and my cuz love u plz come 2 SA we love u HaRry

10:37AM Thu, September 26 2013

guest93271 guest93271

Hii 1D♡ , You guys got to come down to South Africa , Durban , My Cousin's and I love you're music♡.

11:03AM Tue, May 20

guest93271 guest93271

↑↑↑ Niall - James Horan ♡ ↑↑↑

11:07AM Tue, May 20

anonymous Anonymous

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