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How do I delete followers from Instagram?

7:01AM Thu, April 05 2012

Image_normal @Sendes_AlKhamis Kuwait

dishay 3ala account esha59 ely taben ta7thfeenah , go to setting ( you will find the button on your right fog ) , then block user

7:09AM Thu, April 05 2012

749dd314cc20ad1d971a80d82d148e39_normal @FENUSF Kuwait

lazim you block users. When you block a user, they will be removed as a follower

7:10AM Thu, April 05 2012

Image_normal @Alya_O Kuwait

It sounds harsh and mean to block them!

7:20AM Thu, April 05 2012

749dd314cc20ad1d971a80d82d148e39_normal @FENUSF Kuwait

ana ma asaweha bs this is the only way :/

7:22AM Thu, April 05 2012

F85922f9707b88c897226a24d377f534_normal @Almarzouqi2 Kuwait

block them

7:25AM Thu, April 05 2012

Image_normal @Rawan_M

on the side there's a button and one of the buttons is the option to block them

7:39AM Thu, April 05 2012

Image_normal @Sendes_AlKhamis Kuwait

etha instagram nafs ni'6am Twitter , you can block then un-block o ra7 yin7thif account esha59 min 3indik

8:03AM Thu, April 05 2012

guest31965 guest31965

If i have more than 2000 user how can i view them all to block ppl that i dont wont

5:54PM Sun, November 04 2012

guest65791 guest65791

Will they know that they r blocked or will i be able to lie and say i deleted my account

4:02AM Wed, December 05 2012

ArmaneMe ArmaneMe

By Blocking Users .

1:31AM Sun, January 06 2013

guest53949 guest53949

nah you can go to and cull them instead of block each one. Cull means mass delete them

2:13AM Mon, January 21 2013

guest78687 guest78687

block then unblock itha itay matabeen u actually block just block then unblock

5:07PM Fri, March 15 2013

anonymous Anonymous

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