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Can anyone tell me if TOMS runs big or small?

5:22PM Wed, December 01 2010

74855_1540101339761_1151730076_31459218_580613_n_bigger_normal @celeryinthecity NYCity

they stretch a bit, I would order whatever you normally do in flats.

5:25PM Wed, December 01 2010

De4dad2e2e2aedacb892bb183819b771_normal @LisaGorsky


5:26PM Wed, December 01 2010

16141_1308732280761_1304190357_30877654_915830_n_normal @hethermc Nashville

mine seem pretty true to size, bit they run a little small.

5:28PM Wed, December 01 2010

Tpu9d8ed_normal @StuffedWitFluff San Diego, CA

they run small. Don't worry if they feel tight at first, they will stretch out.

5:29PM Wed, December 01 2010

Uncrtnp5dfbiu9nnrl0e_normal @the_suze

they are about normal. I wear an 8 and they were a little tight at first but the fabric stretches.

5:35PM Wed, December 01 2010

41856781c482d00172fdbff4ed08ca64_normal @anna_r

small, in my opinion

5:36PM Wed, December 01 2010

052f6a362352539f421e9406dc7db9d4_normal @DKNYAsh

mine are true to size.

5:58PM Wed, December 01 2010

Img_0032_copy_normal @RunKristyRun The Dirty South/The A

I THINK they run toes made holes!

6:18PM Wed, December 01 2010

Sf7wrk7la4y1wcnoppda_normal @laurenlankford

They run big. I'm an 8 and I wear a 7 just fine.

6:21PM Wed, December 01 2010

Twitterprofilephoto_normal @katyz15 Boston

i heard the TOMS are true to size. (ive been investigating the glitter ones) But it does sound like they stretch out a little.

6:23PM Wed, December 01 2010

77fa3100-70d6-4f62-9455-a82c5e6fd302_normal @mwearsch NW Arkansas

I think small.

7:14PM Wed, December 01 2010

guest14067 guest14067

Toms run big. Go half a size to 1 size down.

2:07AM Mon, November 05 2012

guest21058 guest21058

So if I'm a 7/5 I should get 7??? Help please.....

3:23PM Sun, May 05 2013

guest91661 guest91661

depends of your feet, if your feet is big they are true to size but if your feet is narrow they are half size big, im normally 6.5 and as my feet is very slim in toms im a 6

10:15AM Sat, June 15 2013

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