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How do I accept followers on instagram? Wtf...hahahaha

3:16PM Sun, April 08 2012

guest54254 guest54254

same question WTF???

11:57PM Sun, April 08 2012

guest54254 guest54254

under news it takes a while to come up

12:06AM Mon, April 09 2012

guest91743 guest91743

Go to the persons profile and then hit accept or ignore

3:45PM Tue, May 29 2012

guest65970 guest65970

Follow me

7:52PM Tue, June 12 2012

guest59662 guest59662

go to the bubble with the heart and go to the link where it says "person wants to follow you" and wait til it loads then accept on the top

1:27AM Thu, June 28 2012

guest67189 guest67189

follow me too @ 7sweet_Kookie

6:43PM Sat, October 20 2012

guest73146 guest73146

Guest59662 -- Thank you! Yours was the easiest for me to find and follow.

2:11AM Wed, December 19 2012

guest84692 guest84692

follow me guys bebecupcake

4:23AM Wed, December 26 2012

guest42389 guest42389

Follow me: iambrave

3:58AM Sun, December 30 2012

guest73344 guest73344

4:10AM Fri, February 15 2013

guest25860 guest25860

follow me on instagram

12:57PM Thu, February 21 2013

guest13198 guest13198

Follow me: i_gotstayhumble

4:04PM Mon, February 25 2013

guest81587 guest81587

Follow Me On Instagram, Lowliko >///< I'm On That Good Kush And Alcohol>\\\<

1:08AM Sun, March 03 2013

guest52446 guest52446


3:14PM Sun, March 03 2013

guest48447 guest48447

Follow me: selinalundstrom

6:14AM Wed, March 13 2013

guest27151 guest27151

follow me on instagram and youtube... stephenmatthewperry

11:48AM Fri, April 05 2013

guest44249 guest44249

Follow me I follow EVERYONE back (:

6:43PM Sat, April 20 2013

guest44673 guest44673

Follow me I follow rEVERYONE back! (: its WhoreDuh

6:44PM Sat, April 20 2013

guest13988 guest13988

cant we accept all requests at once

4:51PM Thu, May 02 2013

guest73006 guest73006

Follow me to get Shoutouts!! Instagram: shoutout_for_free_active I give one shoutout per day and one randomly per week!

1:49PM Mon, August 05 2013

anonymous Anonymous

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