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How do i make my instagram account public?

10:07PM Sun, April 08 2012

9d8c8e18883aec9f3afdc9678d7ec902_normal @Atimesr Philippines

sa settings po :)

10:08PM Sun, April 08 2012

Ll_normal @MadameBovet

Click Profile on the top left of your home page. Then, at the bottom of the page, you'll see "Photos are private". Select 'Off'.

10:28PM Sun, April 08 2012

Image_normal @cristydj938 Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Good morning!!! I think its in privacy setting - turn off photos are private.

10:33PM Sun, April 08 2012

C529c244f10ff57b16c013ce1d84b9a6_normal @24_Taguines

try to change your settings. :)

10:54PM Sun, April 08 2012

Image_normal @chtwitown

it is already public since we can view your pictures . :-))

11:22PM Sun, April 08 2012

guest47529 guest47529

how do you change it on a computer???

5:09PM Wed, October 10 2012

guest73044 guest73044

yes same question^

11:58AM Sat, December 08 2012

guest72662 guest72662

what is instagram? Is it part of #teamEdward group?

12:36PM Thu, January 03 2013

guest45413 guest45413

yeah how do u change it on the computer?

7:55AM Sun, January 27 2013

guest49002 guest49002

how do u change it on a computer

9:37PM Wed, February 13 2013

guest22458 guest22458

On phone go to profile, then far right top icon(looks like a bike spoke) tap, scroll down an swipe off to disable private

1:07AM Wed, March 13 2013

guest39352 guest39352

Does anybody know how to change it on a computer??

6:21PM Thu, April 11 2013

guest91945 guest91945

Yeah can anyone tell me how to do it on a computer or laptop because my brother has the I Pad I do know how to do it from the IPad You go to Profile (where you log out) then there's a switch thing that says on or off to make account private or not

8:27PM Tue, April 16 2013

guest34144 guest34144

On a computer, go on and sign in. Click, "my photos" and next to your profile picture, it will say, "my account is public/private" click on that and you can change it from private to public and/or vice versa(:

8:00PM Mon, May 06 2013

guest97615 guest97615

So it's now off privet.. So will people be able to find me simply?

10:59PM Fri, May 24 2013

guest97615 guest97615

So it's off privet.. So will people see my photos that I post up on (the page where you find people)?

11:11PM Fri, May 24 2013

guest69724 guest69724

Go to edit ur profile scroll all the way down and it will say posts are private and click it and it won't be private anymore. Hope that works

2:17PM Sat, December 21 2013

guest81606 guest81606

How do I make it public, on gramfeed? It's not working. I Dont know what to do.

11:40AM Wed, March 19

guest70834 guest70834

Please check my account in instagram if it's public. Thank you

6:51AM Sun, March 23

guest21543 guest21543

if you are on your phone go to your profile and under your posts....followers and following there is a gray rectangle box that says edit your profile click on it and at the very bottom you'll find the button to make it public again

9:54PM Wed, April 02

guest18953 guest18953

gramfeed is not sworking cant find the button

4:21AM Mon, May 26

guest90913 guest90913

How do you change it on iPhone

11:15PM Wed, July 09

guest57331 guest57331

Can someone make mine public for me cause I have no idea how to

7:53PM Thu, July 10

guest57331 guest57331

Can someone change mine to public for me?

7:53PM Thu, July 10

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