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.... how do you put text on a snapchat?

9:03PM Tue, April 10 2012

Image_normal @ubiegail Homaha

tap the photo after you take it

9:05PM Tue, April 10 2012

Image_normal @gbegzz

thank youuu bb

10:48PM Tue, April 10 2012

guest42151 guest42151

yay thanks i was trying to figure this out 2 :)

1:47PM Sat, October 13 2012

guest80105 guest80105

ya thanks sexy

6:06PM Fri, October 26 2012

guest98377 guest98377

you helped me alot thx

6:58AM Tue, November 06 2012

guest54093 guest54093


9:00PM Mon, November 12 2012

guest93794 guest93794


6:38PM Tue, November 13 2012

guest77929 guest77929


7:34PM Tue, November 13 2012

guest12124 guest12124

wth ?

5:20PM Thu, November 15 2012

guest10215 guest10215

But how do u make it type with keys not ur finger?

9:19PM Sat, November 24 2012

guest58549 guest58549

turn off the pen tool and tap

8:49AM Sun, November 25 2012

guest20933 guest20933

How do you turn off the pen tool? :3

6:49PM Fri, December 07 2012

guest98770 guest98770

you hit the little pencil in the top right corner

11:40PM Sat, December 08 2012

guest34409 guest34409

Bitches be trippin

10:01PM Mon, December 10 2012

guest26659 guest26659

i like pie

7:53PM Sun, December 16 2012

guest79764 guest79764

i like cheese

7:19PM Tue, December 18 2012

guest41736 guest41736

helpful, thanks.

3:19PM Thu, December 20 2012

guest73778 guest73778

I hate cheese i like pie and this was helpful

6:43PM Sun, December 23 2012

guest72032 guest72032

Thank you so much I spent an hour trying to figure it out

3:53PM Tue, December 25 2012

guest55830 guest55830

Yooo thanks

1:49PM Wed, December 26 2012

guest55830 guest55830

mannn your a mofo legend and cheese is disgusting af so pie is it unless its pumpkin pecan blueberry raspberry apple or sweet potatoe then it awesome

1:52PM Wed, December 26 2012

guest29926 guest29926

ok ok okkaaayyyy guuuurrrlllll

1:40AM Wed, January 02 2013

guest28095 guest28095

Ya thanks sexy

8:45PM Mon, January 07 2013

guest65631 guest65631

I like turtles

9:28PM Wed, January 09 2013

guest21904 guest21904

jakealbany ;)

7:00PM Sun, January 13 2013

guest45874 guest45874

thank you :):):):):)):):):):)

8:34PM Mon, January 14 2013

guest42416 guest42416


11:05PM Tue, January 15 2013

guest64249 guest64249

Thanks now i can write straight :D

3:33PM Thu, January 24 2013

guest61809 guest61809

How do u right messages on snapchat

8:25PM Sat, January 26 2013

guest65945 guest65945

yessss fuc me.....she will now

9:13PM Thu, February 07 2013

guest84724 guest84724

I figured it out thanks to y'all thanks so much

7:07PM Wed, February 13 2013

guest27010 guest27010

yea niggaaa

8:07PM Thu, February 14 2013

guest55600 guest55600

Bitches Be Like... Suck My dick.

12:15PM Sat, February 16 2013

guest32383 guest32383

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lettuce

5:17PM Sun, February 17 2013

guest19017 guest19017

After you take the pic tap the photo

8:15PM Wed, February 20 2013

guest11375 guest11375

y'all niggas be helpful and shit

12:38AM Fri, February 22 2013

guest35236 guest35236


9:57PM Wed, February 27 2013

guest36291 guest36291


9:58AM Fri, March 15 2013

guest52883 guest52883


7:15PM Mon, March 18 2013

guest80018 guest80018

Does it also work if i slap my genetalia on the screen?

4:18PM Wed, March 20 2013

guest91232 guest91232

Y'all stoopid. Bru

4:25PM Wed, March 20 2013

guest80018 guest80018

nvm, it didn't work

4:25PM Wed, March 20 2013

guest80018 guest80018

omg i accidentaly took a picture and sent while i was slapping. can i delete pictures before they are opend?

4:27PM Wed, March 20 2013

guest65872 guest65872

Thanks I aprchatit

8:18PM Wed, March 20 2013

guest34462 guest34462

Awesome, thanks!!

7:03PM Mon, March 25 2013

guest73559 guest73559

Whylin y'all dumb

9:38AM Thu, March 28 2013

guest31415 guest31415

When it hit it. It doesn't work

8:33AM Fri, March 29 2013

guest53695 guest53695

lol i went from seeing how to do this stuff to a whole different conversation lol!

5:27PM Mon, April 15 2013

guest52292 guest52292


10:40PM Mon, April 15 2013

guest88221 guest88221

snapchat me!! georgetteeee

8:14PM Sat, April 20 2013

guest86523 guest86523

What do u do when u tap the photo and the keypad comes up but no words?

11:08AM Sun, April 21 2013

guest35032 guest35032


4:00PM Sat, April 27 2013

guest16308 guest16308

hi thanks

6:07PM Sun, April 28 2013

guest44555 guest44555

Guest80018 made me lol xD

10:13AM Sun, May 12 2013

guest85193 guest85193

Lmao nahhh you meant to take that pic guest 80018

7:07PM Mon, May 13 2013

guest39976 guest39976

Pie is good sheeeit

9:53AM Tue, May 21 2013

guest99156 guest99156

Poop. Just thought I would add that.

9:22PM Fri, May 24 2013

guest98147 guest98147


2:17PM Tue, May 28 2013

guest89827 guest89827

Kanye. June 18.

7:21AM Fri, May 31 2013

guest94940 guest94940

damn these niqqas be trippin

10:46AM Fri, May 31 2013

guest94940 guest94940


10:47AM Fri, May 31 2013

guest88176 guest88176


12:11PM Sat, June 01 2013

guest96832 guest96832

Tapped then pencil and the text box won't come up. Using HTC one x

2:14PM Sun, June 09 2013

guest75715 guest75715

thank you!!

2:49PM Wed, June 19 2013

guest56607 guest56607

Thank You <3 I Needed Help With This Problem for Like A Week

3:13AM Tue, June 25 2013

guest69524 guest69524

U have to turn the pencil function off use the typing function

2:39AM Thu, June 27 2013

guest33241 guest33241

I have turned off the pencil and tapped the picture but it wont type

12:55PM Sun, June 30 2013

guest70080 guest70080

I love cock

5:41AM Wed, July 03 2013

guest22014 guest22014

Show me your genitals

11:11AM Fri, July 05 2013

guest40818 guest40818

Snap me jezza97313 ;)

10:31PM Sun, July 28 2013

guest77800 guest77800

snap me tate101decker

12:36AM Tue, August 13 2013

guest27149 guest27149

Deeeezzz nutzzzz

11:05PM Fri, September 13 2013

guest17693 guest17693

Hopefully this will work. I'm new to snap chat

5:05AM Fri, October 11 2013

guest52315 guest52315

So sex beybe :D

9:30AM Tue, October 15 2013

guest34302 guest34302

So all I have to do is touch it? But it feels so weird...

8:43PM Thu, November 07 2013

guest37283 guest37283

Thanks man that was really helpful and cheese is good with pepperonis and wheatthins............peace. :) :d

11:48AM Tue, November 12 2013

guest95265 guest95265

thanks b

4:11PM Wed, November 13 2013

guest75433 guest75433

how i make black color?

2:56PM Mon, December 02 2013

guest45400 guest45400

just stop

7:58PM Sun, December 08 2013

guest87888 guest87888

How do you type on the picture like the big letters && shit

10:43PM Sat, December 21 2013

guest35546 guest35546

Thanks honeyy

11:07AM Sun, December 22 2013

guest71867 guest71867

The replies gave me cancer

12:46AM Tue, December 24 2013

guest31651 guest31651

how do u change the font

6:59PM Tue, December 24 2013

guest44754 guest44754

Arm chair. That is all.

7:30AM Wed, December 25 2013

guest50951 guest50951


10:24AM Wed, January 01 2014

guest84020 guest84020

Thanks ubagaill

6:50PM Tue, January 07 2014

guest73422 guest73422

Thank you, I did itttttt

12:13AM Fri, January 17 2014

guest63248 guest63248

lol lol... this place is such a cool place to be.. i'll be visiting here regularly.. and cheese is great..... but too much cheese will do you harm. lol

8:31PM Thu, January 30

kamejaok kamejaok

Do any of yous know how to type really long? Like send a long message as my friend Can do it but i cannot, id be really greatful if someone knew, or change the font of it?..☺️

10:34AM Sat, February 01

guest34651 guest34651

any horny girls

11:04AM Mon, March 31

guest77771 guest77771

even tho i tap the pic , doesnt show it

3:19PM Thu, April 10

guest63470 guest63470

Do you all have snapchat

8:31AM Thu, April 24

guest86063 guest86063

you are not singined in to get all the benefits of replz iclouding nore captchat challeges lts easy iii

9:43AM Thu, April 24

guest86063 guest86063

your are not singied in to get all the beneifts of rlelze icoulding nore capchat challegs its easy

9:45AM Thu, April 24

guest86063 guest86063

do you all have snapchat

9:46AM Thu, April 24

guest59696 guest59696

Hey people I love snapchat❤️

6:57AM Thu, May 01

guest89616 guest89616

Girls snapchat me (; delaneplez18

1:57AM Fri, May 02

guest76595 guest76595

How do you send it to someone and how do you get contacts

2:11PM Sat, May 10

guest96958 guest96958

still confused on how do you create a new message

7:07PM Mon, June 09

guest74248 guest74248

why my front camera not working

6:18AM Sat, June 21

guest93580 guest93580

I like chocolate Yummmmmmmmmmmy ♡♥♡♥

6:36AM Tue, June 24

guest93580 guest93580

What does cholecalciferol mean ?

6:37AM Tue, June 24

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