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E06b6f6cb0fb1c453b4aeca944f8b6d4_normal @oOsanjaOo Belgrade, Serbia

Why does Liam from One Direction start EVERY SINGLE song? He makes them all sound the same. #xfactor

3:44PM Sat, December 04 2010

guest40878 guest40878

In my opinion Harry has more range. As for the others, I wouldn't know. Lol They're never (or rarely) given solo parts. They're a boyband, not a 'singer and backing vocalists'.

10:02AM Mon, December 06 2010

E06b6f6cb0fb1c453b4aeca944f8b6d4_normal @oOsanjaOo Belgrade, Serbia

Harry has more range. And even if that was the case, they're a boyband, not a 'singer and backing vocalists'.

10:07AM Mon, December 06 2010

guest94829 guest94829

i <3 them all xxxxxxxx <3Niall<3

5:15AM Sun, December 18 2011

guest57542 guest57542

i think Liam's starting all the song because he's the one who's sort of keeping them together. watch this.

6:00PM Sat, March 24 2012

guest56695 guest56695

I <3 liam

9:31PM Thu, March 29 2012

guest60229 guest60229

It seems that Liam starts all the songs and Harry sings right after him. It makes me wonder why....

3:52PM Mon, April 09 2012

guest81060 guest81060

maybe beacause liam has more emotion ???

7:34PM Mon, April 09 2012

guest80360 guest80360

i love liam too so back off im not just saying this i love him for him not how he looks

11:16AM Sun, June 03 2012

guest80360 guest80360

when i say that i mean that i love him for his words action everything

11:17AM Sun, June 03 2012

guest61493 guest61493

harry starts on i want and same mistakes :)

9:24AM Thu, June 07 2012

guest42781 guest42781

Liam starts most songs I think there might be some where someone else does but if there is, its not many. I love Liam and its kinda cool but they should try Niall, Louis, Zayn, Harry just for a couple songs. (I <3 1D

9:50PM Fri, July 13 2012

guest54855 guest54855

he sing first cuz` hes more soulful and grace full and kinda nice guy.

2:05AM Sat, July 21 2012

anonymous Anonymous

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