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Does anybody know a good psychic in Vancouver?

11:52PM Sun, December 12 2010

C97dc44326f67fa55b872aa831b4556c_normal @kinger13 Toronto

yes her name is Ming and she is crazy

11:52PM Sun, December 12 2010

Vanzanten_nicole_normal @nmarieevents Vancouver

I know an amazing contact. I'll DM you?

11:52PM Sun, December 12 2010

Image_normal @bpausche North Vancouver, BC

No, but let me know please, if you find one.

11:53PM Sun, December 12 2010

293645_10150257882392212_537572211_8044058_5406733_n_normal @billytwitty Vancouver, British Columbia

If there was one, they would have contacted you by now.

11:53PM Sun, December 12 2010

67240080-3587-4f0a-adcb-42e3d97dafe5_normal @hummingbird604

send me an email please Nicole :) thanks!

11:55PM Sun, December 12 2010

Avatar3_normal @penmachine

I'll refrain from commenting on that one.

12:01AM Mon, December 13 2010

08c4586cd62d4e4b4422f60bea3e8120_normal @fit_tobe_tied North Vancouver

I had a women read cards for me on Robson and so far all has happened...only knew her as Gia...

12:19AM Mon, December 13 2010

Vanzanten_nicole_normal @nmarieevents Vancouver

Will do :)

12:27AM Mon, December 13 2010

Jeneleni_normal @jennysior vancouver bc

there was one off davie north of robson.

12:30AM Mon, December 13 2010

On_red_thumb_normal @lilivc Vancouver

I play a powerful tarot. Does that count?

1:32AM Mon, December 13 2010

guest17386 guest17386

I am also looking for a good credible psychic can someone help?! I've heard of a lady named Anar from Vancouver, but can't find a contact number for her. please email me at thanks!!

5:05PM Tue, September 20 2011

guest27321 guest27321

i believe Anar's # is 604.937.3000

6:33PM Tue, April 03 2012

guest31711 guest31711

I've been trying to find her # too! Lost in my old phone! Anar is sooo good! She told me things no one knew and I had forgotten about. She told me my boss would be fired at the end of June (2 years ago) and after the Canada day long weekend returning to work he was fired! I didn't get along with him and never mentioned him to her at all!

11:44AM Wed, November 28 2012

guest61762 guest61762

Anaar is spectacular! I always feel enlightened and more at peace after I see her!

10:12PM Fri, June 21 2013

guest19880 guest19880

What Anar's latest phone number?. Thank you.

4:47AM Wed, July 24 2013

guest45671 guest45671

Anars number is 604-937-3000

6:19PM Fri, August 16 2013

guest30544 guest30544

it is so hard to get a hold of anar. I just booked an apt with her, but forgot to get the address of where i will be going. does anyone have the address?

7:30PM Mon, October 21 2013

guest68656 guest68656

Anaar is the best! She usually contacts you a few days before your appointment to confirm the details.

5:07PM Thu, December 05 2013

guest46915 guest46915

Hi, does anybody knows another way to contact Anar, it has been 3 weeks since my fist call and I haven't got any call back. Desperate to see her!

9:21PM Mon, December 16 2013

guest64231 guest64231

another awesome one is D'Arcy, she is a medium as well and uses names, not he or she, Also she has helped the police with cases.

12:06PM Thu, March 13

anonymous Anonymous

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